How Chinese Sex Dolls are Relieving the Pressure of Adultery

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How Chinese Sex Dolls are Relieving the Pressure of Adultery

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How Chinese Sex Dolls are Relieving the Pressure of Adultery


How Chinese Sex Dolls are Relieving the Pressure of AdulteryMade of soft rubbery material the lonely man in China is now seeking relief from a plastic rubber doll as opposed to the nocturnal services which are more than readily available.

Constructed of thermoplastic adjustable parts, they range from around $2500 up and come complete with adjustable head, genitals and additional organ implants.

With services of a lady of the night available for such minimal cost, one man who declined to be named by the Japanese Times  stated that with the availability of such cheap sexual services on his doorstep, a plastic yet a are more high end model seemed to be keeping his fantasies at bay.

This particular high end acquisition set the gentleman back 20 thousand dollars,  however after a couple of uses, with so little attention paid to detail on some of these models he found it difficult to really receive that much satisfaction.

Ranging from all sizes to the childlike sized units to suit the small Asian man from hairless to wig-less, many women in fact buy these for their husbands in order to quash their nocturnal desires.

However in combination with the Chinese national parties relaxation on sexual desires as well as the increasing number of single men moving into their forties and fifties, such vices have taken a boom in modern day China.

These fantasies though have led to perhaps excessive weird desires where Chinese forums now exist on the Internet that discuss how men’s relationships are progressing with their new plastic partners.

But such exaggerated friendships are not felt by the majority of men, and no matter how much money the device may cost there is no replacing a real woman who obviously offers  soul, light and energy.

In a country as reported by which supplies 70 percent of the world’s sex dolls, the sale of these toys make up over 2 billion dollars per year.

With an external appearance not too dissimilar from the real women such replacements clearly feed a niche.

But with a vast percentage of men turning to these alternatives it’s clear there’s an issue here that needs addressing – first and foremost the elephant in the room – the disparity between the female and male population. Full story here

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