Best foods for sore feet after running

Best foods for sore feet after running

Best foods for sore feet after running

Running on concrete can be particularly strenuous on the joints and the way you plant your foot after each stride will create a specific impact on certain parts of the foot and leg.

Often you see people who are carrying excess weight, wearing big hefty trainers that have thick cushioning beneath the ball of the foot which then forces their heel to land first, sending a shudder each time straight up the calf into the knee.

This gait is obviously not healthy for the knee joint, creates repetitive strains and is one of the reasons why running isn’t considered the best of sports to maintain overall fitness, as it batters the feet, ankles and knees.

However, there are addictive quality’s to running and one of these is probably down to endorphins that are released, which block pain and place you in a euphoric state – something which you don’t get from resistant sports such as weight lifting.

What a feeling that is, but, the feet do take the brunt of pushing through the pain barrier and one way to take care of them is through food.

Here are some of the best foods to eat for sore feet after running which will then place you in good stead for your next aerobic workout.

Note: The best way to minimize tissue damage during running is to fill your water with some electrolyte sachets or take a sports drink. This reduces the muscles from breaking down your own muscle protein when you’re running low on muscle glycogen as opposed to that which you could consume in a drink, which makes sense and will reduce muscle soreness afterwards.

Additionally, consuming amino acids and/or protein prior to running helps increase blood amino acid levels at the beginning of the run which tells the muscles not to breakdown your own protein early on.

Don’t eat

Inflammatory foods:

Refined grains
Trans fats in baked goods and junk foods
Saturated fat in red meat
Omega-6 fats found commonly in vegetable oils, corn, soybean and sunflower oils

Do eat:

Fresh fruit and veg

Exercise-induced free-radical damage can best be fended off by having a rich supply of anti-oxidants already in store. This means eating fresh fruit and veg will strengthen your internal defenses during and after running and lessen the free radical damage that takes place during these hours.

Fish/nuts/flaxseeds and/or omega-3 supplements

To strengthen your defenses against free radical damage again during these periods of workout and shortly after, omega-3’s are an essential fat needed to protect your muscles.

Creatine and caffeine will both help diminish post-jog muscle soreness, creatine significantly reduces muscle cell damage and inflammation after running  long distances.

Caffeine not only enhances your performance during an event it reduces your perception of pain throughout and after a workout whilst attenuating soreness.

Additional anti-inflammatory good fat foods

Olive oil
Macadamia nut oil
Pastured ghee and coconut oil
Pastured (grass fed) meat

Raw vegetable juices

Raw vegetable juices are again excellent at reducing swelling after a long run but can tend to be a little bland. Well here’s a link to a site that lists a number or vegie juice concoctions which may suite your palette.

The following vegetables/fruit are perfect for soothing sore feet: