Nootropics Common FAQ’s

Nootropics Common FAQ’s


Nootropics Common FAQ'sHow should I decide which nootropic to take?

First you need to decide what part of you, you would like to improve i.e:


For nootropic beginners, based on current research of 2016 – the following are recommended:

L-theanine + caffeine for attention
Bacopa monniera for memory
Creatine for anti-fatigue
Creatine for reasoning
Modafinil for inducing wakefulness, ameliorating sleep deprivation induced cognitive deficits (functioning without enough sleep).

Can I start stacking right away?

If you want to start stacking straight off the bat, it’s advised that you allow at least one week or more before you begin taking your second nootropic alongside your first so you can best analyze the negative or positive reactions.

What’s the best way to track my cognitive function when using nootropics?

These resources are excellent platforms for tracking cognitive results using their free cognitive metrics:

Cambridge Brain Sciences
Cognitive Fun
Dual N-Back
Quantified Mind

Is it safe to use prescription drugs with nootropics?

Good question. The answer is usually yes but always check with your physician.

Alcohol & Nootropics?

Not advisable. A study has shown taking piracetam along with alcohol has shown to increase blood flow to the brain, which would intensify injury and intoxication.

I feel great, do I have need for nootropics?

Totally up to you. Racetams, with their low toxicity have shown have positive results across the age spectrum, plus they can be great alternatives to prescription meds, but there are potential side effects when it comes to nootropics so it’s advised that you only introduce them into your life on an as-needed basis.

If I stop taking nootropics, will I experience withdrawls?

One of the five criteria a nootropic must meet in order for it to be deemed a nootropic is that it should not cause any withdrawal symptoms or create any dependency issues.

To clarify however and as previously stated, some nootropics which some feel shouldn’t be classed as nootropics to possess such tendencies according to user feedback posted online:

Phenibut – Tolerance to phenibut may be quick, dosage tapering required.
Piracetam – Although rare, withdrawal may occur, gradually reduce the amount of piracetam by 1 gram every 2-4 days.
Tianeptine – Potential opiate withdrawal, tapering required.

Aside from withdrawal symptoms which only phenibut, piracetam and tianeptine are guilty of which does question their nootropic legitimacy, the only other side effect you may experience are that your cognitive abilities will return to “baseline”.

If you’ve been taking aniracetam and then you stop, you might find that your enhanced memory recall will return how it was prior to taking it.

How long do Nootropics take to kick in?

Each are very different. Taking a collective stack for example like NooCube, well their website states 30 to 40 minutes, but if you go by the racetam trials previously discussed, specifically the piracetam study, significant results were observed 12 plus weeks into the trials.

So with piracetam try taking regular doses for 3 to 4 weeks and measure your progress through the cognitive metric platforms listed above. Choline can help speed up the rate at which you start experiencing the effects.

With racetams in general, typically the longer you take them the better their efficacy, however there are no sufficient evidence to prove their effects get greater when taken long term.

“Cycling”, a term used to describe taking nootropics in phases may be the best way to proceed, or at least in moderation.

How much should I begin with?

There will always be a suggested minimum level when you buy from a reputable seller so best to start there.

Nootropics are both capsule and powder based.

You will need a digital weighing scale and a special measuring spoon for powder based nootropics. They are relatively cheap online. Do not cut back here, especially if you are taking the antidepressant, analgesic and neuroprotective sodium salt such as Tianeptine. It’s critically important you do not exceed your dosage here.

Modafinil for Narcolepsy?

If you have an extreme tendency to fall asleep whenever your in a relaxing surrounding, Modafinil is prescribed for this exact purpose in the US and is one of the few nootropics FDA approved, along with leviracetam.

It has a long half life modafinil so best to take earlier on in the day.

Are Nootropics legal in my country?

This you will have to research your end. Many online distributors ship worldwide but it may be illegal to possess or import certain types of nootropics so always check your country’s laws.