Fleshlight Pilot aerodynamic and sleek

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10 Best Cheap Fleshlight’s – 2024’s Most Affordable Strokers!


For the purpose of this review of the 10 best cheap fleshlight models for men, only real McCoy strokers are included – those specifically made by the company Fleshlight, who conceived this racy device and created a new era for men’s pleasures.

Below you’ll find the most affordable genuine Fleshlights available, with their lowest prices regularly updated – from $35 to $55, with the odd one just north.

Regular sized Fleshlights begin at $70 to $80, like anyone of the best FL girls, or the new purple BJ Thrust.

These cheaper Fleshlights below have either been reduced or are one-off models, different to the companies regular 9 inch designs – bar one.

They mostly measure in a few inches shorter, but some are designed for the larger man too.



1. Ideal for Beginner’s

Fleshlight Flight Pilot


Total length: 8″
Insertion length: 6″
Orifice: Non-anatomical



For Fleshlights on the $50 mark, the Pilot has to be one of the best value for money pocket pussies.

It gives fantastic grip, will engorge most men at 6″ – not half-size like the Quickshot models, and has the unintended bonus of being one of Fleshlights quickest drying sleeves.

Plus unlike the Quickshot range, you can whack it in a shower mount for some hands-free action or you can build your own Fleshlight mount.

The Fleshlight Flight Pilot not unlike the AK47, has stuck around due to its size being just the right fit for most men, plus it’s a great travel size.


The Pilot features a compact streamlined aerodynamic design, is subtle in appearance and built to last.

Another well crafted travel companion that can be stored in plain sight, it has a fantastic grip, a unique design,  and a 6″ insertion length which is open at both ends.

Not to mention the width changes in girth as you slide over bumps, through a section of finger nodules and then massaged in the final third by layers of ribs.

The Fleshlight Pilot is itself an oxymoron, both turbulent and pleasurable.

Fleshlight Pilot aerodynamic and sleek

Sensation & performance

Eight inches in total length and six in insertion, you enter this best cheap Fleshlight through a non-anatomical orifice into short funnel of bumps.

A narrow corridor ensues, amplifying a tighter probing of the bell, before moving onto a chamber of digits and then finally the ribbed department.


Brilliantly designed with its sleek, avant-garde, wind tunnel-like casing, it will sit on your shelf or among the camera equipment without raising an eyebrow.

Here’s an amusing Flight Pilot review by Vibrators.com who currently have the cheapest offer, that includes free lube (they don’t specify which).

You might want to shave your balls if you use your Pilot with The Handy, to avoid any snagging when you’re going ten strokes a second.



Excellent grip
Dries fast unlike most Fleshlights
Pulsating bumps, fingers, ribs & canal girth changes!
Discreet, sleek aerodynamic casing
Free lube & shipping
Can use in The Handy
Great travel buddy!


Only 6″ in length; unscrew bottom cap to pop through

Edit: price has risen $5






Fleshlight Flight Pilot shot on table



2. Cheapest Regular 9″ Fleshlight

Fleshlight Pink Lady Mini Lotus


Total length: 10.5″
Insertion length: 9.5″
Orifice: Front


The Fleshlight Pink Lady Mini Lotus is the cheapest regular (normal) sized Fleshlight listed here, a proper nine incher, well 10 inches if you count the case.

It’s a beast, and by adding some pulsating bullets to it, it becomes the Fleshlight Vibro, at about thirty dollars more.


With so many sleeves out there, the mini lotus is fortunately remembered for its lifelike texture and realistic love tunnel. It’s also an edgers favourite.

Sensation & performance

Being a standard sized Fleshlight you can warm her Superskin up by soaking the sleeve in lukewarm water before use and then by laying on a luscious amount of lube – water based of course, which can also be heated.

You can tighten or loosen her suction barometer by twisting the end cap, which is a common Fleshlight feature.

While called Mini she offers sizeable depth on matters and her love tunnel is indeed lotus shaped towards her front opening, but beyond she tapers off into five consecutive bottlenecks, tense rings that you must pierce through to crown her summit.

What you’ll want to do is roll her up in a towel, lay her on her side, and show her how lucky she is.



Concealed in a black case, the Fleshlight Pink Lady Mini Lotus remains hidden in close sight.

Read in full: Classic Pink Lady review


Proper 9.5″ fully engorging Fleshlight
Will screw into the new PowerBlow BJ machine
Will strap into the Universal Launch
Greater suction than smaller Fleshlights
Real skin texture feel with intense chamber


Cleaning tricky in the beginning

Note: price fluctuates around $55 mark.





3. Longer, low cost BJ Fleshlight

Fleshlight Flight Aviator


Total length: 8″
Insertion length: 6″
Orifice: Throat


Aviator by Fleshlight is one long throat sleeve for blowjob time

“This is your Captain speaking: Prepare for a gripping flight!”

Longer than the Pulse but shorter than the new Boost Blow, these oral Fleshlight editions by the company are for guys who like to take control of this portal.


Its turbo tech texture and design means that unlike the Pilot which embraces a turbulent yet smoother ride, the Aviator is lined with a full chamber of tight pleasure rings, like the larynx.

Sensation & performance

Slick, clear and intensely gripping, this cheaper and slightly shorter Fleshlight is rather underrated.

Smaller, tighter and lighter than the classic original, get ready to hop into the cockpit and experience a formidable journey.

Built to last like all their models and fully transparent, you can fly solo or share the skies with a fellow navigator.

Fleshlight Aviator sleeve, a millipede of throaty swallowing pleasure rings.


Small (8″ total length), streamlined, six inches in penetration length, it comes in a clear sleeve and a clear flight case, so while fantastically futuristic looking, it will fit comfortably into a light travel bag.

Bear in mind its translucency gives the game away a bit.


Built for pro’s
The Handy compatible
Super-skin sleeve feels very human-like
Repetitively placed rings bring heightened pleasure
Aerodynamic translucent design


Very gripping for beginners
Not for guys longer than 6″ (can unscrew end cap to exit)






4. Cheapest overall Fleshlight

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage


Total length: 4.4″
Insertion length: 3.5″
Orifice: Non-anatomical

The Quickshot Vantage ticks all 3 boxes as one of the best, cheapest Fleshlights – on variety, sensation & concealment.

Perfect for the pro’ or novice, double-textured with intense pulsating lubed-bobbles, it provides increased suction with one cap left on.

The Vantage is Fleshlight’s best seller, and is perfect for some couples fun, massaging her frontage during intercourse, that will make her horny super fast.

Plus you can switch roles and become the sub, allowing one to give pleasure to your man instead.


On variety you have two fully exposed non-anatomical orifices at either end with an inner chamber of 3.5 inches and total length of 4.4, allowing you to pop in and out either end.

However, the great thing about Quickshots are the variety of different masturbation techniques they bring to the table, from switching the sleeve around, turning it inside out, or doubling up two Quickshots back to back with the end cap on for extra suction.

Quickshot Thrust.

The Handy using a Quickshot1
Quickshot in the Handy.

Quickshot Pulse.

Sensation & performance

Removing the dual-end caps reveals two soft fleshy entry points.

Discreet in its size and arriving in a clear case, the sleeve delivers a grinding, winding-like screw texture and a sensation lending itself to a visibly commanding tight entry experience.

Not restricted to transparent molds, different colour cases and chambers are also on offer for the same price in the Quickshot range.

Quickshot Advantage on its side and upright


Less than half the size of the first original fleshlight, given the dimensions, parking this somewhere out of sight is  a doddle.

It’s also a more convenient travel companion whether for solo or supplementary stimulation.

Read in full: Quickshot Vantage review


Double-textured with circular grinding & winding
Beads, bumps & ribs deliver a highly pulsating experience
Designed for the auto Quickshot Launch machine
Sleek, compact, discreet – perfect for travel
Open ended with a crystal clear super-skin sleeve
Slots into The Handy hassle-free
Good for kinky sex games


Only 3.5″ chamber length






5. Tightest, affordable & quality

Fleshlight Flight Commander


Total length: 8″
Insertion length: 6″
Orifice: Non-anatomical

Fleshlight Commander suction device horizontal shot

Soar to new heights with Fleshlights 3rd model in their Flight series – The Fleshlight Flight Commander.


This is the tightest of their Flight toys, with a 6″ penetrable length.

The Commander flies under the radar with its pleasure ribbons and sensitive bobbles and comes with two entry points which are designed for you to place your finger tips over to increase or reduce suction. Flight Commander sideview displaying two suction holes

Sensation & performance

The Flight Commander deploys their new Turbo Technology, with the two new entry points designed to bleed more air from the sleeve, delivering an even more intense flight.

Whether the top cap is on or off, its texture as “phenomenal”.

You enter through a semi-floppy turbo gender-fluid anatomy, followed by a tight aerodynamic vulva and up through the central department moulded in vertical ridges.

These tighten accordingly when you choose to cover one or two of their two new entry points or valves, before concluding in a spirally section.


Not your average stocking filler to store in plain sight.


A strong tight sucking grasp on the shaft
Excellent love tunnel texture
Delightful sweet-spot
Aesthetic blue translucent design
Easy to clean


May be quite loud

Edit: price has risen $5





Fleshlight Commander being held by woman on bed



6. Good cheap STU stroker

Quickshot Butt/Vagina Stamina Training Unit (STU)


Total length: 4.4″
Insertable length: 3.5″
Orifice: Front & rear


Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit with and without gold case caps

An excellent stamina training stroker that will compliment your male kegel workouts and harder erection exercises.

These shorter models being open at both ends provide more stretch on the shaft that will not only save you a few pennies, but enforce longer, stronger hard-ons – Fleshlight claim.


Fortunately, as users had requested in response to earlier designs, the Stamina Training Unit includes both vagina and butt orifice at either end.

They also have an oral and derrière alternative, the Quickshot STU Butt/Mouth – same price.

Unlike the full size Lady Stamina Training Unit, Fleshlights no’1 selling device which measures in at 9.75″ in its case and 8.5″ in placement length, at half the insertion amount, the Quickshot STU replicates its full-sized counterpart’s inner sleeve sensation, with a myriad of bulbs running from the base to the tip in a 360° fashion.

Quickshot STU mouth and butt

Sensation & performance

Remove both caps at either end and warm your lube up which you can do in the microwave for ultimate realism.

Pop your wick in and upgrade your orgasms while stretching out your solo or partner sessions and intern building stamina!

With the ability to heat up the Quickshot STU using just warm water (you can remove sleeve from case), the lips become especially supple and cosy, delivering a nerve tingling entrance around the head of your pendulum.


The Quickshot Stamina Training Unit comes in a gold finish with a fleshy skin with two removable caps.

Slightly more noticeable on the shelf than the black casing of the Flight Pilot below- which will blend in with those camera lenses, it still remains a disguised and classy model.

Fleshlights best selling affordable pleasure butt and pussy.


Very easy to clean
A shortened version of their best selling sleeve
Two orifices in one
Tremendous travel buddy
Can use with the best sex positions 


3.5″ insertion chamber unlike its parent of 8.5″




7. Short, affordable BJ Fleshlight

Fleshlight Quickshot Pulse


Total length: 4.4″
Insertion length: 3.5″
Orifice: Deep-throat


Fleshlight Pulse upright and on its side


Available in transparent form, it provides great versatility in it’s compact proportions, allowing you to take it on your travels with minimal camouflage.

You can warm it up using Fleshlights Quickshot Pulse Sleeve Warmer or just immerse it in lukewarm water and with its Quick Connect design you can join two Quickshots together.

For exampleyou can merge the Vantage and the Pulse, which will bestow two very different orifices and inner sensations as you pass from one Quickshot into another!

Additionally you can attach it to your shower tiles using their Quickshot Shower Mount!

Sensation & performance

Unlike the winding-grinding texture of the Vantage, the Pulse’s inner sensation is tightly ribbed, designed to emanate the feel of a good moist deep-throat session.

The Quickshot Pulse provides a smoother, less turbulent affair to the Vantage and is many a males preferred Quickshot range.

Whatever your preference of design, Quickshot models are built to last.

Quickshot Pulse being held by a woman lying down


Piece of pie.

There is an opaque bevelled font of both “Fleshlight” and “Quickshot” on either side, although product labels appear on all their models and always in a discreet shade of the casing’s color.


Perfect for travelling
Designed for the Quickshot Launch machine
Useful for solo’s or couples
Tight ribbed succulent grip
Easy to clean up


Unlike the closed-end Fleshlight’s the Quickshots do emit more sound
Insertion length 3.5″




8. Fleshlight’s best deal for 2023

Buy 2-get-1 free


Total length: (no case)
Insertion length: 9″
Orifice: Front & rear


Fleshlight get three sleeves for the price of two

If deals are your thing, priced at just under $100 you will save almost $50 on a sleeve of your choice. Food for thought on gift ideas this Christmas perhaps!


If you buy two sleeves you get one free with a choice of the front or rear orifice for each, along with up to six chambers to choose from.

For variety it ticks multiple boxes, covers a number of sleeves with two different openings bar the mouth.

Sensation & performance

The six sensations on offer are the Vortex, Super Tight Sleeve, Mini-Lotus, Heavenly, Destroya and the Original.

This best cheap Fleshlight offer includes four ribbed textures, and two smoother sleeves – the super tight and the original.

Smooth, ribbed, beads, bumps, nubs, nodules and vortex variations appear in the sleeves like the Mini Lotus and won’t disappoint, although a beaded inner column may titillate your column more.

With twelve tantalizing performances to choose from, you pick your top three best cheap Fleshlight models.

6 sleeves to choose from in the latest fleshlight deal 2020


Discreet packaging is given with Fleshlight and while finely boxed they won’t come with a case so you will need to use your existing one, purchase one or simply do without and store in a big long sock!


Both butt & vaginal entry points
6 chambers of choice: ridged, bumpy, grinding, winding, smooth, tight or ultra-tight
Suitable for beginners & pro’s
Bargain price


No exterior casing included in the offer – try building a Fleshlight case or you can buy some cheap Fleshlight casing.





9. Cheapest porn star model

Riley Reid Quickshot


Total length: 4.4″
Insertion length: 3.5″
Orifice: Front & rear

Riley Reid Quickshot front and back orifice


Coming in through the “Utopia” end or the lady orifice with the rear end cap still on, depending on the length of your manhood, this is an option which provides added suction.

This can be replicated from the tighter rear end orifice, delivering a popping sensation when you enter and then massage and bury your head in a forest of fleshy lubed nodules.

With both caps off, the sound amplifies, whether intentionally or not, resembling that of a professional fellatio.

Quickshot Riley Reid front and back sideview inside chamber

Sensation & performance

Not too tight coming in through the vagina, the initial entry point is filled with oblong shaped pinkies, that push up on the underside of the head, massaging the frenulum, creating a pulsating sensation.

The second half of the chamber, heading towards the rear through the compact utopian texture, reveals two separate butt departments, each with a small corridor which grip your mushroom tip as you propel yourself out for air.

In reverse, you encounter a tighter entry, moving into the butt section and then onto the wobbly ribs and nubs which users argue to be their preferred route.

Each of these orifices precede a valve type texture before you indulge yourself into their clear patented sleeve. Whichever port of entry you choose, the Riley Reid Quickshot offers up a tight, palpitating ride.


All Quickshot models as of now only come in clear or gold casing with removable caps at either end.

Being translucent they’re worth storing somewhere discreet.


Double textured
A tight popping butt
Provides for a throbbing ride
Forest full of bulbous shapes pressure & pulsate the head
Ideal for a road trip
Cleaning up a breeze


Clear casing may garner the odd look if stored in plain view





10. Girthiest cheap Fleshlight

Fleshskin Blue Ice Grip with Case


Total length: 8.75″
Insertion length: 5.35″
Orifice: Non-anatomical


Fleshlight Fleshskin Blue Ice Grip device without case

Guys with a stocky fella or those practicing penis girth exercises will suit the Fleshskin Blue Ice.


Unlike a traditional Fleshlight which resides in a case, this is a moulded non-anatomical sleeve with a grip which is then stored in a case.

With an extra 2 inches on the Vantage and open at both ends, the Fleshskin Grip is perfect for giving a partner a hand or for solo journey’s with the ability now to control tightness and intensity through twisting a cap. Fleshskin fleshlight on a dummy member

Sensation & performance

A simple to use device, simply warm it up by removing it from its stand and running warm water through it for a few minutes to your preferred moist temperature.

*Never boil or microwave!

Next, reinsert the gripped-sleeve into the Flashlight style case where you can alter the tightness of the cap that sits on the side, which controls the Fleshskins suction.

You then douse as little or as generous an amount of your lubricant onto your pocket-pussy’s front or back orifice and then insert.

The internal texture is ribbed in the middle with large fingertip-like pebbles at the insertion end and smaller ones at the rear.

And hey presto!

The Fleshskin Blue Ice delivers a deeply satisfying ride of grinding-slash-winding sensations.

Like the motions of Vantage, you do however get more length (1.8″) and pliability for your buck.

Fleshlights Fleshskin’s Blue Ice with Case is the first “sleeve-only” Fleshlight and is quicker drying than the standard Fleshlight case and is also the cheapest genuine Fleshlight model listed here.


Comes in a transparent pin-pricked case; deceiving on the eye and only mildly noticeable.


Patented Real-Feel Super-Skin
Easy finger-grip action for different sized digits
New Drying Rod built into Air-Dry Case
Silky see-thru
Slippery glide action!


Not very disguised






In short, here’s a quick breakdown of the top 10 best cheap fleshlights on merit.

Most popular: Fleshlights best selling cheapest model – Quickshot Vantage
Tightest suction: The ultimate for grip & suction – Fleshlight Commander
Longest: Those equipped with extra perpendicular capacity (8.5″) – Classic Pink Lady
Girthiest: For a well-endowed circumference – Fleshskin Blue Ice Grip
Best BJ experience: Grips the shaft like the larynx – Flight Aviator
Most intense: Provides the most euphoric & intoxicating ride – Riley Reid Quickshot
Real-life vaginal texture: Feels the most human-like – Classic Pink Lady
Overall premium quality: Both beginners & experienced users seeking a genuinely thrilling ride – Flight Pilot/Riley Reid Quickshot

Of course each FLyers experience will differ.

First off, if you’re looking for an even cheaper stroker of less quality, try one of these  cheap pocket pussies under twenty bucks.

In contrast, if cost isn’t an issue then these 20 secret Fleshlight textures worth their weight in gold might interest you.

It goes without saying though, that if you’re going to use a 0ne of these quality cheap Fleshlight models, you’ll want to be invited in, so a recommended fleshlight lube is essential.

You could always try making a homemade water based lube to save cost, but steer clear of household oil based lubes as Fleshlights are made of a silicon super-skin, and that includes saliva and silicon lubes.

Plus, maintaining upkeep of your male pleasure toy is a given, hence cleaning your fleshlight properly afterwards will allow it to last years, along with drying your pocket pussy effectively.

And finally, don’t forget to warm your super skin up (let it sit in no hotter than 46C water for 10 to 15 minutes) as well as your lube (try the microwave) for a super fleshy feel!

The Fleshlight, in its essence is an artificial vulva that you use as a masturbatory device that is available in the choice of 4 orifices – front, rear, mouth or non-anatomical.

Bespoke to your preference, rings of beads may move up and down your shaft or a tight vortex chamber will apply a pressured grip around the nub of your member as you force yourself into a compressed warm tight butthole.

Such pleasures should not be restricted to the few, which is why men’s pleasures have complied a list of arguably the best cheap fleshlights on offer below, that will blow your bloody balls off!