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10 Male Edging Exercises to Pull you Back from the Brink


Edging is the art of drawing right up to the cliff edge of your orgasm and then backing off.

Knowing how close you are, only you can tell, but over time you’ll recognize your point of no return.

These 10 male edging exercises focus on treating your erogenous zones to a variety of dexterous finger pleasuring techniques, some of which may be new to you and work well when practised on oneself or others.

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Pulling you back from the brink not only prolongs your pleasure journey, but those sudden pauses in play will hit you with bursts of euphoria, getting greater the closer you venture to the edge.


10 Male Edging Exercises


1. Base squeeze



As you near your destination point, and you can’t bear the excitement any longer, pull over for a second by squeezing the base of your shaft with your thumb and forefinger, halting proceedings for a moment by creating a bottle neck for your sperm to bypass.

Agricultural but effective, it’s a certain way to delay an orgasm, even during regular sex.



2. Feather touch


2 _Feather_touch_edge (1)Like playing the piano ever so lightly, you apply very soft touches to around your frenulum, the stringy, wonderfully sensitive underside part of your crown, and the glans itself, aka the head.

Using your finger tips you can stroke and tease these areas, even dropping down to your family jewels, gently touching and tickling your testis.

Try these light finger taps with your weaker hand. Lights out and carried out by a stranger amplifies the edging.


3. Double palm rub


With both palms mildly lubricated, interlock your fingers and come down on your glans.

Try moving your clasped hands in a circular motion, or switch to rocking back and forth as you stimulate the less sensitive nerve endings, giving you more control over potential seismic happenings.

Eyes closed, you can squeeze and release the pressure according to your state of desire.


4. Testicle oil massage


The testicles contain roughly 6000 nerve endings, almost the identical number to a ladies labia, which is why one brave sex toy manufacturer believes there’s a future here, see The Balldo, but it’s understandable why it perhaps isn’t catching on in the droves.

Making love with your nuts raises immediate eyebrows, but these nerve endings are present and shouldn’t be ignored, so like handling a hot boiled egg, with your testacles nicely oiled, stroke the underside of your two veg ever so softly.

More of a tickle like the feather touch approach, you can also grasp your ball sacks tenderly, gently pulling in regular motions.

You can explore your pubic contours further by progressing nearer your prostate and around your derriere.


5. Tape & roll

5_Twist__turn_edge (1)

Similar to a lingam massage, when caressing up and down on your man column gets too much, introduce the taping and rolling massage technique.

Going from route one to venturing off down the side streets isn’t to everyone’s taste, but there are paths here that provide new pleasures that are less robust, but welcome all the same, and these twists and turns are great way to retreat back from the edge.

There’s no stock method here, just go with what flows, or doesn’t in this case.


6. Double hander


Unlike the adjoined palm rub, the two hand technique or the double hander requires using one hand on your shaft and the other the dome.

If you play the drums or are musically minded you’ll be able to keep up two different rhythms at once.

Often your stronger hand will work the tip better, and switching across to this method just before climaxing is a fairly reliable edging manoeuvre.


7. Perineum pressure

Perineum_pressure edging

The Perineum, located mid range between your scrotum and your anus plays an important role in cumming.

If you press down on your perineum, mid flight, using your fingers or your palm, this will help delay the boys on their journey.

Pressuring the perineum also heightens sensations, so it’s like someone pulling you back from falling over a steep drop, you immediately take a massive gasp, before coming back down to earth.


8. Up & down fingers


Instead of thrusting your bad boy with a passion, or kneading your lubed frenulum with your thumb, middle and forefinger as many guys prefer, try releasing your grasp and run all 10 digits up and down your monument, menacingly at pace.

Edging this way delivers new pleasure patterns, it enhances the cum-down, but not enough to tip you over the brim.


9. Traverse erogenous zones


Men have more erogenous zones than they think.

In short they have the lips, neck, nipples, perineum, penis, testis, tongue, prostate, belly button, behind the ears and not forgetting the inner thighs, and the toes of course, the list goes on.

You can turn to any one of these erogenous areas to dial it down a bit, while still arousing yourself on a lower setting.

Touching, kissing, stroking the inner thigh is a wonderful way to stop you cumming too fast.

As you approach the final furlong, have your nipples pre-lubed, withdraw your attention from your member and turn your gaze to your moobs.

You can try some perineum pressing and nipple caressing in combo to give your old boy a rest, while steadily heightening your impending climax.


10. Lean penis forward


Similar to riding cowgirl, a great but challenging position, should you be closer to the finish than you’d anticipated, pushing your fella forward will help stem the flow, although go easy if your rigidly erect.

As you lean old Billy boy forward, you can apply pressure just under the frenulum with your thumb and fore finger to assist in slowing the love train down.

All aboard!


10 Tips for male edging exercises

1. Breath: Try some deep breathing exercises to relax your body and mind.

2. Variety: Experiment with different levels of stimulation, such as using your hands, men’s pleasure toys or varying pressure.

3. Frenulum masturbating: Try masturbating your oily frenulum with your thumb and two fingers. Not only being more pleasurable than the death grip, you have much more control, fine tuning your wanking dial.

4. Erogenous love: Covered briefly already, your world is your oyster when it come sto deviating from your main setting, and switching to something

5. Lube: Use lubrication to enhance self gratification. Any watery lube, natural moisturizer, olive oil might suit.

6. Enhance stimuli: Incorporate VR porn fantasy or live erotica to stimulate your imagination and enhance your fapping.

7. Porn games: Experiment with porn gamification, where the protagonist challenges you to edging matches.

8. What’s that? Pay attention to your orgasms, learn to recognize your tipping point.

9. Euphoric inducing pauses: Test your self control, stop at random moments and see how your body reacts. Shorter come-downs can be very euphoric.

10. Increase edging sessions: Gradually increase the time duration between your male edging exercises to build even mightier orgasms.