Will You Want to Buy an Apple Watch?

Will You Want to Buy an Apple Watch?

Buy an Apple WatchIt’s difficult to fully comprehend the appeal of wearing a watch sized tablet except for that it perhaps offers what the iPad cant – body sensors that could revolutionize personal health while helping to monitor those of loved ones 24/7.

By following and moderating your hydration, blood sugar levels, heartbeat etc, rumors were circulating before its second launch March 2015 – its first in September 2014, as to what was in store that already wasn’t on offer in other devices.

Straight off the bat, it the Apple watch won’t do any of the above or tell you how hydrated you are, your glucose levels or detect an irregular heartbeat.

What it will do:

It will however monitor certain bodily functions, using infrared, visible-light LEDs and photodiodes from their bespoke tailored sensors, plus it will give you up to date data on your heart rate, keep tabs on how many calories you’ve broken down and if you’ve achieved your sporting targets for the day.

This kind of data can then be synced with certain health and fitness apps which should in turn be able to feed you accurate and personal info on all the boxes one likes to tick during your calorie burning workout such as distance covered, fat cells lost, speed and pace measurements through whichever exercise you carry out plus it can be your elliptical – your cross-trainer – your stationary exercise measurement machine.

Sound revolutionary?

Not really, truth be told devices like these are already being used and have been for sometime at a fraction of the cost.

It doesn’t do anything especially new according to founder and CEO Mike Tinney of Fitness Interactive Experience, an internet health and well-being platform.

What it does do is that it gives you sense of urgency to get cracking, an instrument to get you out off the couch and out into that bracing air

In fact, more specifically, it actually gives you (if you set it accordingly) a “vibrant” tap on the wrist to remind you you’ve been parked too long on your butt, requesting you to get up for 1 or 3 minutes etc of every hour so you don’t lie dormant for too long.

Reports are then fed to your email account or wherever you choose, to give you the low-down on whether your goals have been achieved or are still attainable.

Ranging from £349 right up to $10k (yes – there is an 18-karat gold model), the Apple watch doesn’t come cheap, but its full worth will only become recognizable when other 3rd party innovators start creating their magic.

So why buy an Apple Watch?

It’s social component however maybe where this device catches on: take for example its ability to sketch a picture and it will appear in real-time on someone else’s Apple watch or by having the option link up with your mate somewhere else around the globe and go on a cycle race together “of sorts”.






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