Vacuum Sex Pump Massagers for Men

Vacuum Sex Pump Massagers for Men


What is a Vacuum Sex Pump Massager?

A Vacuum Sex Pump Massager is used on the basis of the stimulation of blood flow. According to this they are used for two purposes: a vacuum massager for men and vacuum massagers for women aka a breast massager.

Vacuum Sex Pump Massagers for Men

A vacuum massage with a special pump will contribute to an erection, i.e. it is a means of prevention and treatment of sexual disorders in the form of reduced erections.

Its action is based on the stimulation of blood supply to the cavernous bodies, as well as enhancement of receptor sensitivity of the penis, where the vast majority of the smallest capillaries, under the influence of pressure difference, actively opens and fills with blood.

There happens a powerful effect on the peripheral circulation, lymph and regional motion of fluid. A large number of previously not functioning capillaries included in the circulation, create degenerative changes in the cavernous bodies of penis.

When erection invocation happens naturally, blood circulation of penis increases in 5 – 7 times, while in vacuum massage, this figure rises to higher values (8 – 12 times), it promotes a powerful cleansing of cavernous bodies, and increases the elasticity of vessel walls of male sexual organ.

As a result of this kind of functional “”flow”” all the layered structures of the interacting centers come alive. For men after 45 years it is useful to conduct regular vacuum massage (at least 2 – 3 times per week) for the extension of sexual activity.

It is advisable to use pump-massager as a prophylactic means against the weakening of potency (premature aging), for the rigidity of the penis and for maximizing the penis before sex (an increase in thickness is due to an increase of elasticity of blood vessels and the maximum blood flow to the penis during erection).

Tips for application of Vacuum Sex Pump Massagers

Before using the pump you will need to rinse the flask and the nozzle (seal) with warm water and liquid soap, if the device (that creates a vacuum in flask) is attached separately, connect it, put the nozzle (seal) from the broad end to the free end of the bulb; and the narrow end of the nozzle should fit in the inside of the bulb.

To facilitate entry into the penis bulb, lubricate the surface of the nozzle adjacent to the penis by wet-on water-soluble basis. Enter the penis in the hole of the nozzle, holding a flask perpendicular to the surface of the pubis; cover the base of the bulb over the body to create a seal.


(Edit: This was written some time ago by a guest blogger – it reads a tad skew whiff but hopefully you get the gist.)

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