Fleshlight Vibro with 3 vibrating bullets

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Fleshlight Vibro – Sit Tight & Hold on to your Hat!


Just when you thought the Classic Pink Lady couldn’t get any more intense, they’ve added three vibrating bullets for extra buzz … and hey presto – you have the Fleshlight Vibro, a pulsating 9.75 inch monster, capable of creating all sorts of a disturbances, different to an affordable fleshlight.

The upgraded Pink Lady sleeve now houses three pulsating slugs equidistant and perpendicular to the top half of your shaft.

See vid below from Lovehoney for clarity – nudity exempt.


Fleshlight Vibro review



Priced at approximately $20 more than the Fleshlight Pink Lady, you definitely get an extra bang for your buck.

Currently available in butt or vulvar form, the Vibro deploys Fleshlights Superskin patented material with gunmetal casing and instructions for use and care enclosed with this opulent toy.

Black only, it is Fleshlights only vibrating model on the market bar the Butt Vibro. The earlier Fleshlight Launch at twice the price was itself a vibrating men’s pleasure toy, but sadly it has been removed from its production line for now.


Fleshlight Vibro inner chamber

Lined with a plethora of pleasurable nubs from one end to the other and symmetric in circumference, you can deploy one, two or three of their vibration bullets, stirring more life into this long lasting, gripping sleeve which will accommodate both extra girth and reach.

Total length: 9.75″
Insertion length: 8.5″
Orifice: Front


Fleshlight Vibro inner sleeve shot


Vibro’s vibration strength

The bullets all run at one speed yet one bullet vibration in contrast to three is like going from a tremor to a sizeable aftershock.

By far a marked improvement reviews concur.


Temperature responsive with suction base control

By temperature responsive it means you can employ their Fleshlight sleeve warmer should you wish to heat up your Vibro or alternatively you can remove the sleeve and place it in some water to a temperature of your choice – but remember: Never boil!

The suction can also be amended at the base of the casing by alleviating or increasing its grasp by turning the end cap.

Side shot of Vibro


What’s included in the Fleshlight Vibro package?

  • Black gunmetal Vibro casing
  • Patented touch texture sleeve
  • Vaginal orifice
  • Three pulsating bullets – with 13 batteries included (Blister pack of 10 + 3 )
  • Instructions for use and care
  • Discreet shipping (goes without saying)



  • Next level up
  • Never going back to my hand
  • Material is soft and pliable
  • Make sure to loosen end cap to ease vacuum around shaft
  • Longevity & pleasure Vs cost is justifiable


  • Shame the bullets can’t slip into to other sleeves
  • Only one set speed per bullet

Lady Vibro is $20 cheaper right now at MaleEnhancement than at Lovehoney.





Model holding fleshlight vibro without casing