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10 Great Sex Toys for Disabled Men – Models that Aid Disabilities


There is still a massive dearth of sex toys for disabled men which is surprising, given that there are 60 million plus disabled people in the US.

There are a few niche companies emerging, but designs could go a lot further.

One key design obstacle disabled men face is that mainstream sex toys mostly require the use of your digits; and roughly 60% of disabled folk don’t have full use of their hands, so even the best BJ machines will be challenging or impossible to set up.

If you are buying for someone else, other important factors to take into consideration are can the sex toy be operated easily without the use of your hands or sight.

Can its shape be pressed against you or gripped tight using your arms or legs instead of your hands, and is it noisy for those who can’t hear, i.e. will it make a racket!

Sourced from disability forums and anecdotal product reviews, Mens’s pleasures takes a look at this years list of popular sex toys for disabled men, that includes both mainstream able-bodied models as well as brands which cater solely for people with disabilities.

Each sex toy provides individual beneficial features which will serve certain physical limitations.

Note of caution: there can be a lot to consider for some folk. People may have fewer limbs, limited gripping capabilities or nerve damage so too many vibrations might be harmful.

Others may be hypo-allergenic or have recently had a body remap following an injury. Always consult a medical professional before buying a sex toy, as per your disability . 


10 Best Sex Toys for Disabled Men


1. Lovense Gush


Best for: gents with limited motor skills & handling difficulty’s who like hands-free vibrations, shaft hugging & gland massages. 

Encased length: 3.4″
Girth circumference: 4.3″/expands & tightens
Programs: 3 steady levels
Patterns: 10
Waterproof: yes IPX7 submersible
Battery life: 1.5-2 hrs
Magnetic charge time: 2 hrs
Volume: low
Material: silicone



The Gush is a fascinating gizmo which delivers you vibes just as you want them.

It naturally lends itself to securely cloaking your manhood, with or without its band (which is used to tighten its grip).

You will either need use of your digits to operate it through your phone, or with your thumb or another part of the body, press the on/off button on its side down for 3 seconds to cycle through the vibration levels, one tap at a time.

The app does give you more flexibility though to design your own patterns. It also allows for group control, online chat or long distance play.

The Gush by Lovense, a high-end pleasure brand, will assist flaccid or hard penis’s, encasing them in its 3.4″ long sleeve and its 4.3″ expandable and tightening girth (circumference).

IPX7 waterproof means it can go underwater, so bath time just got a whole lot more interesting.

Perfect for those who don’t want to hold onto something due to chronic pain or can’t.

The Gush helps gents maintain a heightened state of arousal, and assists those who can’t reach one.

Some disabilities prolong the time it takes to climax by over an hour. The Gush will help reduce this time.  

You get up to 1.5 to 2 hours with this male pleasure pulsator





2. Starsi


Best for: visually impaired, limbless, hand immobility, ENBY type dysphoria, non-op trans women, transmasc non-binary & AFAB who like muffing & hands-free pulsations along perineum – all body types.

Vibrations: strong
Speeds: 5
Patterns: 5
Size: 4.5 x 1.3″
Waterproof: yes
Battery life: 110 min
Charge time: 70 min
Volume: quiet rumble not buzz
Material: silicone

The Starsi by CLF (Cutelittlefuckers), is their best selling disability sex toy.

It doesn’t require any nifty button handling, rather you simply press this starfish-shaped silicone sex toy against your pleasure arena using your hand or placed on a pillow, and it delivers smooth strong rumbles with varying strengths down each tentacle so you can locate your sweet spot.

Available in pink too, you can go underwater with the Starsi, place it in a pair of tucking undies directly beneath your crotch or help sooth body pains from pregnancy with it.

It offers a lot for it’s fairly modest price and probably most importantly, it will speed up orgasms by up to 20 plus minutes, for people who may take an hour or so to reach one, and won’t run out of juice as it will last 1 hour 50 minutes on a full charge.

To clean you can remove its motor and boil it or stick the Starsi in the dishwasher, however a little diy water-based lube or your own H2o brand will wash off under the tap with a little warm soapy water.

No oils, silicone lubes or saliva should be used on this soft silicone all-rounder.





3. Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Lux


Best for: partially sighted, hand immobility & folk who move a lot who  like blasting strong vibrations at penis, handsfree.

Vibrations: ultra-strong
Insertion length: 4.5″
Speeds: 8
Patterns: 6
Waterproof: yes
Battery life: 40 min
Charge time: 1 hr
Volume: a little loud
Material: silicone



As one 47 year old quadriplegic man acknowledges at the Scope forum, the Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Lux works for him but may not be the best fit for people who are in his words worse off.

Something which can be put in position and stays there while other things are going on is a good starting point for any designers out there, and the Pulse will do just that for some gents.

It’s a good solo partner or you can get some help to finish you off, by handing over control via the Feelconnect app or the wrist-mounted remote.

A useful tool for folk who are blind, visually impaired or can’t use their hands as the wrist-remote has four large buttons to control the power, vibration speeds, patterns and the extra turbo charge, which can be pressed using other means.

The Pulse envelops most men in 4.5″ and blasts 8 vibration speeds at you in 6 different patterns, including the fuel injection button for extra measure.

On top of that you can jump in the jacuzzi with it!

To save cost if you’re not interested in interactive play, the Pulse Solo Lux is identical in every other aspect and costs less. Without the wrist-remote and a little less power, the bare bones Pulse Solo Essential is the cheapest. Both available at Hot Octopuss.






4. Lovense Solace


Best for: reduced handling, mounting to hard surface for hands-free use, extremely long battery life, F-spot workouts.

Stroke length: 2.75″
Insertion length: 6″
Girth circumference: 4-5.5″
Max speed: 280 strokes per min
Waterproof: shower-proof
Battery life: 12.5 hrs
Charge time: 2 hrs
Volume: depends on speed
Material: silicone/ABS

Featured in our compilation of the best auto-BJ machines, the new Solace by Lovense is the perfect companion for disabled fellas who want a decent automatic schlong stroker but don’t want to have to build a mount to use it hands-free, as it already comes with one.

The battery life of the new Lovense Solace is also outstanding.

You get a whopping 12.5 hours on full charge and a little less when it’s going like the clappers at 280 strokes a minute, or just over 4 a second, with the Handy machine being the fastest at 10 per sec, but it’s tricky to mount.

Plus, being splash-proof you can use the Solace in the shower which you can’t do with a lot of auto-BJ machines, but not the bath.

If you are looking for an automatic-stroker that you can wear as oppose to clamping to your desk, then you have the Keon that can be worn in a strap around your neck.

Or you have the Saith below, which you wear around your waist. It’s more than half the price, has a heating system but massages rather than strokes.

The Solace is a step up.





5. Sex swing


Best for: paralyzed folk, weight support, reducing joint pain & more comfortable sex. 

Item: 2 body straps + 2 foot stirrups + plush pads + support bar + spring
Measurements: 20.5″
Takes: 150kg max
Material: velvet/metal/latex free

This will require some drilling if you don’t already have a sturdy support hook in place, and to be clear, the pilot hole should be considerably smaller than the diameter of the anchor.

If you can get help setting this swing up, it’ll give back immeasurably as its options are endless.

There’s lots of adjustability, the straps are softly padded and the instruction manual on where to drill etc will come in handy.

Sex swings are designed to support your whole body weight, and like a hammock they stimulate the vestibular system, and promote relaxation.

They also provide invaluable support for some couples, including one gentleman who states in the comments how much it helped his wife, who’s paralyzed from the waist down.





6. Saith auto-massager


Best for: less hand & arm usage, people who prefer wearing a toy, going hands-free, warming & massaging the codger. 

Insertion length: 5″
Girth: 5-6″
Max stroke length: 1.2″
Battery life: 60 min
Recharge time: 4 hr
Use while charging: yes/not near water
Waterproof: IPX7 submersible
Sleeve: TPE

The Saith is a less powerful machine stroker than its high-end equivalent the Keon which can also be worn but in a neck strap.

However, for somebody who is more into juicy massages and maintaining a warm euphoria while saving cost, the Saith does the job.

You will need to be able rig up the straps though, so the use of digits may be required, but once tucked in, you get 60 minutes of hands-free pleasure or you can use it while charging, just not near water.

The harness, warming function and underwater skills will treat you to much more of a shlurpy oral experience than a stroking one.

There are 3 round buttons placed on its side so the Saith is easy to control. It  requires no smart phone.

You get a lightening bolt button, a frequency one of which there are 7 and the on/off/pause button.

These can be pressed by not just the fingers, but your chin, wrist or preferred choice.





7. Sex wedge


Best for: reduced mobility & chronic pain, back support during cowgirl, raising pelvis for better penetration 

Item: Inflatable sex wedge + blindfold + adjustable handcuffs
Measurements: 35 x 24 x 13″
Material: velvet

Some guys need back support and elevating your back helps twofold.

One, your reducing any bed bound back issues after sex and two, the elevation allows for deeper penetration so more for your partner!

You also have the Liberator sex position Wedge Ramp Combo featured below, if you’d like to extend matters.

The adjustable velcro fastening cuffs and blindfold bring the tempo up a notch.

Described as a godsend by one, it will help take the strain of your joints in reaching positions.





8. Joystick


Best for: gripping with arms &/or legs & slotting in your own toy, without reliance on hands & fine motor skills  – all body types.

Item: pillow + large detachable peg with holes for toys
Measurements: 36″ length x 12″ diameter

The Joystick isn’t a sex toy per se, but it bridges the gap between able bodied sex toys for men and women and folk with disabilities who want to use them.

Gripping a sex toy without using your hands is a function rarely factored into mainstream brands, so the Joystick addresses this issue, enabling people to use their arms to wrap themselves around its long tubular pillow and their legs around its giant peg where your device is inserted, giving you better leverage.

It doesn’t come cheap at almost $250, but for some it’s a necessary and most definitely more comfortable way to reap pleasure than before.

On one side there’s a largish hole where the lady is about to slot the Blowmotion in.

A hooded oscillating device that may also suit your needs as it requires very little handling; and there are two smaller holes on the other side.

You can slot in wands, dildos or your own penis masturbator like a Fleshlight, onahole, penis sleeve etc, and it’s easy to take apart by just twisting and pulling.

You may be able to leverage your health savings account as GetBumpn falls under assistive technologies and intimacy aids – speak to your GP or OT.

Same goes for UK residents with their personal health budget, by listing sexual health as one of their needs or goals.





9. We-Vibe Verge 


Best for: people with ED, spinal cord injury & limited mobility who like stimulating the perineum, improving muscle relaxation & orgasm success rate.

Dimensions: 6.3 x 2.8 x 3.8″
Vibrations: 10
Waterproof: yes submersible
Battery life: 2 hrs
Charge time: 90 mins
Volume: little loud
Material: silicone

Worn around the penis and testicle the Verge promotes penile vibratory stimulation which improves ED or your propensity to maintain an erection.

This reverberating massage results in releasing nitric oxide, which causes smooth muscle relaxation in the penis tissue, helping improve rigidity and your potential to orgasm.

It features 10 vibrating patterns from soft to intense, and can be controlled either through an app or by using the side buttons.

If you do have the dexterity to use an app, then you can allow others access to take control of your Verge and vice versa.

Be sure to apply a little lube beforehand.





10. Enhancer Chair 


Best for: reducing muscle & joint pains, helping with stiffness, providing extra bodily support, allowing for multiple positions – all body types.

Dimensions: 21 x 16.5″
Material: reinforced elastic + metal
Holds: 150kg

The deluxe version for an extra $25 comes with a looping bar to hold onto, but you can still grip the sides if you have this mobility.

One of the best sex toys for disabled men, position enhancers receive the highest ratings from disabled folk at Lovehoney, and this durable and practical sex chair will allow for many positions.

If you suffer from chronic body pains that leave your muscles feeling sore and stiff, this chair enhancer will help ease these  associated pains.

Weightlessness it is not, but it goes some way to feeling a slightly, lighter being.






Lube up well – especially if you have difficulty remaining still. Always use a water-based lube like Fleshlight lubes which are great or you can conjure up your own DIY water based lube from one of the recipes, which saves some dollar.

Get a Spreader bar – helps if you have chronic pain or you struggle with parting your legs. Restraints will help support your weight and alleviate existing pains.



Activehands – gripping aids for small or large objects.

Getbumpin – a body length joystick that lets you hug a long tube pillow, while your sex toy is inserted into one of the holes on the giant “peg” that’s attached below.