How to cope with a huge penis


How can women cope with your HUGE penis? 3 Steps

By Robin C Mac


Are you a man looking at how to cope with a huge penis? Having a large manhood might seem like a dream come true, but there is big and then for some there is too big – as in the receiving party may object, unlike an affordable Fleshlight.

If your manhood is over 9 inches then going straight in without any foreplay will prove too enormous for most women to handle.

This is in part because it will knock against their cervix and cause bleeding in some cases.

However, you should be able to enter the lady safely if you take your time.

Foreplay being the key here. Focus on some gentle stimulation of the Epicenter, also known as the female degenerated prostate.

Here is a 3 step approach by Dr. Newman K. Lin of the Lin Institute, a sexual research centre for knowledge based science into how one achieves multiple, sexual orgasms using a larger than average sized penis.

Step 1

Massage on the pubis, clitoral base, labia majors and groins, to relax the muscle around the vagina in preparation for penetration. Apply some light “finger pliers”, massage the clitoral shaft and G-spot and twist it around to an 11 o’clock and 1o’clock position – this will stimulate the muscle surrounding the vagina and induce expansion.

Step 2

Start with some shallow penetration and lightly stroke the G-spot whilst kissing each other for about 3 minutes.

Next, move into some moderate penetration to test the ladies vaginal flexibility with the lightest of touches, and if there is no deep pain, it would be safe to say it’s time for some deep penetration.

Step 3

Now for the final touch, use the “screwing technique” and gently kiss the cervix with the glans of your penis to avoid intense thrusting.

The screwing technique is vital for massaging the vagina and penis as explained in the Chinese sexual bible SU-NUI Ching.

Depending on who the driver is, there are 2 screwing techniques here.

If the man is driving he must be allowed to move freely, therefor the woman should lay on her back with the man on top.

But if the female is in the driving seat, she should sit on him and rotate her upper body left and right periodically and use her hip to use the circular motion.

This can help provide an intense orgasm for both the male and female, where the man with a larger than average penis will reap rewards others of lighter stature won’t.