Best 5 Nootropics Benefits

Best 5 Nootropics Benefits

With little to no treatment effects, nootropics have been gaining traction both in the media and the scientific arena since 2005 but it wasn’t until the movie Limitless was released in 2011 that popularity climbed and has been on the up ever since as Google Trends can confirm.

Nootropics 2005 to 2015

A pill that enables the user in the movie to access 100% of his brains’ abilities, nootropics are now popular with PA’s, accountants, PR consultants, super-bike racers, university lecturers, sports psychologists, students, people working from home, the list goes on.

Obviously they still don’t quite live up to the expectation of performance levels displayed by Bradley Cooper but they do offer small to relatively increased gains in a number of both cognitive and day-to-day functioning, with the following 5 departments touted as the top 5 nootropic benefits.

  1. Raise Concentration Levels1 Concentration

Nootropic: Racetams

Nutrients: Vitamin B derivatives

Benefits: Cognitive enhancing drug

Both children and adults suffer from being able to maintain concentration for desired levels of time. Used to also help treat ADHD, racetams allow you to gain 1 to 2 hours more of focused time without the feeling that it’s being forced.

  1. Heighten Memory2 Memory

Nootropic: Cholines, racetams

Nutrients: Vitamin B derivatives

Benefits: Recall new and existing information

Many of us are able to watch a documentary or read a book and learn new information on the spot but when asked to recall that same information the following day, most of us struggle with this.

The nootropics cholines and racetams enhance greater synaptic plasticity which means they improve the connections between neurons allowing you to summon new and existing information learned 24 to 48 hours previously – fuller and faster.

  1. Boost Brain Health3 Boost Brain Health

Nootropic: Cholines

Nutrients: Vitamin B derivatives

Benefits: Increased oxygen flow helps maintain neurons & brain cells

Stress, coupled with poor health/addictions of some kind plus a poor diet are all factors which take their toll on our brains and mind.

Veering slightly off course, if you’re are not familiar with Dr. Gabor Maté, he is a Hungarian-born Canadian physician and fabulous thinker who specializes in the treatment of ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder – and the study of treatment of addiction.

He has some extremely novel theories that fly in the face of current western science, for example his take on how cancer is the corollary of stress, how almost all addictions stem from childhood traumas and why capitalism makes us sick.

The objective of big pharmaceutical companies in the US is to sustain conventional medical paradigms and treat body parts and organs as if each suspended in isolation in a vacuum.

He essentially puts together how culture, family, physiology, spirituality, psychology, environment and conscious parenting among others are critical to maintaining health of mind, brain and body.

He asserts that most human ailments are not just individual problems, but reflections of a soul’s relationship with the physical, emotional and social environment, from birth till we part.

Helping us to understand in this case why we became addicted or developed breast cancer through this critical thinking will help improve your brains health and potentially increase longevity he argues.

Back on topic, nootropics are used to improve brain health by increasing oxygen to the brain which in turn reduces the deterioration of brain cells due to aging and this treatment of choline and vitamin B derivatives is currently the preferred choice among Alzheimer patients.

  1. Slowdown Body’s Aging Process4 Slowdown Body’s Aging

Nootropic: Pyritinol Cerbon

Nutrients: Vitamin B derivatives

Benefits: Slowdown wrinkle aging, relieve arthritis, decrease impaired vision, more agile body, enhance cerebral brain activity & cerebral function disorders

Your brain, mind and body are one. For example when you have a “gut feeling” about something, this isn’t just derived from a Biblical psalm, but there is a brain-gut communication channel that when for example you sense something toxic in nature or simply stunningly beautiful, a feeling will emanate from the gut, creating gut decisions.

Neural net processors around the heart and intestines, muscles and bones send neurons to and from the deepest part of the brain known as the brainstem up and down the spinal cord.

Here’s a much more thorough explanation of this fascinating process of the science behind gut decisions.

The point of raising this example is that there is a direct relation of diminished brain cell health to wrinkles or poor memory to impaired vision.

Everything is interconnected.

By committing to a healthy lifestyle with regular outdoor activity, while the damage done to the brain will remain, nootropics will pacify the brain helping to diminish the damage incurred, thus improving and slowing down how you age on the outside and feel on the inside.

  1. Boost Mood5 Boost Mood

Nootropic: Racetams, noopept

Nutrients: Vitamin B derivatives, sulbutiamine

Benefits: Improved focus, alleviate stress & anxiety, enhance mood positivity, increase motivation, help with mild depression

Noopept is argued to be the most powerful nootropic out there. Whether this is true or not is obviously subjective but when it comes to enhancing ones mood, it’s described across the net as the fastest acting, with effects felt within 15 minutes.

When noopept is deployed, it acts as a neuroprotective, keeping neurons in the brain healthy and potentially helping to build and rebuild connections upstairs, so this may help prevent long term damage and ward off future brain ailments.

Create Your Bespoke Nootropic Stack!

Now that you’re aware of which nootropics do what and the best 5 nootropic benefits that they are argued to offer, you can pick and choose to create your very own nootropic stack depending on which cognitive and bodily function/s you’re looking to address and improve.

Bear in mind what works for others may not work for you and vice versa, plus taking one or more nootropics should be supplemented with a healthy diet and regular physical exercise in order to reap their most rewards.


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