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How to make a Keon Mount – 5 Methods


If you want to build a homemade mount for your Keon machine for some hands-free use, then these following 5 methods should help resolve your current dilemma.

Firstly, some inspiration can be drawn from The Handy mount adaptions as well as from these DIY Fleshlight mount ideas, however the Keon’s shape is unique, which brings other props (not discussed with the best BJ machines before) into play.

Let’s leap straight in and find out how to lock a Keon stroker firmly in place, so you’re free to use your hands elsewhere on your or another’s erogenous zones.

Or so you can simply lay-back and rest your head in cupped hands.


How to make a Keon Mount


Method 1 – Neck pillow

This simplistic but utterly ingenious idea comes from andman24 at Euroscripts, and just requires you to dig out your neck pillow which you take on your travels or you can buy one for under $20 on Amazon or elsewhere.

What you’ll need

  • A travel neck pillow or adjustable nursing pillow might work

How to use a neck pillow with the Keon

  1. Simples. Just lay the pillow over Jenkins and slot your Keon stroker in. It’ll hug the machine trapping it in place.
    You’ll want quite a deep neck pillow or one with steep walls when you deploy max velocity.


Method 2 – Pipe clamp + Monitor mount

Another clever combination of resources by Albinosau at Euroscript’s Discuss page, by merging a pipe clamp with a monitor mount.

What you’ll need

How to make a Keon mount using a pipe clamp & a monitor mount

  1. So first, mount your monitor to the edge of a fixed firm object first, using either the clamp mount or through-hole mount if you are using a Bontec stand.
    Bontec stands are the perfect solution for handsfree pleasuring given their scope of angles at your disposal.
    Plus they free up space and you can attach one to something from a distance so it can swing round over to your bed.
  2. With your 138-144mm pipe clamp, fasten it to the monitor plate – where your monitor if you had one, would eventually screw into.
  3. And voila!
    Note – do not cut costs using this method as you’ll want devices that will genuinely hold their advised weight.


Method 3 – Stanley band clamp + Multi-vice

Similar to method 2, you can use a Stanley band clamp instead of a monitor mount to hold the Keon as you would the Launch, which gives it some versatility in movement but not quite as much, with less reach.

What you’ll need

  • Stanley band clamp like this one
  • Stanley multi-angle vice like this one

How to erect a Keon mount using Stanley band clamp + vice

  1. As you can see by the band clamp above, its handle is like screwdriver, so firstly harness the Keon machine in the clamp and then wedge the handle in the Stanley vice.
  2. There are a number of Stanley vices or vices of this kind and again be sure it’ll hold the correct weight, and some.
    You can then grip your vice to a table or bathroom ledge.


Method 4 – Bed sheet

Inspired perhaps by the $20 Keon neck mount, a simple bedsheet, blanket or towel will suffice.

This one’s designed for standing up or meandering around.

What you’ll need

  • One bed sheet, long towel, blanket
  • Optional adjustable zip ties, strong safety pins (careful!)

How to make a portable Keon mount using a bedsheet

  1. There are no official ways to complete this task, but you might want to neatly fold a bedsheet into one long strip maybe half the height of the Keon in diameter, and place it at its centre behind your neck to see how much surplus you have.
  2. From here you can lay out the sheet on your bed and with the left strip which falls over your left shoulder, that could then fall over the top right of the Keon machine and fastened tightly by being wound round a number of times and vice versa for the other side.
  3. Other useful instruments you might like to improvise with would be some adjustable zip ties, which you can somehow feed through or ideally around the sheet, which in turn is wrapped around the Keon.


Method 5 – Knee pillow

This fifth homemade Keon mount method from the sexlikereal forum involves a bit of work, but once complete, should hopefully prove pretty beneficial.

It addresses your vertical, horizontal, angles, depth, comfort and ease of use and is ideal for some seated-in-bed handsfree action.

What you’ll need

How to construct a Keon mount using a Knee pillow

  1. Stretch the Velcro adhesive roll as demonstrated in the image, around the top half of the Keon, just below its opening, which should meet the knee pillow around its neck not midriff like in the photo, as you’ll want the Kirroo raised off the ground quite a bit .
  2. Be sure to determine how you want to be sat in bed before tightening it all together. 
    Your thighs will do the bracing, so try and introduce a 10 to 20 degree angle for more of a natural mount position, by tightening it tighter at the top of the Keon – pulling it into the pillow, and less so at its base.