Testogen: 8 Key Naturally Boosting Testosterone Ingredients for Men

8 KEY Naturally Boosting Testosterone Ingredients that Won’t Damage your Heart

Testogen contains a new combination of naturally boosting testosterone ingredients, a “revolutionary testosterone boosting formula”  designed to boost energy levels, increase your sexual and daily stamina, enhance overall strength during workouts and decrease fatigue and tiredness.

Testogen is perfect for the driven man who wants to get that little bit extra more out of life on a day to day basis.

This 100% natural formula increases testosterone levels which as a result boosts stamina levels across many platforms.

Enabling you to strengthen your libido, burn excess fat and increase gym workout times, it also sharpens the mind and helps you achieve a mental clarity that you often feel after a good endurance run or a hard cardiovascular workout.

Testogen does not use artificial or manufactured steroids, but on the contrary it uses 8 different natural testosterone boosting ingredients that will enhance your body strength, sexual appetite and daily mood.

If you constantly feel slightly fatigued, have a low sex drive, suffer from hard to shift flab around the belly and find it hard to focus and get in the zone on a regular basis, then Testogen should – as the product argues – be able to change these negative attributes about yourself.

Bottom line – your natural high testosterone level is being suppressed based in part on your lack of exercise, your drinking habits, the food you eat and the people you acquaint with that is fueling a lack of self belief. Testogen will help fix this.


How Testogen Works – 8 KEY Formulaic Ingredients:

After the age of 20 your testosterone levels drop off, therefore Testogen is constructed of the following 8 formulaic ingredients that help re-balance and re-subsidize if you like your dwindling manly steroid-hormone.


green tick 1. Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a herbal nutritional supplement promoted to increase the release of your male steroid-hormone. Present in fruits the plant Ayurveda where the root and fruit are nurtured for supplements to treat a low libido, it’s the ingredient known as steroidal saponins, which isconsidered to be responsible for this increased biological activity.

green tick 2. Zinc Gluconate

One of the key symptoms of having a zinc deficiency  is a low testosterone level hence taking zinc gluconate on its own should have a measured effect. Double blind studies have demonstrated that supplemental zinc doses can increase blood levels in testosterone.

Testogen pill packgreen tick 3. Vitamin B

Low levels of vitamin B12 are linked to low testosterone therefore fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamin B are the best kinds for maintaining a healthy testosterone level.

In fact Vitamin B complex is well known to keep the hormones in the body well balanced

green tick 4. Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency can cause low testosterone in men. It’s another fat-soluble vitamin responsible for numerous functions in the body, including calcium absorption and is positively associated with semen quality and androgen status.


green tick 5. Selenium

Selenium will help the male body to produce more of this male hormone. Selenium is needed to create enzymes in testosterone and is used in supplements to replace plasma lactate in cyclists after an exhaustive workout.

green tick 6. Ginseng Extract

Used to stimulate testosterone secretion in men, ginseng extract is an age old treatment of boosting ones low sexual stamina and while when East meets West, empirical proof is often lacking, according to many of the natural health forums – see a discussion here for example – you could try taking a ginseng extract just on its own and you may be surprised at the effect it can have on the adrenal glands.

green tick 7. Fenugreek

Fenugreek may increase testosterone and help decrease body fat. Tribulus terrestris, tongkat ali and fenugreek are all herbs attributed to increase protein synthesis and muscular growth.

green tick 8. D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid causes the increase in testosterone synthesis via the up in regulation of the mRNA. Commonly referred to as DAA. it is a “natural anabolic agent” and as such a natural testosterone booster.

Recent research has demonstrated that DAA can accumulate in the testes which may activate the Leydig cells that will secrete more natural testosterone.


Testogen’s naturally boosting
testosterone ingredients’ benefits:


green tick Eradicate fatigue, irritability & failure to concentrate for long periods
green tick Banish excess body weight & belly fat
green tick Compliment your workouts with a natural stamina enhancer
green tickDrastically improve overall day to day clarity in the work place & out on the town
green tick Reignite your libido, muscle strength & natural endorphin levels


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