Handy gripping the La Bocca Della Verita

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The Handy with Fleshlights – Which Fleshlights/Onaholes fit exactly & how?


Can you use the Handy with Fleshlights? This is an ever recurring query and one which The Handy can quickly clarify, as they state in their FAQ’s:

“Yes, you can use the Handy with most other sleeves. However, larger and heavier sleeves will strain the Handy’s motor and provide less than an optimal experience.”

Reading into this, it would suggest the Handy might not be able to deliver the upstrokes at max speed with bigger fleshlights.

However, it’s an impressive piece of engineering.

Read in full: The Handy machine

A Norwegian creation, its motor is less powerful than the Keon or the Fleshlight UL, but by how much is difficult to quantify, as both companies remain tight lipped about their engine specs.

What can be quantified though, with a measure of good faith, are the anecdotal experiences people have had using their own Fleshlights with the Handy.

So, without further ado, this is how people are actually using their Fleshlight with the Handy in practice, and some of the benefits and drawbacks user’s have experienced along the way.


Fleshlights & Onaholes which Attach to The Handy


The Handy with Regular size 10″ Fleshlights

Regular size Fleshlights in their case measure nearly 10″ in length, and weigh about 750g.

That’s almost two hundred more grams than the machine itself weighs, and seven times that of the Handy’s sleeve, so this is pretty much the largest the Handy can handle.

But, if you pace yourself, it’ll pair accurately with videos, live cam shows, VR porn and your remote partners, on a humane setting.

Used manually, as many guys prefer, provided it’s strapped in tight and contrary to belief, the Handy operates well with regular size Fleshlights.

Full size Fleshlight strapped into the Handy
Full size Fleshlight strapped into the Handy by u/alwaysfunnyinjp


Extra True Grip Band for the Handy Fleshlight connection
Handy’s $9 Extra True Grip Band

3D handy fleshlight mount 1
3D Printed Handy Fleshlight Mount on thingiverse

Hassle free

  • No

Requires tinkering

  • Yes

What you’ll need

  • 3 tough elastic bands or zip ties, or better still, wide Velcro strips
  • 3D printer
  • Or buy Extra True Grip band from Handy

Which regular size Fleshlights fit the Handy strap?

  • None


How to attach a regular size Fleshlight to the Handy

There are three main ways to lock in.

1. Rubber band/Velcro: Basically, stretch out one elastic band around the front of the Fleshlight, tucking it in behind the slider which thrusts the stroker, and then two more around the bottom end.
Velcro straps would be more efficient all round as they will slip through the sliding mechanism.

2. 3D Print: 3D print The Handy Fleshlight Mount from thingiverse. It may require some fine sanding of its inner surface. Reported to work well on Discuss with the Turbo Thrust sleeve.

3. Extra True Grip: Buy the $9 Extra True Grip Band designed by the Handy, and go the safer, more secure route, where your Handy and your Fleshlight will withstand frequent use.
No need for manual adjustments after you’ve commenced play.


Handy holding gold regular size fleshlight
Another innovative Fleshlight mount for the Handy on Thingiverse.

Handy holding gold regular size fleshlight using thingiverse mount



  You should experience no problems using your regular size Fleshlight with the Handy on its tamer settings.
  Pairing with live, 2D or VR porn on its slower mode will be plain sailing, with no issues to report of.


  The motor gets warmer faster.
  You will need to be vigilant of the machines temperature, and ease off when you’ve been jackhammering away for a while.



Additional Handy Fleshlight mounts/straps/adapters

  • Using your 3D Builder app in Windows 10, extract the mega file at eroscripts.
    It’s a Fleshlight mount for the Handy that doesn’t require any straps.
  • Try an Elastic Cinch Strap (46 cm x 5 cm) on Amazon, roughly $11.
  • Here’s another free 3D Handy Fleshlight adaptor that serves both Fleshlights and other male masturbators. It can house onaholes too.
  • The gold Fleshlight case is mounted on this 3D printed Handy Fleshlight slide mount.


The Handy with Smaller Fleshlights

The Handy with smaller sized Fleshlights is a much easier assignment. You shouldn’t have to undergo any DIY job for strapping in the following shorter Fleshlights.

That said, there are a few tweaks that can be made to improve various smaller Fleshlight experiences, discussed below.

Which smaller Fleshlight works best with the Handy you may ask?

Well, no two Johns are the same, but one name which does crop up more often than others is the Pilot.

Quickshot shower mount attached to the Quickshot Vantage to prevent spillage. In turn clamped in a vice.
Quickshot shower mount attached to the Mia Malkova Quickshot (very smooth) to prevent spillage. In turn attached to the Handy, clamped to the Ulanzi super camera clamp. Discuss.


Hassle free

  • Yes

Requires tinkering

  • Only for improving


Which smaller Fleshlights will fit the Handy strap?

The following smaller Fleshlights fit the Handy strap “as is”.

Inch measurement denotes insertable length.

– Go Surge 7″ | 450g
Go Torque Ice 7″ | 500g
– Quickshot range (or double ended) 2.5-3.5″ | 200-250g
Flight Commander 6″ | 410g
Pilot 6″ | 405g
Aviator 6″ | 410g
– Fleshskin 6.35″ | 500g

Unreported slightly smaller Fleshlight/Handy combos

– Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal 8.5″ | 750g
– Vibro 8.5″ | 858g
– Fleshjack 8.5″ | 650g
– Fleshlight STU 8.5″ | 760g


Handy quickshot shower mount pack
Handy, Quickshot, shower mount ménage.

Handy and bluice fleshskin
Handy and the Fleshskin.

A Velcro loop harnessed around a tube to strap the Quickshot into the Handy.
A Velcro loop harnessed around a tube to strap the Quickshot Vantage into the Handy.


How to improve your (smaller) Fleshlight Handy grip

1. Harness a Velcro loop around a tube: As you can see in the picture above, this DIY method involves you removing your Quickshot from its case and inserting it into a tube. Keeping it mess free.
You’ll need a plastic tube with 65mm inside diameter. If you have a penis pump, that will work.
The rest gets a tad more technical. Full instructions can be found here on Eroscripts.

2. Fasten down the Handy strap: The strap can be cinched down, fastened, without the need to pad out your sleeve. You’ll need to get inventive.


The Handy with Onaholes

There’s no footage sadly of La Bocca, aka Magic Eyes, attached to the Handy, pummelling away at 10 strokes a second, however this is how she looks prepped for action, bar the lube.

Handy gripping the La Bocca Della Verita


Hassle free

  • Yes

Requires tinkering

  • Only for improving


Which Onaholes will fit the Handy strap?

Derived largely form this vast Handy sleeve community, the following onaholes are discussed with merit and may only require a little padding from time to time, covered below.


Geki-Fera indecent onahole for the Handy
Geki-Fera indecent onahole

Cheap tracy dog onahole for Handy use
Cheap Tracy dog onahole for Handy use.


la Bocca warming up for the Handy, wrapped in thin packing foam.
La Bocca warming up for the Handy, wrapped in thin packing foam. From eroscripts.


How to improve your Onahole Handy grip

Packing foam: Your onahole may require a little padding and packing foam has been mooted. Not a bad idea, or some thin cardboard or an ankle sock gets the thumbs up.

ONA砲 MEGA BURST on Kanojotoys.
DNA - Milking Hole Wheel Onahole fits as is to the Handy.
DNA Milking Hole Wheel onahole fits as is to the Handy.
The Tenga Airtech twist working while in its case.
The Tenga Airtech twist working with the Handy in its case.