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NEW Leten Hatano Auto-Onahole – Oily Massages on Demand!


The much anticipated Leten Hatano automatic masturbator is finally out.. (and, correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s almost identical to the Zolo Power Blow machine, except it’s less than half the price and one kilogram lighter with its new shell and different sleeve).

Marrying a full size Fleshlight case design with the industry’s new airbag type suction technology, this 10″ tall auto-stroker features a 5.1″ replica insertion chamber of Yui Hatano – the adult film star whose accommodating 5″ girth, will service you with 50 minute oil massages, or even longer ones if you run her from the mains.

Light too at 0.8kg, this makes her a fantastic travel buddy.

She’s a happy ending on wheels!

You can mount her for some hands-free pleasure, as a number of homemade Fleshlight mounts or DIY onahole holders should do the trick.

Or if you want to put Yui into one of the best BJ machines, (she’s too big for The Handy and most likely the Keon) she’ll slot in the Fleshlight Launch no problem, and whiz up and down your fella at 4 complete strokes a second while squeezing, sucking and pulsating on your schlong.

She has options.

Material wise, she’s a blend of TPE and silicone so she’s very stretchy, super supple and loves the lube.

She does come with a free lube but you’ll want to get juicy, so a DIY watery lube or your own H20 brand for prolonging matters will be perfect.


Leten Hatano Auto-Onahole

Weight: 0.8kg
Insertion length/girth:
5.1″/5.0″ flexible
Airbag pressure patterns: 10
Vibration frequencies: 10
Battery life/charge time: 50/150 min
Use charging: yes
Volume: <60db
Material: TPE/ABS case



  Press 2’s for MAX intensity (vibe + suction peak)
  10 Squeezing & sucking motions
  2 Airbags billow your shaft
  Hard case (ABS plastic)
  Earbud/inbuilt speaker (synchronised moaning)
  1:1 labia & chamber




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Operating Leten Hatano auto-onahole

Essentially, the Leten Hatano auto-machine delivers a 360 degree penis massage, with 10 different suction and vibration patterns, delivered through new airbag pleasure technology and a head vibrator.

Controls are located on the outside. 

You have:

  • Power button (press 2 secs for turbo)
  • Volume (for Yui’s orgasms)
  • Top airbag pressure button (frenulum)
  • Bottom airbag pressure button (shaft)
  • Big round button for short/long shakes
  • Speaker on base

She’ll clamp, suck and vibrate you earnestly and her power’s are on par with the Powerblow, a suction machine you screw on the top of a Fleshlight or Kiiroo star, for improving its oral suction – like the Boost..


How does Leten’s auto-Yui feel?

Kanojotoys Kanzen Meiki Yui Hatano sleeve

Yui Hatano released a manual version of her pleasure trove on Kanojotoys a while back in Japan, but the Kanzen Meiki Yui Hatano onahole is not cased and won’t pulsate on her own.

However they are both a “perfect clone” of Yui, on a 1:1 scale.

How does she feel?

Well her labia immediately stimulates you on entry. It appears quite wide on the outside but her snug bobble laden den, will clench and grip you more tightly as you proceed.

Pulsating pillows then billow against your head and shaft in rhythmic patterns – through your choice of course, while firm pummelling vibes pound your crown, as per your vibration settings.

There are very few auto-massaging Fleshlights, and this is one of them.

You must obviously lubricate Yui for an authentic oil massage.

You could even dip your balls in a juicy scrotum massager and really nail those erogenous zones.


Cleaning the Leten Yui sleeve

Cleaning the Leten Yui is much like cleaning a Fleshlight.

A similar super-skinned sleeve that takes to water based lubes. Do not use oily DIY potions, silicone lubes or saliva on this bad boy.

Simply unscrew the top, whip out the sleeve and remove the bullet vibrator which pounds the head.

Run it under some warm water for a thorough amount of time, getting right in the sleeve and its texture, using a mild hand soap or some washing up liquid.

You’ll want to hang it to dry too, well, not on the clothes line but in an airy, non-humid spot, free from prying eyes of course.



  10 Vacuum type sucking waves (not typical seal & pulse)
  2 airbags increase/decrease pressure-grip
 1 bullet vibrator pounds crown (10 patterns)
 Stylish ergonomic design
 C type charger (normal cell phone)
  Hard case light for size


  5.1″ insertion too short for some  
  Takes bit of time to clean
  Not shower/bath-proof




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