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The Handy BJ Machine review: World’s Fastest Auto-Stroker! [Updated]


It’s worth updating this Handy review, as more light can now be shed on one of the best automatic blowjob machines known to man.

Bit of an overstatement perhaps, but like the Keon and the Fleshlight Universal Launch, it has its unique pros, as well as a couple of unavoidable cons.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing one of these machines, it’s a case of getting to the nitty gritty and figuring out which features best suit you.

The Handy is most famous for its velocity, turning a gentle massage into a jackhammering frenzy in less time it takes you to spell Mississippi.

It will squeeze in ten strokes a second at full whack even on max stroke lengths, that’s six more than the second fastest BJ machine, the Fleshlight Universal Launch.

However, the Handy is fantastic on three fronts.

Its speed as mentioned is brilliant, and you also have complete control over stroke length and zone, so you are not restricted to three main positions on your shaft.

Thirdly, it provides reliably accurate interactive interpretations, pairing soundly with funscripts, interactive web content and a few of the best VR porn sites.

Its main drawbacks however are that it firstly has to run from the mains. Its sizable brushless motor leaves no room for a battery, which would inevitably impair its thrusting power and ergonomics.

It’s also tricky to stand handsfree, but there are a number of workarounds should this be a sticking point.

Finally, the standard strap is not designed for full sized Fleshlights, but the Handy have addressed this with their pro grip, which will hold them.


The Handy BJ Machine review

On Speed, syncing & stroke length


Max stroke length: 4.3″
Insertable length: 5-5.5″ inhouse/your stroker
Max girth: 0.8″ diameter/your stroker
Max strokes per min: 600
Comes with sleeve/toy: 6 Handy sleeves
Battery run time: no battery
Runs on mains: yes
Grip/feel: stroker dependant
PDF instruction manual: yes


The Handy delivers a world beating 10 strokes per second.


How does the Handy work?

This short video by Handy gives you a little insight into what this machine can do.

It’s mounted in the Handy cup mount, which is screwed into a camera stand for handsfree action.


Regarding its control panel, it’s fairly straightforward.

You have two main settings that you should configure in the HandyFeeling :

  • Stroke speed – Increase and decrease the speed using the Handy’s web app control. Between 0-20% you get roughly half a stroke a second and you progress on upwards.
  • Stroke length – If your stroke length appears too short upon arrival, you can reset it through the HandFeeling website, although best to begin here from the get-go. Max stroke length is roughly 4.3 inches on any chosen area.



However, when it comes to defining your desired stroking methods, whether through scripts, syncing videos or creating bespoke patterns, things get a little more technical.

You can set up the following features using the Handy’s guides on their website.

Video syncing:

  • Syncing local vids with ScriptPlayer
  • Syncing local vids with HandyFeeling

Interactive video Database:

  • Interactive video Database in-browser video playback
  • Interactive video Database IVDB local video sync

Handy and VR syncing includes:

  • Local VR video
  • Syncing with CzechVR – 354 VR synced Handy videos
  • Syncing with SexLikeReal – 1335 scripts


Why buy the Handy?

People who buy the Handy generally do so because:

a) Cost: it’s fractionally cheaper than its competitors.
b) Speed: it goes at the fastest rate of knots – 10 strokes per second.
c) Distance: like others to operate it by remote control.
d) Interact: want a toy that can sync with 2D cam girls & interactive videos  + VR worlds.
e) Expect the unexpected: like using machines with random modes.


Handy pleasuring away with the Fleshlight Fleshskin from u/aquinnuvm


What’s the Handy’s texture like?

Some suggest the Handy’s inbuilt sleeve is a bit on the abrasive side.

On first take, the sleeve looks slightly finer in circumference than a regular Fleshlight model and you wouldn’t be mistaken.

It may be quite aggressive for a wider man’s taste and as such, your experience using its key feature – its speed, may be impaired.

That said, many regular sized Joes of 5-6″ erect length and 4-4.5″ girth, concur that it feels ok, better on deeper strokes.

The inner patterns are fashioned to recreate the a pleasure sensation of entering a tight mouth or vagina.

The strap surrounding the sleeve can be adjusted, which will affect how tight it grips your shaft, which is handy for adapting quickly to your requirements.

The Handy comes with the Classic TrueGrip Original sleeve, which to be fair is pretty slim and chalk and cheese on performance levels to a regular Fleshlight.

But it’s not bad and you can always opt for a different sleeve by selecting a different Handy package for $20 more.

If you do go for an upgrade, then you have 6 choices of sleeves to select.

  • Touch – open ended handjob sleeve.
  • Lips – deep BJ experience.
  • Lotus – a softer, gentle vaginal feel.
  • Coral – a nub tingling sleeve to titillate your crown more.
  • Pearl – irregularly placed patterns deliver different strokes on each turn
  • TrueGrip Gen2 – an improvement on the original
fruit and Handy trueGripTM sleeve
The Handy Classic TrueGripTM sleeve: 5-5.5″ length, 0.8″ diameter.





The Handy with Fleshlights

Don’t let people tell you that the Handy is just restricted to just one sleeve.

It’s true the Handy uses its own inhouse love tunnels, but some Fleshlights slot straight in like the entire Quickshot range, plus the Pilot, Aviator and Go Torque Ice, which goes like the clappers at full pelt.

FLyers with creative flair have attached their regular 9 inch plus Fleshlight model to the Handy, using  a variety of methods, a 3D printed holder being quite popular, however the Handy’s Pro Grip at an extra $20 does the job nicely.

It’s important to note that running a 9″ Fleshlight case at top speed in the Handy should be attempted with care, so as to avoid any injury.

If you own one of the following Fleshlights below then you’re in luck, or alternatively some of these best cheap Fleshlights will work a treat.

  • Fleshlight Pilot/Aviator/Go Torque/Classic Pink Lady: may require a more robust strap to grip the tapered Pilot case.
  • Quickshot models: can be used with Fleshlight shower mount to act as a top cap.
  • Fleshlight Quickshot STU: slots in well.

More on this: The Handy with Fleshlights

The Handy using a Quickshot1
Courtesy of u/danielvj on reddit.


What other sleeves work with the Handy?

In short, anecdotal reports state the following sleeves also work with the Handy.

  • Doc Johnson Stroker (no case)
  • FeelStar range
  • Some Tenga products


7 Tips for using the Handy

  1. Update firmware: Upon receiving your Handy update it to the latest version to reap the most benefits, such as improved stroke positions, different random modes etc.
  2. Connection key: Change your “connection key” to something you can recall so you can share it and remember it easily.
  3. WIFI details: Have your  WIFI settings close to hand. You’ll need to set-up a custom hotspot with a specific SSID (WIFI network name) plus its password from time to time.
  4. Remove trapped air: There may be air trapped in the tip of the Handy sleeve which will prohibit you from going all-in. Make sure you squeeze the air out of the tip of the sleeve so you can insert fully.
  5. Use a dildo harness for Fleshlights: Here’s a reddit method to improve the straps so it will take hold of a mightier Fleshlight. Bear in mind that its top speed is curtailed slightly if you strap in a heavier stroker.
  6. Alternate stroke length during syncing: You can use the UP and DOWN buttons to change the stroke length of your synchronized erotica while continuing to follow the movements in the script file.
  7. Using the Handy handsfree: There has been long debate about how best to use the Handy handsfree as the company has yet to fully answer its users requests, but they have come up with the Handy Hands-free Cup for $35 that uses a similar clamping technique to the DIY method employed below.Alternatively, you have a 3D printed Handy belt mount which can be used lying down or stood up, plus you can also 3D print the Handy’s cup on thingiverse.

Related: How to make a Handy hands-free mount

A DIY Handy handsfree invention on reddit from u/Dazzling-Extension-3.



  Worlds fastest auto-stroker
  Control stroke length & stroke zones
  Strong, classy machine
  Comes with sleeve
  Feel what you see in 2D/VR/private porn
  Holds additional Fleshlights/Onaholes
  Let others remotely control it
  1yr warranty


  Full size Fleshlights may reduce speed
  Not waterproof
  Won’t sit handsfree, can buy from Handy or build Handy mount





The Handy BJ machine review by yours truly is compiled of many anecdotal reports which is where the treasure lies in most forums, although you do have to take some feedback with a pinch of salt.

The Handy has its clear pros and cons as outlined, but you should be fully up to speed now with what this unique automatic blowjob machine has to offer, which is practically all trimmings, except most importantly the handsfree option if you were to buy it as is.


Quickshot Handy double act mounted.
Quickshot Handy double act mounted from u/danielvj .