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Kiiroo Keon & Feel Stroker review – This year’s best BJ-Stroker?

By Robin C Mac


Arguably one of the best auto-blowjob machines on the market, the Kiiroo Keon Feel Stroker combo has made a name for itself.

However, dialling back the clock briefly, the Kiiroo Keon and Feel Stroker in its original inception used to be a monster.

Measuring in at almost 13 inches, this is how one of the very first automatic male masturbating machines looked.

The Launch - Kiiroo and Fleshlight collaboration

Called the Fleshlight Launch, this device was a collaborative effort between Fleshlight and Kiiroo and boy was it a hit.

So much so, that when both companies parted ways, there was a gaping whole left in machine based masturbation technology.

Not to mention the many disgruntled men who’d read the reviews and wanted to get their hands on one – regardless of its size.

Kiiroo then took matters into their own hands and first came up with the Kiiroo Onyx, then the Onyx+ and finally the Kiiroo Keon.

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The Kiiroo Keon is therefore an upgrade on a number of previous customer dissatisfactions that occurred with the Launch, Onyx and Onyx+.


Kiiroo Keon & Feel Stroker Upgrades



Highlights Update

Its standing size – sit hands free on slow to medium speeds

230 strokes a minutes – up to 10 cm per stroke

Doesn’t just go up & down – sleeve inflates and vibrates as it rotates

Side panel control buttons – Ergonomically much easier to control

100% bespoke – measurements adjusted under settings

Improved VR capabilities – sync seamlessly with VR porn sites 




Many Freemium sites like Stripchat, Chaturbate, Cherry TV, Myfreecams etc, and more so Premium sites such as IMLive and Jerkmate – basically the best free cam platforms, will hook up to the Keon.  

The latter offers more personal interaction as opposed to rooms full of hundreds, allowing the Keon to link effortlessly and sync well with your private VR strip club in your bedroom.

Seamless live & pre-recorded syncing – The FeelConnect app which accompanies this auto-stroker has made great strides, allowing a connection between distant relationships to flourish.

But as of 5th October 2022, the new FeelMe AI auto-interpret porn feature takes it to the next level, especially if you crave new material.

Obviously Pornhub, Xhamster, XVideos and such places can be wired up to this new interpretative technology so any thrusts, strokes, twerks or blowjobs will be mimicked by your Keon machine.

Holds almost all Fleshlight models – You can use your Feel stroker that accompanies the machine or you can use your own Fleshlight.

The Keon holds most Fleshlight models, even their few extra large models like the Classic Pink Lady, albeit they will jut out a bit.

You will save yourself at least $50 if you already have your own toy though.

If you don’t have one but are considering a getting manual as well as an automatic, for a decent Fleshlight under fifty bucks, you can try one of these best cheap fleashlights, which you can then place in the Keon or use on its own.

Modified for women – The Keon can be modified for women if you connect their dildo adapter, so you can share some of that love! (see below).


How to use the Keon Feel Stroker

You might not need to reach for the Keon instruction manual upon opening, although one is included, but the gist is to firstly lube the sleeve appropriately.

A homemade H20 lube or your own aquatic brand will be ideal. No silicone or oily DIY recipes here as although silicone is non-porous, oily lubes don’t fair well on silcone superskins. 

Quick tip, warm up both your sleeve and lube should you wish to seek a more realistic FLeshy experience. Drop your love tunnel in some lukewarm water and you can do the same with the lube or try the microwave.

This way you’ll glide straight in.

Have the FeelConnect 3.0 app downloaded and then connect to your chosen webcam girl on say Stripchat, or another freemium site that doesn’t require funds to watch nudity.

Inside the Feel Connect 3.0 app, you can connect to any other play toy or device your model may be using and both pleasure toys will send each other signals.

So say for example your online partner pushes her vibrator hard up inside her, your Keon Feel Stroker will replicate this movement so you experience the same force, speed and depth straight onto your member.

Everyone’s a winner!


How does the Keon Feel Stroker Feel?

Seductive sleeve – The Feel Stroker sleeve is the real deal with an advanced stimulating pattern labelled the Helix Power Texture.

It’s lined with a circumference of soft bulb shapes from base to crown, in a millipede fashion, leaving no area unpleasured.

Smooth, fluid movements – Shorter strokes can focus on the lower part of your shaft if you prefer, or centrally or higher for some frenzied frenulum delight.

Frenulum ecstasy – Your most sensitive part of your member (under your crown) gets extra special attention. 
When you push your head on through into that final sumptuous arena, your frenulum gets the attention it deserves.

Add your own sleeve – The Keon’s Feel Stroker can be replaced by most quality Fleshlights textures.

Only the extra large casings that exceed 3.3 inches may struggle to fit, but the best sellers like the Thrust and the new Boost Blow Fleshlight, will fit like a glove.

Feel Stoker sleeve that accompanies the Kiiroo Keon                                              


Should you hold the Keon or go hands-free?

You can choose between two hands, one hand or on a lower speed setting it will sit on its own but at full throttle, going hands free is definitely advisable.

Obviously at 8″+ tall, it’s gonna be trial and error to get this bad boy to remain in place hands-free, however help is at hand with either Keon’s own holding devices, or you can see here on how to create your own Keon mount.

Tip for positioning: a number of user’s find that using it with just one hand with a slight tilt grasps the shaft well without the need to hold the Keon.

A neck pillow is brilliant way to stand the Keon hands-free.


How long does the Keon Feel Stroker last?

1. At a mid level speeds and patterns a full charge will last roughly an hour and a half.

2. At max speed the Keon lasts just over 40 minutes.

3. It takes 4 hours to charge and can’t be charged while in use but this they argue is for safety reasons, plus there is a workaround if you don’t like being given a time limit.

4. At 2kg it’s a little heavy but with a strong motor comes quality parts, so the weight reflects the building standards of this automatic male masturbator.

5. It’s strong, hardy and secure, and even if you drop it by accident, it’s made to last.

Kiiroo Keon and Feel Stroker review


Is the Keon Feel Stroker worth the cost?

If you’re a quality trumps price guy, overall the Keon Feel Stroker is a luxury men’s pleasure toy and while it certainly isn’t cheap, it might be worth saving up for.

If you want to slot a 9″ plus Fleshlight into a machine then the Launch might be more up your alley as it can handle the mightier cases, or The Handy if you like it faster,  

But if you’ve been waiting for a quality automatic stroker that doesn’t look like a school science project, and will integrate with other peoples movements, toys and VR settings, the Keon is versatile in that regards. 


Keon’s key features

 Made in Holland of high-quality engineered materials
  Includes premium sleeve or purchase without (save $50)
  Slick ergonomic control panel or in the app
  Controlled by other toys & people
  Sync with VR porn & cam content
  Interpret “live” on screen webcam movements

Kiiroo keon with new FeelMe AI software


Benefits of Feelconnect & FeelMe AI

Pair & synchronize to other toys in app
Stop paying individual website costs to sync content
Feel whatever porn you watch using new FeelMe Ai
Synchronize across all devices with Feelconnect app
Experience new webcam pleasure outside of cam sites
Transform into “super-powerful synchronized dildo”

Aside from freemium or premium porn vids, it will link up with webcammers across the multitude of whitelisted webcam apps where nudity is allowed.

Here you either get to control his or her pleasure toy while the grinding or pummelling at their end is mirrored through your device, translating these movements back onto your automatic stroker.

Also, when a man hooks up the FeelMe AI extension you get tips on how to use it and reciprocally the other users also receives advice on what can be achieved at their end.



Go Hands-free for best experience

Going hands-free is the ultimate way to pleasure yourself with the Keon.

As discussed, you can always attempt to build your own Keon mount but if you want to save time and get the right equipment, below, you have the following Keon mounting creations available which aren’t too pricey.


1. Keon Table Clamp

Keon Table Clamp

Check out Keon Table Clamp

Choose your angle and clamp to any firm surface. Made from stainless steel and ABS it weighs half a kilo so it’s quite portable.

This mount is strictly made for the Keon as it locks in, so don’t purchase it with the intention of securing your own pocket pussy case to it unless you’re particularly skilled in this area.



2. Keon Multifunctional Pillow & Strap

Keon Multifunctional Pillow & Strap automatic male masturbator mount for the Keon and Onyx plus

Check out Keon Pillow & Strap

Similar to the Top Dog and On a Mission by Liberator, but half the price, Kiiroo have come up with their own automatic male masturbator mount called the Pillow and Strap.

Less restrictive than the Liberator mounts you get to choose the right angle and it can be used as a standalone sex pillow.

What you get in the box

  1. Vacuum sealed pillow.
  2. Velvet finished pillow cover.
  3. An elastic strap. 



3. Keon Neck Strap

Keon Feel Stroker neck mount

Check out Keon Neck Strap

Easily the most straight forward and affordable if having a wander, standing still or on all fours while you seek oral pleasure elsewhere, is the Keon neck strap.

Great for personal assistance or partnering up for pleasure, it makes sense to have assured support if on the move.



Additional Kiiroo Keon Feel Stroker Add-ons


Get a Virtual Reality Headset

Get a Virtual Reality Headset for the Keon Feel Stroker

Check out Keon VR Headset

The idea of Kiiroo’s revolutionary tech is to turn your smartphone or better still – tablet or PC into virtual reality view.

Constructed with high-quality ABS and 42mm diameter spherical resin lens material, it’s particularly useful at minimizing distorted graphics and for zooming in or out.

For people with myopia under 600 degrees it can really help, so you can ditch your glasses while enjoying any movie or game, sexual or not.

They adapt to most Android and Apple specs and are a pretty decent price at under $35.


Kiiroo Keon Feel Stroker Phone Holder

Kiiroo Keon phone holder

Check out Keon Phone Holder

Not so novel anymore but designed to stay still while your auto-bj machine shoots up and down, it can hold devices up to 10 cm in width so certain sized tablets will also fit.

It attaches itself with a strap that stays firmly in place – see vid below to see how it’s secured.

It’s constructed of injection moulded ABS, rubber and Velcro and is cheaper than most automatic male masturbatory phone holders at under 20 bucks.



What female devices connect to the Keon?


Keon Dildo Adapter

Keon Dildo Adapter for the Keon plus or Feel Stroker

Check out Keon Dildo Adapter

Why not share the love and turn the Keon Feel Stroker into a quid pro quo sex toy.

You can attach the Keon Dildo Adapter which transforms the automatic pleasure stroker into an automatic dildo pumper for an extra $40 – far cheaper than a quality automatic vibrator.

The dildo-adapter is compatible with all vacuum-lock system dildos so whichever pleasantry you may own, lock it in as explained in the instructional vid below and you’re good to flow!

The long short of it works as follows:

1. Unscrew the vacuum-lock system plug from the dildo attachment.
2. Screw the lock system into the whole on the other side.
3. Insert your dildo adapter into the Keon and lock in place.
4. Finally, attach any of your vacuum locked dildo”s over it and you’re free to ignite your machine!

Keon do provide their own dildo to fit over the top should you wish to stay in house – see below.


Vacuum-locked Dildo for the Kiiroo Keon

Vacuum-lock Dildo to fit onto the Keon Dildo adapter

Check out Keon Vacuum Lock

The Keon Lock-Dildo is designed to fit onto the Keon Dildo Adapter as explained above, but the two are sold separately.

However, this silicone dildo measuring in at 7.5″ in length and at full diameter at just under 2 inches can of course be used on its own manually.

It’s a vacuum-locked dildo as is required to slot onto the Keon and is quick and simple to attach and of course has multiple speeds and variations of patterns.

Not a bad anniversary present!






8 Tips for making the Kiiroo Keon feel better


1. Sync manually – Tbh I preferred manual mode when syncing with recorded twerking vids.

I found it easier to mimic the movements on screen through manual mode than trying to pair the content through the Feelconnect App.

Whether penetrating themselves, twerking or replicating other erotic movements, models often gyrate at quite a pace so you can also back-off if you want to slow down your session without prematurely ending the onscreen fun.

2. Good for edging – The power button doubles as a pause button without stopping the content in interactive mode. Saves you from climaxing too early while again saving you from shutting down your hot content.

3. See your member in action – With the Feelconnect app you can open video chatting so your partner can get-off on what’s happening.

However the Feel Stroker isn’t translucent so yourself or others won’t get full exposure of your member in action. For live viewing you can try their rare GLOW or the Torque from Fleshlights Ice.



4. Go hands-free & get a neck strap – Going hands-free with the Keon is one the way forward. On slower speeds you’ll be able to balance it in place when lying down but at 4 plus strokes a second, the neck strap is invaluable.

Alternatively you can try building a mount or for more tailored creations, 3D Keon mounts are starting to pop up at Yeggi too.

5. Extend runtime indefinitely – On full throttle (230 strokes a minute) the Keon will last maybe 45 minutes tops before the red flashing boner-killer lights appear.

One workable way around this is to modify your Keon and run it straight from the mains.

This has been discussed on reddit and you can watch this vid kindly created by a fellow user.

6. Open interactive content in the Feelconnect3.0 app – You’ll be using the Feelconnect app to watch interactive porn that runs scripts, so to sync the Keon and the content together.

Although, instead of downloading the content in the app, just open it in the app for a better connection.

7. Make it feel like a stranger’s stroking you –If you want the feeling of some random stranger pleasuring you, you can sync it up to a free script on Pornhub but mute the volume and close your eyes.

It definitely feels like it could be a random hand that’s just stepped in to help out.

Failing that just stick it on random mode.

8. Keon + Thrust = Ultimate pleasure – The Feel Stroker gets pretty solid reviews, but when the Keon is used with the Thrust, a little magic happens.





The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust (now in purple) pairs beautifully with the Kiiroo Keon.