Top 5 Nootropics for Increasing Sex Drive

Top 5 Nootropics for Increasing Sex Drive


Top 5 Nootropics for Increasing Sex DriveWhile nootropics are described as having little to no known side-effects by even reputable manufacturers, many nootropic users will speak differently when it comes to some of the treatment effects they’ve encountered in the bedroom department.

Notably while using Fasoracetam, where orgasms are described as pitiful with your libido waning for roughly three days after quitting fasoracetam.

Still, to counteract these side effects or moreover for guys and girls looking to increase their sexual appetite, there are a number of nootropics out there currently being used to up the tempo in the sack.


green tick 1. Phenibut

Phenibut is described by many as fantastic for sex. It increases your desire, stamina and makes sensations more pleasant, where it is strangely argued to increase the listening quality of low playing music.

Phenibut is a great anxiolytic supplement to consume to relieve stress and promote a positive mood, but when it comes to orgasms, we’re talking full body orgasm with waves of profound euphoria.

If you’re a male, phenibut is described to increase your sexual pleasure, sensations, emotions, make it easier for you to talk due to its cognitive enhancing qualities and gives you the feeling you’re getting more attention from females under it. The long term combination of racetams + phenibut produces more testosterone and growth hormones.

Maybe a 750mg daily dosage.


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2. Schizandra Berries

Popular with women, schizandra berries taken slowly should build up the intensity of orgasms daily, leaving you feeling healthier, with longer lasting orgasms with more emission.


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3. Sulbutiamine

There are multiple forum threads online where men especially are diarizing their daily intake of sulbutiamine in combination with their sexual performance expenditure or lack of.

Sulbutiamine is a vitamin B1 or thiamine derivative that crosses the blood-brain-barrier quicker than thiamine.

Sulbutiamine is said to upregulate the reticular activating system which regulates arousal so it makes sense that it could affect libido.

When noots are stacking their nootropics it’s difficult to pinpoint which of each of the nootropics are effecting where, but generally there appears to be a strong correlation to when people start taking sulbutiamine to when there becomes a noticeable gain in sexual arousal.


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4. Raw Maca Powder

Not really thought of as a nootropic but great for a man and woman’s libido. Will enhance gratification and just a table spoon each morning should leave you with a nice edge for the day.


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5. Selegiline + Cabergoline

Taking selegiline with cabergoline seems to have positive synergistic qualities. Selegiline, used to help control symptoms of Parkinson’s increases the actions of dopamine in the brain by inhibiting the enzymes that break it down.

Cabergoline is a potent dopamine receptor agonist and is used to treat a hormone imbalance when there is too much prolactin in the blood.

The two together pack a powerful punch so be wary of potential side-effects.

That said this combo seems to raise dopamine levels and taking 1 to 2.5mg of selegiline in the evening is argued to help with the following mornings performance.

Taking cabergoline and tadalafil together are also said to offer a promising almost immediate surge of libido.

In summary,

Taking either phenibut, sulbutiamine or the selegiline + cabergoline combo that raises dopamine and lowers prolocatin – may all help your libido but it’s strongly recommended getting a full hormone panel done prior to choosing your nootropic libido fix.

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