pink lady fleshlight

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Pink Lady Fleshlight: Still Delivering Crippling Orgasms!


Pink Lady Fleshlight: Still Delivering Crippling Orgasms!

Pink Lady Fleshlight: Delivering Crippling, Longer Lasting Orgasms!

Having sold millions since it came on sale at the beginning of 2014 the Pink Lady Fleshlight is described as giving crippling orgasms that will blast your endorphin levels’ right off the charts.

Total length: 9.75″
Insertion length: 8.5″
Orifice: Front


Pink Lady Fleshlight on its side facing right

Patented with a soft skin that’s pliable and warm to the touch, it provides a smooth textured sensation for those who like to match the feel with the real deal.

Pink Lady Fleshlight features

  • Iconic model enjoyed by millions of satisfied men
  • 3/4 inch diameter sleeve textured model perfect for men of all sizes
  • Top grade patented super-skin manufactured in America
  • 1 versatile fit with simple end cap adjustment
  • Longer lasting, durable design
  • Simple to prepare & clean
  • Complete length almost 10 inches long and 4 inches in diameter
  • First-Time buyers’ favourite

Take a look at this video below so you can get an idea as to how the classic pink lady grips your manhood increasingly deep and tight.

Perfect for blending in with your household appliances or just lying around in your wardrobe the fleshlight simply looks like a large flashlight close up, that is until you unscrew the top it all becomes apparent.

Pink lady shaft internal chamberYou will notice that when you put your finger in the top or the split of the vagina, there is a tube which is kept inside to maintain cleanliness and shape.

Take the tube out and apply some lubricant cream which comes with the pink lady, and then place in your member.

It’s vitally important however that you are aware of the pressure valve which is measured by how tightly it’s screwed on at the back of this device.

If it screwed on completely so it cannot be screwed on any tighter, this is the maximum pressure it will inflict, therefore to release the pressure unscrew until you are comfortable with the the fit.

pink lady pocket pussy being held by attractive lady


How to clean the Pink Lady Fleshlight

Completely unscrew the top and bottom of the device so you can remove the rubbery vaginal mold from its fleshlight container and wash in the sink and rinse where you can apply the fleshlight cleaner which contains an antiseptic fluid that will rid the fleshlight of all gems, dirt or grime.

More on cleaning and lubing here.

The ex swat policeman and x-tennis player who’s the brain child of this creation as can be seen in this documentary below, explains how his multi-million-dollar company first set out its idea.

Popularity has soared obviously and this has meant there are many fake competitors trying to make a stake in the market.

Of those China is currently the biggest where up until recently Chinese fake fleshlights could be found in the US however since recent lawsuits have stopped retailers stocking these devices, Europe is now China’s chosen market.

With molds crafted from Disney sculpture specialists, it’s unlikely Chinese research is on par with the Fleshlight.

Now with a new line in the gay sex toy range in which famous celebrities are being used to cast the latest molds, this should only enlarge the Fleshlight’s market.

However, having sold over 4 million units of the pink lady it has proved Fleshlight’s most popular design to date.