Benefits of using adult sex toys for stress & anxiety

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how sex toys can relieve stress & anxiety

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How adult sex toys can help relieve stress & anxiety

Sexual intercourse gratifies not just our sexual needs but it also releases pent-up tension and acts as an outlet for stress relief. That is why sex toys can really help relieve stress and anxiety.

So taking your masturbation to the next level can enhance you sex life and importantly help relieve your day to day stresses that build up as opposed to drinking heavily which just parks and reserves them for the next sober day.

Whether single or in a relationship adult sex toys can help treat anxiety and stress.

Adult sex toys come in all sorts of varieties with one advantage being that they are free of STDs, provided that you keep them clean and germ free.

*Note – never buy a PVC sex toy as they can’t be sterilized.

Adult sex toys are therefore great for improving your sexual experience while treating your tensions.

For women , in some ways using adult sex toys can be more beneficial here instead of intercourse. This is because, assuming you are going solo, you have complete control over yourself. You control the penetration speed, intensity and thrust.

Simultaneously, if you are using ones with a dynamo, they will relieve the extra manual labour of having to push and pull the dildo. You can just penetrate yourself once and keep the vibrator fairly still inside you.  Rabbit vibrators pleasure the clitoris as well.

So with these objects you gain the benefits of both vaginal penetration and clitoral rousing.

For men, artificial vaginas provide a more than realistic feeling of sexual intercourse. The front opening of these objects replicate the feel of a lady’s orifice – also available in anal sleeves anatomical experiences.

These are quite safe and you have total control of the position you want to assume – the thrust, intensity of your push and pull speed and overall performance which can subsequently improve your personal sexual pleasure and will help you fulfil maximum sexual potential.

One thing that people need to be careful about is hygiene while using adult sex toys . There is a direct relationship between the cleanliness of the adult sex toy and the safety of your health. The cleaner you keep your toys, the safer you will be.

Take for example anal beads or butt plugs. These items are especially designed for being inserted in the rectum to achieve prostate pleasures. However after you pull them out, there are chances of slight discharge being left on them. Intestinal bacteria can also get transmitted this way. So it is important for people to clean these objects.

The same goes for dildos and artificial vaginas. They need to be sterilized and cleaned before being re-used to avoid getting infected by harmful bacteria and infections.

Still these objects are far safer and easier to deal with than real sexual intercourse and can provide instant relief to the mind. All they require is a routine maintenance check and you will be disease free .

Compared to the pleasure they can provide, keeping them clean is the least you can do for your personal adult sex toy.

For health of mind however, they can be extremely beneficial. Yes, a good run will do wonders for the tensions building up upstairs but so will a a sex toy help alleviate these stresses while in fact you’ll also burn a few calories as well – 60 to 100 for each orgasm.

Also, if you decide to relieve some stress through masturbating it means you’re choosing a different line of thought. That in itself is taking your mind of the burdens in life – it’s how you choose to spend sections of time really.

Sure, some worrying can kick you into gear to get things sorted, but long protracted spells of stress are mentally and physically draining. If you’ve been cooped up at home due to lockdown – this you will know.

So kick back, take some personal time, and choose your pleasure.