How to Amend Penis Curvature: How to Realign Safely

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How to Fix Penis Curvature which may Result in Erection Problems

You may think you’re the only man out there who is looking to cure his curvature of penis as you may have a ‘banana’ shaped shaft or you are suffering from a flaccid member despite attempts at arousal.

According to leading urologists 398 guys out of 100,000 suffer from what’s known as penile curvature – but don’t worry – you don’t have to put your penis through the trials of surgery and intra-penile steroid injections to put to your manhood right – there are now some wonderful clinically proven and safe methods which you can use.


What causes Curvature of Penis?

Known as Peyronie’s disease, this is a due to the fibrous tissue which develops on the tunica albuginea of the penis shaft, resulting in a hard band of tissue positioned around the center, with up to 35% curvature when erect.

This disease is normally found in men between of 40 to 70, however some teenage guys may be diagnosed with this penile condition.

This slight curvature can make sex either painful and/or uncomfortable, as vagina’s are not made to cope with bends..

This however can be rectified. There are a number of reputable clinically approved products which will help you correct your penile angulations, whilst offering the potential to add up to 1 to 2 inches, providing a stronger shaft and fuller girth.

These unique traction devices will offer your body a natural cure for penile curvature without the risk of deformity which surgery could create along with impotency.

Does this mean that I will then suffer from the Peyronie’s disease?

No – not necessarily, but a curved penis is most definitely making your manhood appear smaller, whilst translating into difficult sex at times.

Each curvature case though is also unique – some guys are born with a curved manhood whilst some develop the mutation once they hit puberty.

Those however who are afflicted by this disease will develop a fibrous plague that affects the shaft and also leads to discomfort and pain.


How to Fix Curvature of PenisPenis curvature being amended through use of medical device

Fortunately there is route out of this arching problem.

As demonstrated at the “European Congress of Sexual Medicine” – new improved penis traction devices now offer a cure to this deformity.


How do Traction Devices work?

Without the need of surgery and medication, penis traction devices provide you with a comfort strap where this in turn will help correct penis curvature by up to 25 degrees. These are Type 1 Medical Devices that carry the U.S/EU CE sign, therefore signifying optimum quality and safety for the user.

They are easy to wear by following the attached instructions – normally in DVD tutorials, where most men report improvement in the space of a couple of weeks, resulting in an initial increase in penis performance and size, while reduction in curvature.

Of the main three medical devices that provide a remedy for curvature of penis, for comfort and results, the Phallosan still remains ahead of the pack.