Grand Complications Patek Philippe: 4 Years to Make, Keeps Time for 500

Grand Complications Patek Philippe
4 Years to Make, Keeping Time for the Next 500


Grand Complications Patek Philippe close front shot

The Grand Complications Patek Philippe Perpetual is referred to as the “Grand Complication” because it truly is a piece of art.

Grand Complication:

  • Perpetual calendar, month, date and day
  • Automatically corrects for all months
  • Automatically adjusts for leap years
  • Calibrates to Moon Phase

The Grand Complication can take as long as 4 years to make and will keep time for the next 500 years.

If you look at the dial, it has the day, month, date and moon phase – all these features keeping the watch in line for centuries, which is arguably amazing considering that all the cogs and the gears in regular watches have to be adjusted after 29 days by removing the step and starting from the first again.

Without having to mechanically pull out the step and forward it one or two days, the Perpetual automatically advances to the start of the next month and takes into account the four quadrants of the leap year which is actually incredible.

The last major feature on the Grand Complication is the Moon Phase which again will keep the planetary moon phase correct for the next 500 years provided you keep the watch on a winder or you wind it yourself.

By turning over the watch however is where sheer class looks you direct in the eye, where you will see all the minute pieces which it takes for this Grand Complication to function exquisitely.

The Grand Complications Patek Philippe men’s platinum watch is truly a piece of art, one of the most graceful, beautiful case-backs  you’ll ever see.





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