How to give her (& receive) extremely intense orgasms


how to give and receive intense orgasms


There are orgasms and then there are orgasms. By the time we hit adulthood some of us decide to explore how far we can push our peak of sexual excitement by experimenting with different tools and methods, with autoerotic asphyxiation being the most dangerous of all.

However, starving the brain of oxygen is in fact not only deadly but counter productive experts conclude, where an increase not decrease in oxygenated blood will contribute to a much more intense orgasm, a more powerful feeling of physical pleasure and a longer rippling sensation of ecstasy, without the blackout, which can be pushed even further with the help of a third party – in this case a sex tool of some kind, motorized if you have!

To begin, if you’re not in great shape, that’s fine, but it might be worth getting into a bit of aerobic or anaerobic exercise, where specifically for men both types will release more testosterone in the body during a workout, which if you were then to go home all randy – as swimming especially makes you – and you hop in the sack, you’ll find that your love making is especially heightened.

For women though, while exercise is also greatly beneficial, adult toys rule when it comes to maximizing pleasure of the clitoris.

Statistics illustrate that the majority of women have at least one or two battery operated sex toys buried in their drawers so straight off the bat, this is one sure fire way to give her a highly intense orgasm by doubling up with a pleasure toy for her.

Not only that but the majority of mums have all raided their child’s toys for a an alternative power source when their vibrators lose their buzz.

Dildos, rabbit sex toys and portable clit-stimulators stand as cherished play things for women. Chances are that lovely lady of yours would also watch in contentment as you pleasure one of your cherished love dolls but she probably won’t acknowledge it.

Were you aware that for most ladies, the proportions of your manhood isn’t that interesting? Although an agreeable manhood is always a welcome sight.

What makes a female want more of you in the sack is all about how she feels. That’s correct.

That dreaded term that results in more men running for the hills than any other. Feelings!

Oh maybe there are a number of different murmurings that would also make a man high tail it like the wind.

Females are complex people for certain. Many a male has endeavoured to crack the code to release the sex hungry vixen that the majority of the time lays dormant until the mystical switch is flicked.

However, where is this switch located?

Not where most men believe it to be that’s for sure.

What’s the secret to you delivering the goods that will amount to rewards that are worth their weight in orgasmic gold for both of you?

The answer is indeed incredibly simple. If you wish to give her intense orgasms, you have to get into her head. Set the ambiance with a little foreplay. Ask her nicely and she might even be happy to show you a thing or two that she can do with her adult toys that will get you all hot, bothered and passionate!


Adult toys are not the only thing on the menu

If you possess a incredibly large manhood it might have to take a back seat while you permit something a little less intimidating to invigorate her first, in preparation to welcomingly receive all of you.

(For those too well endowed and are having trouble warming her up – try these 3 steps).

Countless hot lustful passionate sex will definitely be on the menu if you begin with a little entrée before the main event.

Play it correctly and she’ll be back for dessert, coffee and afters as well!

Utilising adult toys will aid in creating wonderful sexual tension.

Don’t confine your adult play time to intercourse as it should include simple erotic lotions or massage oils to actual intimacy massagers, ticklers, vibes, dildos and even a few sex dolls if the mood takes you.

Is that a gender specific preference? Well that depends! Adult toys normally bring about orgasms, lots and lots of them, from those that are mildly teasing to full blown heavyweight melt downs!


Remember the effectiveness of sultry lingerie

Getting back to the core of the matter: playful teasing, erotic massage and considerable amounts of tender loving care should be on the agenda.

This goes for both partners. Males usually really like confident women that intimidate without being alarming, if that makes sense.

The way to achieve an atmosphere of belief is to be familiar with your own body and what you like, where you like it and how you like it.

Also plan a number of sexy surprises, a strip tease and erotic evenings at home in your sexy underwear.

Don’t forget a good tongue lashing with a tongue massager on the tip of your tongue.

She certainly won’t refuse as you give her a complete lashing like she has never experienced before.

How about allowing your partner to reciprocate?

Oh and by the way this amazing particular little sex toy also fits on your toe or finger as well.

They are fantastic, employed simultaneously for countless multiple stacking orgasms that will certainly set the stage for some amazing sex!

Then you will demonstrate to her how well you can utilise your equipment.


For added intensifying orgasms for men:

  • Try some jelqing
  • Do a few kegels & a dose of edging
  • Don’t rush, take your time, build it up
  • Attach a cock ring for extra gorge, power & intensity
  • Use an anal toy to tickle, probe, vibrate & resonate
  • Slow down your breathing, avoid shallow breaths & focus on internalizing your breathing, reaching parts of your body you hadn’t imagined – i.e get a bit zen
  • For crippling orgasms – try the fleshlight vibro – it comes with 3 pulsating bullets