Better Me Board Game – Jump Start Your Life !

The Better Me Board Game – Jump Start Your Life!


The Better Me Board GameCreated by Dan O’Donnell, The Better Me is unlike any other board game. Rather than focus on the egoic self it targets the altruistic self, quite unheard of in a board game.

Instead of trying to reign as the capitalist conqueror, you are asked to set aside your monetary yearns and focus on acts of selflessness, with the practice of concern for the welfare of others.

It’s also about personal development, at improving health habits, the appreciation of others and showing kindness to others.

Committing to a task and sticking to it long after The Better Me has been put away is also part of the game.

Be it sponsoring a rescue animal, committing to giving up nicotine, learning a new skill or rekindling a past hobby; seeing these commitments through is down to you and your accountability partner.

Whether glued to the fridge door or pierced to your memo board, your “accountability partner” will also have your list of to-do’s as well as theirs so there’s no escaping what was agreed.

Perfect for kids, adults and the cynical, the Better Me Game breathes some positive fresh air into what can be quite a claustrophobic time of your yearly family get together!

Although this is not just for bringing out at Christmas. Ideal for playing with a bunch of strangers if you’ve just relocated to a new part of town or country, it gets great feedback on Amazon from people who’ve used it for just this cause.

The Better Me brings up some interesting scenarios whereby you might asked to speak of your last accomplishment, however insignificant you feel it might be when voiced or to write a short “thank you” letter that you felt someone deserved as opposed to an innocuous “like” click.

The game is based on positivity and spreading good vibes. It’s about encouraging a fun creative atmosphere where no judgment or pressure is allowed.

It can grab you by the tender hooks and expose you to new – maybe unusual but all positive scenarios – where players move around the board game and draw cards that prompt positive action and discussion as players race to complete of each of their 5 life sections – heart, mind, body, people and tangibles.

Better Me can really be played anywhere with anyone and is maybe perfect for helping to break the ice with people you don’t know too well or are a little frosty with!

The game takes cooperation and engagement to a new level and may be lasts up to 2 hours and has been described as “Trivial Pursuit meets Truth or Dare – self-improvement style!”


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