High Tech Healthcare is the New Face of Medical Technology

High-Tech Healthcare is the New Face of Medical TechnologyWith emerging technologies in the medical field, patients can access specialists in no time. This step has enhanced the patient-doctor relationship and enabled on-demand treatment a reality, breaking barriers to health services.

Innovative techniques like electronic disease monitoring, information management, webcam counseling, virtual diagnosis, telemedicine etc. assist in bringing optimum care and medicines to people.

Here are some of the path-breaking applications to high-tech way of staying healthy:

Fitness Trackers

Medical devices that track exercise, diet and used for injury rehabilitation are now selling like hot cakes. Most of these can be worn on the wrist. These may count the number of steps during walks or jog, calorie intake and lost, analyze sleep patterns, log record of workout and diet taken etc. With such device, you can understand if progress is made for a disease positively or negatively.

It accounts for every activity stored on the feed and allowed by the system. Like how the treadmill displays results of kilometers covered and calories reduced, these device produce similar results. Doctors too suggest use of such devices but ask patients to only rely on final verdict of the physician and not the equipment.

mHealth Apps

Development of mobile applications that remind patients of the medication to be taken at particular duration, activities to be done, record vitals like blood pressure, blood sugar etc. are trending in the market. Most of the smartphone users trust healthcare apps for routine medical checklist.

Some of these apps can identify mood changes, track chronic pain symptoms and migraines and suggest solutions for the same.

Examples are Fooducate, MedCoach etc. However, the word of the app should not be considered as final. There are cases when the applications were known to malfunction and provide inaccurate diagnosis.

In-Home Disease Management

Devices that can be attached to smartphone to analyze heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar levels are quite popular and widespread. It aids people suffering from hypertension, diabetes, asthma and cardiovascular disorders.

These systems are automated to send reminders on phone about medication dosage. Some of them provide tips on healthy living based on selected program and health condition.

However, these devices can be expensive and uncovered in insurance, as listed in majority of healthcare market research reports. But, many diabetic patients could monitor their glucose levels with such equipments, saving them from death and discomfort at many instances. Examples are AliveCor Heart Monitor, CareSmarts etc.

Electronic Medical Service

If you thought keeping a record of your medical care were tedious, then switch to online medical portals. Such platforms are used by hospitals, clinics and health institutions. For e.g. you had submitted sample blood for a type of test. You do not have to visit the particular clinic to get the reports. But, it is possible view the lab results, your medical record on the clinic’s information portal.

Such systems help in managing care by bridging communication. Moreover, there is no need to spend on travel to the hospital, and reports can be contacted from anywhere as long as the details to portal are retained. Examples are MyChart, Patient Fusion etc.

Virtual Consultation

You can talk to doctors and get accurate diagnosis of your condition with treatment options, all only a few clicks away. Online doctor consultation has become a booming business now, as per recorded in the Healthcare reports.

The therapy cost may be more than face-to-face consultation, but effective nonetheless.

This works excellently for people who need psychological counseling but cannot afford to meet the doctor in person due to certain restrains.

On-demand appointment facility could be also availed. Some hospitals allow patients to visit their community clinic for a videoconference with specialist outside the reachable area. Examples are AppVisit, MDLIVE etc.

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