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How to Make a Handy Hands-Free Mount – 5 DIY Methods + Extra ideas


Going by a 2020 reddit survey, roughly 55% of males masturbate lying down.

So when the worlds fastest machine stroker – The Handy, came out in 2019, many guys were left pondering how exactly to stand the darn thing up without it toppling over, for some hands-free action.

Enter the world of hands-free Handy mount ideas, that make this very act possible.

Most of these DIY Handy mounts assume you have your stroker already strapped firmly in place, although some feature additional Fleshlight adaptors, if you’re mix and matching.

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Some of these designs also involve 3D printing, which we can’t all do, so where possible they suggest materials that you might find at home or in the hardware store, that you can use instead.

The Handy machine measures roughly 9″ in height, 3″ in diameter and has an 8.75″ circumference.


Method 1 – IKEA Stool mount

Handy stool mount
A Handy Ikea hands-free mount idea by u/Dazzling-Extension-3 holding the Turbo Thrust.

What you’ll need:

How to make an upside down Handy stool mount:

1. Remove all but one of the legs on a stool you’ve located. You can buy a Frosta stool and unscrew the legs or deploy your wood working skills.

2. Clamp one vice to the stool leg and the other to the Handy

3. If you are using a Fleshlight or a larger stroker than the 100g stock sleeve, print out the 3D mount users use to complete this set-up.

4. Feed some gardening wire through the holes in the 3D mount to secure your stroker, and harness with a paper clip. Velcro strip might be better.


Method 2 – Board + broom handle

Brrom stick and board Handy mount
Broom stick and board Handy mount concept by Fauli63

What you’ll need:

  • One board
  • One broom handle/stick or similar shaped wooden poles like curtain rails etc
  • 2 inch strong screws
  • 2 thick elastic bands

How to make a hands-free Handy mount using a board and broom stick:

1. You’ll need to fashion the angle of two wooden poles at their base, so they lean onto you at your required angle. Sanding manually should do the trick to avoid any overkill.

Or better still, drill two angled holes and either glue or screw the poles in place.

2. If the former, prepare two screw holes in each pole.

3. Then, screw each screw up through the base of the wooden board, into the poles holes.

3. Strap the two thick elastic bands or bungee cords perhaps, around the top and bottom of the Handy.

4. Place the mount between your legs so the board lies under your thighs and you’re good to go!


Method 3 – 3D Printed flexible frame

Flexible frame Handy mount
Flexible DIY frame to mount the Handy from u/bafangit.

What you’ll need:

  • 3D printer
  • You can use 6mm diameter wooden poles for the dowels
  • Dowel joints
  • A stand

How to make a 3D flexible frame for the Handy:

1. There’s no denying that things get a little technical from here on out, with this 3D printed method and instructions are best explained over at Thingiverse.

You can of course draw inspiration from this design and transform your bendy desk lamp frame into a hands free Handy mount.


Method 4 – Microphone arm stand

Mic stand Handy mount
Mic stand Handy mount by u/bafangit.

What you’ll need:

  • A microphone arm stand
  • 3D printer to create a Handy holder for 5/8″ thread mic stand
  • Sanding equipment (maybe)

How to turn a mic stand into a hands free Handy mount:

1. Designed to stand between your knees, this handsfree Handy mount construction is relatively simple to make if you have a 3D printer, or you can order online.

You may have the carpentry or welding skills, but it’ll be tricky to replicate with your digits. You you have the core principle though which you can run with.

2. If you do have a 3D printer you’ll want to go to Thingiverse and get cracking there.

This Handy holder is specifically designed to rotate onto a 5/8″ thread, and you may need to sand the mounting hole a tad or turn the holder onto the bare threads, to thread through.


Method 5 – Upside down vice

Stanley hobby vice holding the Handy
Stanley hobby vice clamping the Handy – idea from u/aididre

What you’ll need:

  • A desk, shelf or ledge to clamp on
  • A vice or more specifically a Stanley hobby vice
  • Foam, soft rubber, tissue or a hand towel

How to use a vice upside down to hold the Handy:

1. Just like in method 1, you use a Stanley hobby vice or something that can perform similar manoeuvres, like tilting.

Clamp it to an overhang you’ve got in mind.

2. To protect the Handy, place some foam, soft rubber or other soft material to protect the machine before tightening.

3. You can’t switch from cowgirl to doggy in a flash like you can holding the Handy, but going hands free gives you an air of reality you’re deprived of in hand mode.


Additional hands-free Handy mount ideas

Other Handy hands-free mount ideas have been posited, with little to no instructions, but provide real food for thought all the same; and then you have some more ingenious 3D creations.

1. Laptop table: You’ll need to sink the Handy into the laptop table somehow and secure it in place.

Handy laptop table handsfree invention
Handy laptop table handsfree invention.

2.GoPro chest mount: Over at Thingiverse, this Handy hands-free invention requires this GoPro chest mount to rest on your tummy while you play.

3. Manfrotto flex arm: From the same designer – Bafangit, and on the same page, this other mount connects to a Manfrotto flex arm and a super clamp or another tripod connector with the same thread measurements.

4. Universal hands-free Handy mount: Endorsed by the Handy company in the HandyVerse –  a relatively active community, this universal 3D mount for the Handy allows it to be mounted to a variety of objects and surfaces for hands-free drilling.


Devices guys use to hold the Handy hands-free

1. Accmor Bike Water Bottle Holders: For only $9.99, these Accmor bottle holders could come in seriously handy as you are able to manually adjust both grips.

Accmor Bike Water Bottle Holders for the Handy
Accmor Bike Water Bottle Holders for the Handy


2. Foto4easy 71mm Tripod Collar Mount Ring: Used by some to grip your preferred sleeve in place, these tripod collar mount rings are not a bad addition if you own a hareem of pleasure tunnels.

At 71mm in diameter, it’s too small to strap around the Handy.

Foto4easy 71mm Tripod Collar Mount Ring


3. NEEWER Table Top Camera Mount Stand: As one guy describes it, you can clamp the Neewar Table Mount Stand onto the side of your bed, and the Handy’s own hands-free attachment screws straight on.

It’s incredibly robust, you just need to lie nearer the edge of your bed.

The NEEWER Tabletop Camera Mount Stand..


4. Universal Strap-on Harness: Just like where you’d place a dildo, these leather universal strap-on harnesses on Lovehoney, are tough and stiff enough for you to house your Handy in.

You may be able to pick one up here too.

One of the cheapest, safest and easiest ways to stand your Handy free.

You’ll have to remove its back panel so it can see your fella.

Using a Lovehoney sex harness for housing the Handy is the way forward as these guys concur.