Nootropics for Depression & Anxiety

Nootropics for Depression & Anxiety

Nootropics Vs Prescription Antidepressants (MAOIs, SSRIs)

Note: If you suffer from depression and anxiety in combo, you may be bipolar so always seek professional help

Nootropics for Depression & AnxietyObviously meditation, aerobic exercise like jogging, swimming or cycling to release that serotonin and making sure you maintain a regular sleep schedule are essential for peace of mind, but that said how do exercise when you can’t walk 200 yards through constant fatigue, how do you naturally get more sleep when you’re taking heavy tranquilizers and sleeping 15 hours straight or how do you improve your staple diet when fruit and burgers are indistinguishable in taste?

Firstly, you should read this thread at reddit or this one if depression or anxiety is a major concern plus this one at Longecity entitled “Treating anxiety safely and effectively”; but to summarize, if you’re looking for a decent pick-me-up, you could try any of the following nootropics (not in order of potency plus not all are strictly nootropics):

Serotonin sources: 5-HTP or L-tryptophan
Uridine + omega 3s
Bacopa and/or L-theanine
Bacopa and/or St. John’s Wort
Valerian root
Vitamin B6, B12 and fish oil
Lavender Oil
Green tea extract
Gingko biloba

Hint: After extensive online reading, Noopept and St. John’s Wort receive a lot more hits than misses.

In Russia, phenylpiracetam is medicinally prescribed to treat depression while piracetam has shown promise in trials at treating depression stemming from chronic cerebrovascular disorders.

Nootropic Antidepressant Advantages

green tick Little to no side effects

green tick Can be stopped without unpleasant withdrawals

green tick Positive non-invasive cognitive help

green tick Help improve baseline mood after you come off them

green tick Often provide additional cognitive clarity

Nootropic Antidepressant Disadvantages

red cross Hit & miss

red cross Be careful with Phenibut


Prescription Antidepressant Advantages

green tick Effective when part of a multi-faceted strategy for reversing depression

green tick Will provide motivation to tackle other unhelpful habits

green tick Reduces activity levels

green tick Help with disturbed sleep patterns

Prescription Antidepressant Disadvantages

red cross Withdrawal symptoms

red cross Zombified under influence

red cross Permanent cognitive side-effects

red cross Cardiovascular side effects like hypertension

red cross Adderall may worsen anxiety

red cross Become a crutch

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