Eone Bradley Timepiece: Unique, Classy & Stark (No Hands)

Eone Bradley Timepiece Review: Unique, Classy & Stark

Bradley Timepiece

The Eone Bradley Timepiece first appeared on Kickstarter as a project started by former naval officer Lieutenant Bradley Snyder who was injured and lost his sight in Afghanistan, went on to win 2 Olympic swimming golds at the London Paralympics in 2012 and then created this stark, circular titanium watch face with no hands.

In fact it has been designed specifically for the blind but is proving a big seller to sighted people, where a ball-bearing rotates inset a centre groove embedded on the side of the watch to denote the minute, while a ball-bearing on the outside of the edge of the case marks the hour.

The ball-bearings are controlled by a magnet that moves freely around the external edge.

In 2015 (on their original website) they shot up from $285 to $535 but now appear to have stabilized to around the $240 – $270 mark.

the Bradley MeshThe Bradley Timepiece comes in a number of wristband designs, one black, one graphite and six different canvas colours with one in mesh, being a personal favourite.

At approximately $250 the Bradley Mesh has a minimalist watch face with the mesh wristband constructed of stainless steal.

With a wrist size fitting of 6.25” to 8.5” – a 160-215cm wrist circumference, these watches are in fact unisex although they may appear more masculine in shape.

Eone Timepieces are such a simplistic yet beautiful almost 1930’s design that it’s kind of nice that they haven’t really caught on yet – and hopefully won’t, so expect to be complemented on a genuinely unique looking watch face.

(Edit: This was written back in 2015 – 5 years on, they have stood their ground)

The Bradley’s run on a Renata 371 button cell watch battery that will bear the brunt of the wet and miserable English weather but are not fully water resistant so take off before swimming or bathing.


There is one additional advantage to wearing this watch – you can check the time in an understated manner with your other hand, without appearing rude or socially awkward.







Eone Bradley Timepiece: Unique, Classy & Stark with No Hands