How to Make a Fleshlight Mount: 5 Methods + Extras

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DIY Fleshlight Mount Ideas

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How to Make a Fleshlight Mount – 5 DIY Methods + Additional Ideas + Readymade Mounts 

The thing about fleshlights, whether manual or automatic, is that at the end of the day it’s nice not to have to hold on to them all the time – hence the need to figure out how to make a fleshlight mount.

Shoes have been the obvious go-to for an immediate mount of sorts, using the tongue and laces of your sneaker to grip the device in place, but this semi-effective method still requires the shoe to remain still which then requires further DIY skills or the use of a hand.

A mattress and a bed base is another popular option but obviously limited in its scope. A yoga mat or a sleeping bag provide a transportable alternative. Then there’s the belt tied around two pillows with a comforter on top, but not the firmest of methods.

Anyhow, those looking to make a hands free fleshlight mount, can begin with this first brilliant solution devised by Kummwithm3 on xhamster (which has since been removed), and that’s to take a camera tripod and merge it with the open ended Quickshot Vantage. Here’s how he did it.


Method 1: A Camera Tripod Mount


Securing a fleshlight casing to a bolt threaded through a camera mount plate
Image original source – Badwolf


What you’ll need:

– An open-ended or similar sized flesh toy to the Vantage, the larger ones might balance funny.
– A tripod stand, can be picked up second hand and cheap on amazon for $15 or so.

How to construct a DIY Fleshlight stand using a camera tripod mount

Step 1: Remove the casing and the end caps off and be careful not to let that cyberskin let any impurities touch it.

Step 2: With the casing – in this case of the Quickshot Vantage, you’re going to want to drill a hole in the side.

Yikes! you say. Well, it will still function manually, and make that whole 1/4 of an inch which should be the same diameter as the bolt of the tripod plate. Check obviously first off.

Step 3: Using a nut, secure the casing onto the removeable tripod mount plate like so.


Tumblr image of fleshlight casing bolted to camera tripod mount plate


Step 4: Place the fleshy cyberskin back in the casing and you’re good to go.

The advantage of a tripod stand in this case is it’s versatility of angles and height it can reach, and stand banging is a great work out for your glutes and core

The tripod might topple over, keeping it stable will require some extra ingenuity, try planting the legs in soil outside. Perhaps in front of a tree so you can lean forward against the trunk.

For indoors use on say carpet, this will require further creativity on your part so as to keep the legs in place. Having the stand bolted to the floor is one extreme but effective method.


Method 2: A Wooden Fleshlight Mount


Wooden homemade fleshlight used to house the launch

What you’ll need:

– A piece of wooden board longer that your prostate toy.
– Some offcuts that will be used to wedge the device in place.
– Ideally, the original packing that came with your Fleshlight.
– Some screws, wood glue, Stanley knife, wooden saw, screwdriver and a ruler.

How to build a fleshlight mount from wood

Step 1: Create a lip with 2 pieces wood. Make sure the piece of wood that your device will lay on is as wide as it is long and screw a shorter piece on the end at a right angle, this will sit firmly up against whatever raised surface you choose.

Step 2: Create a second lip which will stand vertically at the other end and provide a back stop for your fleshlight.

Step 3: Make a cradle using the polystyrene that came in the box or alternatively, find some small blocks if you can – often mechanical goods arrive with padded polystyrene corners.

If the latter, use your Stanley knife to carve out a mould that will allow the circumference of your device to sit comfortably.

But better still if you have the polystyrene from the packaging, using the wood glue, apply it to the flat base so your toy sits perpendicular to the wooden base.

Step 4: You’ll want a final piece or two of polystyrene depending on how secure you’d like your fleshlight toy to sit, and these will sit on top of the device.

Ideally, your toy will slot into a piece of polystyrene at the end which is glued to the wood or you can always use removeable cable ties to lock it in around the wooden base.

Anyhow – it will look something like the image above. This second design is the creation of


Method 3: A Drawstring Bag


Fleshlight wrapped tight in pillows

What you’ll need:

This is super easy and doesn’t require any carpentry skills.

– All you need is a drawstring bag with the sheet set that comes with it, plus also some spare t-shirts or a contoured pillow.

How to make a handsfree fleshlight mount using a drawstring bag

Step 1: Have the sheet neatly folded inside the bag as it’s designed to slot in and simply place your onahole, fleshlight or mechanical sucking device in the center and draw the opening of the drawstring bag to a close to tighten it all up.

If there’s too much space inside still, try placing a contoured within the central section, this in turn will help form a cylindrical mould.

This idea was extracted from reddit and in the drawstring bag fleshlight mount on the right, @Mike_in_CO has used t-shirts instead of a contoured pillow.


Method 4 – High density foam mattress for placing under sleeping bags


High density foam mattress that can be used as a fleshlight stand


What you’ll need:

– A high density foam mattress used for supporting a sleeping bag – one that rolls up, preferably the thicker the better.


How to create a handsfree fleshlight mount using a rolled up camping mattress.

Step 1: Buy or use your already purchased sleeping bag support mattress, roll it up into a jelly roll and place a pillow case over one end to prevent it from unwinding. There may be some slack, but avoid wrapping a belt or some rope around it. Reduce the slack by tying up the pillow excess.

Step 2: Place another pillow case halfway over the other end of the rolled up mattress and then tuck the remaining pillow case in the centre hole.

Step 3: Tuck your choice of pleasure sleeve, case or no case in to the hole in the centre where the half a pillow case has been inserted.

Satin pillow cases or even better – silk ones, will compliment the experience and this homemade mount design will also hold your onahole.

Designed to be used laid down, it’s not strictly hands free but beats the old mattress slash bed base sandwich manoeuvre. If you place one hand in the middle while over the top, this will angle the opening up towards you.


Method 5 – Using a Suction Cup


Suction cup DIY fleshlight mount idea.
Posted by u/thr33sums

What you’ll need:

– A suction cup sourced from your hardware store, usually found in the floor department, or for industrial suction, window suction cup holders for carrying glass will more than take the pounding.
– Some removeable cable ties.


How to make a hands-free mount for a Fleshlight using a Suction Cup

Step 1: Pop down your local depot store and pick up a suction cup holder, often used for carrying glass or floor tiles.

Step 2: Drill 4 holes into the suction cup which will be used to secure your fleshlight toy with removeable cable ties.

Step 3: Strap in your toy in a case and place your suction cup on any hard surface and lock in.

Not too dissimilar to the fleshlight shower mounts, you’re coming in vertically not horizontally when glued to the wall, but this design will handle huge thrusts.


6 Additional DIY fleshlight mount ideas


1. Here’s a fleshlight mount one guy made using a homemade wooden box used to discreetly place his Launch, with an opening on one side. Hardly a subtle piece of apparatus but apparently effective.

Custom Fleshlight Launch Mount


2. Try a rolled up sleeping bag with a belt, straps or towels wrapped around it.

Rolled up sleeping bag which belt or towels wrapped around it


3. Here’s a brilliant invention for hands free fleshlight use, based on the engineering design of a cannon.

DIY fleshlight mount cannon design


In short wood, star knobs, a hasp and some screws are needed along with a strip of bicycle tube to grip the users Flight in place.

4. Bubble wrap positioned and fashioned in a particular way will hold a male pleasure toy.

Bubble wrap fleshlight mount idea
User of this post no longer at reddit.


5. Here’s a different design using some straps and polystyrene but it’s not strictly hands free unless you can attach it to something which doesn’t require you pushing down on it as you pummel away.

DIY Hands free fleshlight mount using straps and polystyrene
By u/sextoymount.


6. You could also create your own orgy of humping buddies using Styrofoam to mount your fleshlight models.

Create an orgy of fleshlight mounts using styrofoam
A creation by u/tanjo143


Alternative readymade fleshlight mounts & ideas

In addition to these homemade DIY Fleshlight mounts, if money isn’t too much of an issue then you can always purchase one.

Liberator: Top Dog

Liberator Top Dog fleshlight mount

Top Dog at Liberator


Coming in many different shapes and sizes, you first have the Liberator: Top Dog, designed so you brace it doggy style, where you can work on your stamina training techniques using both hands or kneeling or squatting hands free.


Liberator: On a Mission

Fleshlight Liberator On a Mission mount

On a Mission at Liberator


A collaborative effort by Liberator and Fleshlight, they’ve also come up with the Liberator: On a Mission, a missionary hands free Fleshlight mount.

Available on Amazon, for something that only delivers one position though, it’s pretty steep and storage might be an issue.


Fleshlight Shower Mount

Fleshlight Shower Mount

Shower Mount at Fleshlight


Much cheaper than their cooperative efforts above, Fleshlight do their own model – the Fleshlight shower mount, for roughly $25, where it has an adjustable mount, similar to the homemade camera tripod mount, but in this case it has a suction base, so your shower wall is an obvious spot but getting creative is the fun part.


Fleshlight Mount Launchpad

Fleshlight mount launchpad

Mount Launchpad on Amazon


You also have the Launchpad where you can slip your iPad in and then slot your pleasure toy. It’s designed to be used hands free however some assistance on your part to stabilize it will be required.


Pinkcherry Suction Cup

Pinkcherry Main Squeeze Suction Cup Accessory Mount

Pinkcherry also do a suction cup accessory. Being able to go hands free adds another level of pleasure and their Main Squeeze Suction Cup Accessory attaches to almost any smooth surface.


Get an Inflatable Boxing Pillow

Socker Boppers to act as a fleshlight mount

These Socker Boppers on Amazon look the perfect fit. Would be inappropriate of course to leave such a review but they are built perfectly to allow your fleshlight toy to slot straight in. Only $10 to $15.


Buy a life-size Hip

Meiki Plush Hip acts as a hands free fleshlight mount
The Meiki Plush Hip

Liberator mounts are ok but they only offer limited variation for positioning and are a bit cumbersome.

Fleshlight should really expand their mount collection and work on prosthetic hips for versatility.

Life-size hips which are affordable on Amazon provide flexibility and variation in sexual positioning and will hold most of the best male masturbators including most of the fleshlight range.

The Meiki Plush Hip is designed to hold most male pleasure sleeves in their case. Their first model was extremely popular but had some issues, not being firm enough was the main complaint.

Then, after much clamour from users to bring it back they improved its weight and feel and it now stands as one of the best hands free fleshlight mounts – sturdier than an inflatable silicone hip mount plus you can revitalize some of your old onaholes!


Use a 3D printer to create a Stroker Holder slash Sexercise Doll


Stroker Holder v1 (3D-Printable Sexercise Doll)


For this you’ll need a large format 3D printer or you can get it printed out at Shapeways. It will obviously cost somewhat more than if you had your own 3D printer. 

Should you choose to  proceed with printing out a love buddy at Shapeways, use this code and you will get 15% off your first printout there – XT5BDA.

You can download the design from this page and read its full spec. There are some other models there at by different designers. The future of 3D sex dolls looks exciting.

Essentially, this particular model features a rigid body design that will house your stroker of choice and offers some of the following advantages:

  • Promotes pelvic exercise & rigid banging
  • Allows partial dress-up
  • Customizable perimeter wall  & infills increase durability
  • Choice of colour
  • Only 0.8kg 


Kiiroo Keon neck strap

Kiiroo have released a neck strap for the Keon.

An affordable and easy to use hands free fleshlight mount, the neck strap works with the Keon automatic masturbator and is pretty straight forward. It sits in a support with a harness worn around the neck and you’re free to wander.

10% Off Keon Neck Strap at Kiiroo

New Keon neck strap by Kiiroo




From mounts to hips to torso’s to the complete shebang, it’s easy to see how you can begin with the mattress and progress on through to a life size sex doll.

Whatever your choice of mount, using a fleshlight hands free is undoubtedly the best way to experience these pleasure toys, especially when they’re powered by a machine!