3 Botched Penis Enlargements Vs New Safer Ways to Proceed

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3 Recently Botched Penis Enlargements

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3 Botched Penis Enlargements Vs New Safer Ways to Proceed

3 Recently Botched Penis EnlargementsThere have been a number of botched penis enlargements where many men have tried different techniques to try and enlarge their manhood.

Of those one of which was a homemade attempt by a man who wanted initially to lose weight in order for the size of his penis to look bigger, however his friend advised that injecting Vaseline into the penis shaft would save him from having to drop a few pounds.

This initially worked out ok with an improved size in length and girth, however over time ailments began to surface.

Due to the Vaseline being a foreign body within the shaft of penis this caused swelling and then eventually lesions which after several inspections from doctors who were unfamiliar with how to treat this unusual deformity until a urologist was eventually approached and was able to treat the man by peeling back the foreskin which was 15 x thicker than its normal state

Obviously with such an enlarged foreskin cracks began to appear however the urologists got there just in time and was able to clean out the foreign waste which lead to a full but not speedy recovery.

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A second man by the name of Fritz, who was obsessed with his penis size from a very early age, went through a combination of approaches such as pumps and air traction devices before turning his attention to silicone implants.

With a 7lb penis now 9 inches long and 3 inches wide Fritz is unable to perform like most men in bed or shop 4 trousers at his local mens taylors yet his obsession is somehow content with its current size.

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Michael Wenham who was found guilty in Philadelphia of a horrific murder had previously undergone a penis enlargement operation which on the contrary resulted in his 5 inch penis being reduced to only 3 inches.

A second attempt was made to enlarge his manhood which again failed and was believed to have contributed to his psychological state for committing his heinous crime.

The question however as to how a man with no prior criminal history could commit  such a violent act was summarised by the judge to have been indirectly caused by the kinetic build up of sexual angst as a result of his two botched penile enlargement surgeries along with his penchant for sadistic sex.

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