Fleshlight GO Torque Ice: Ultimate Travel Buddy

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Fleshlight GO Torque Ice Review: The Ultimate Self-Pleasure Travel Companion!

Total length: 7.0″
Insertion length: 6.5″
Orifice: Non-Anatomical


GO-Torque Ice front non anotomical

The Fleshlight GO has been built for the man on the move in mind. A compressed version of the original Fleshlight – the GO can best be described as the perfect self-pleasure travel companion!

  • A compact smaller & lighter case
  • Patented Superskin sleeve
  • Transparent ice casing
  • Silky Fleshlube water (100ml) +anti-bacterial Fleshwash (100ml) included in some offers
  • Instructions for care and use inside

Weighing less and overall smaller, the Fleshlight Go fits into a more convenient compact case which is available in black: The Surge Pink Lady, or an opaque case: The Torque Ice.

Essentially, this is the choice of between a pink butt sleeve or a transparent orifice sleeve.

Both also come as a combo pack that include 2 x 100ml containers – one of Fleshlube water and the other of Fleshwash.

The Fleshlube water is formulated to deliver the moistest of sensations with an ultimate soft touch – a rather agreeable companion that enhances the sensuality of Fleshlight devices thanks to its H20 based ingredients that provide a unique silky like texture that is paraben free, dermatologically cleared, natural, hypo-allergenic and yet delicate to sensitive areas of skin.

The Fleshwash is a necessity for any Fleshlight owner – an antibacterial spray with the Triclosan as its key cleansing ingredient, that purifies and strips clean all traces of bacteria and is recommended use for all Fleshlight devices as well as for other sex toys and can be used on silicone, latex and the latest superskin by Fleshlight.

To achieve the cleanest results, first wash the inside and out with lukewarm water, then spray on a handsome amount of the Fleshwash antibacterial liquid, allowing it to dry in a well ventilated area – The Fleshwash is non-greasy, contains no alcohol and will not irritate the skin.

Portable fleshlight ice device screen 1

Measuring in at just under 7” when compact, the Fleshlight GO comes in 2 choices, the Surge Pink Lady or the see-yourself-in-action Torque Ice.

The Torque Ice non-travel companion is available in 3 orifices: the ice-lady, the ice-butt or the ice-pure.

It’s not clear if the compact Torque Ice GO is also available in all three of the orifice designs as it looks as if this pure visual compact device comes as the Lady Ice not the Butt or the Pure but worth checking with their online support if you’d prefer one of the alternative portable Ice devices.

Their rounded design of the casing of the Ice allows for a magnified view where the patented super skin material encased in the crystal texture sleeve is said to provide a sensual sensation which is quite simply exhilarating and when lubed with the silky fleshwater liquid – a sensation that can be matched – Fleshlight argue, by no other sex toy manufacturer on the market.

Instructions for use and care are provided with all products, as with the Purge Pink Lady – the other Fleshlight GO device.

The Surge – which like the Torque Ice is stored in a compact case for travel purposes – is based on the classic Pink Lady model that’s sold and is enjoyed by millions and is described by Fleshlight as the only male masturbator that comes close to replicating the real McCoy.

The sleeve is able to stretch, press and mold to embrace your shaft during use and is argued to be the most enjoyable when soaked in warm water before hand and is complemented with a water based lubricant – in this case Fleshlight market their own Fleshlube water as described above.

Portable and discreet for the man on the go, this single-hand gripped male action device provides extended pleasure and penile stimulation allowing you to blast off wherever you choose!