Pleasure partners

It’s been almost 3 years since men’s pleasures began its sojourn, slowly building a fruitful archive of what titillates a man, & others.

During this period, some businesses in similar niches have reached out and vice versa.

This page is reference to them.


Madam Dolly – a company with over 7 years experience in the love doll industry. Paul, who I’ve liaised with, provides first hand communication and customer service. A solid company with an array of fetishes.

HXDoll – provide a specific range of cheap sex dolls, featuring some of the most outlandish designs. Horse headed lovers, beautiful black lady’s with breasts defying gravity or an anime doll with kaleidoscopic eyes. Lincoln from HXDoll is another reliable person and vendor.

Lustnerd – Emma from, also has her fingers in a few other pies including the new Lustnerd site, which contains erotic roleplay scripts for almost every imaginable fantasy. Each script includes 2 scenarios, the second being the same as the first but with gender roles reversed.