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Leten Thrusting Pro review – NEW Ultra-Fast BJ Machine!


During one of your horny shopping sprees, you may have come across the new Leten Thrusting Pro machine.

If you’re not exactly sure what it is yet, well, this tall 11″ structure is a high-speed masturbating machine that at max force dispatches 11 strokes a second.

On design, the Leten’s not dissimilar to the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch (QL), built to balance and operate horizontally, they both hold open-ended strokers and have a similar robust build quality.

On speed at 700 complete laps a minute, that’s much faster than the QL, it puts it on par with The Handy, one of the best BJ machines on the market.

But is it as brawn as the mighty Keon as it’s almost the same price. I would argue not, because it won’t hold 3rd party 9″ Fleshlights or thrust a full size sleeve in a case up and down your fella, but the Keon’s slower at 240 strokes a minute.

However both are interactive which the Leten isn’t.

The Leten Thrusting Pro does though come with two Quickshot-shaped TPE sleeves, which the Quickshot Launch doesn’t (let alone one), that busts a gut up at down your column, covering nearly 5 inches on max-stroke length, like the Handy.

You can even strap in your favourite Quickshot, onahole or medium sized Fleshlight that isn’t more than 3.5″ in diameter.

Formula 1 ergonomic steering helps too. It allows for hands-free workouts and operating the Leten lying down.

So it really depends on your requirements.

If it’s speed, hands-free use, medium sized strokers and a modest battery life that appeals to you, then the Leten Thrusting Pro ticks these boxes.

If you prefer sticking a full size 9″ Fleshlight or Feelstar into a machine however, then the Fleshlight Launch or the Keon would be more up your alley; although both are not as fast.

The Handy will manage 8″ Fleshlights at similar speeds to the Leten, like the Go Torque Ice or the Pilot, plus it’s interactive, but it won’t rest hands-free (unless you build a mount).


Leten Thrusting Pro review


Best for: Speed & stroke length.

Max strokes per min: 700
Stroke length: 0.78–4.72″
Insertable length: 4.5″/your stroker
Girth: 5.94″/your stroker
Comes with sleeve: yes
Battery life: 60mins
Recharge time: 3hrs
Runs from mains: no
Weight: 1.63kg



  700 strokes per min – 11 per sec
  Ultra precise positioning – using bespoke control settings
  Ergonomic race car controls – for hands-free & horizontal steering
  2 free sleeves – one open-ended one closed
 Type-C charger – charges faster than a micro usb port




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How does the Leten Thrust Pro work?

The Leten Thrust Pro runs on a piston. 

It will stroke you almost its entire length – 4.72″, which can be operated using the +|- buttons on the right handle bar.

Here you control the distance length and the different regions you’d like to target, i.e. glans, frenulum or entire mast.

You can narrow down the exact spot and save these coordinates for later.

Above these buttons are your frequencies, which combine speed, pattern and position, of which there are 72 variations to choose from.

On the left you have your speed settings with 10 gears, ascending from 200 to 700rpm.

Max speed is pretty aggressive, whereas somewhere mid-range may be more aggregable.

For something completely different, above the speed controls you have an audio button. Here the Leten Thrust exhales different female emotions from the device, such as teasing, passionate or wanting moans.

Finally, more suited to the close-ended stroker which accompanies the device, you can slot your phone into its phone mount at the top, like you can with both Fleshlight machines.

How practical this is though depends on your mission.


How do the sleeves feel?

The device comes with 2 TPE sleeves, so any homemade water based lube or Fleshlight lube is perfect, just no oily DIY lubes, your own oil, saliva or silicone type lubricants.

The first transparent clear sleeve will work for larger equipment as it’s open-ended. It’s designed on the inner workings of Japanese AV star Yui Hatano.

It’s layered with pleasure bulbs running around its circumference, ordered in ribbed fashion, so there’s an oral element to them.

The same chamber design goes for her blue model, although she’s closed at one end which creates a tighter feel.

Both 4.5″ in insertion depth, that’s half an inch below man’s mean erection length, so be sure to control your stroke lengths to avoid any slamming. 

Being TPE, they’re easy to wash and dry, just run the Leten sleeves under a warm tap with soapy water and air dry in a cool, dark, moist-free environment.

Additional Fleshlight cleaning and drying methods may help.

The machine is IPX5 waterproof, so you can get it wet but just don’t take it in the bath with you.

The shower though is fine.



  700 max strokes/min
  2 additional sleeves
  Fast Type-C charger
  Great stroke length
  Quieter than Leten Future Pro & Keon


 Not interactive
 Won’t run while plugged in
  Won’t hold full size Fleshlights



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