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How to make an Onahole Mount – 5 Methods + Instant Props!


Some onaholes are the next level up when it comes to texture, sorry Fleshlight (although FL’s are generally more durable), and it’s nice to be able to operate them handsfree from time to time so you can really dial in.

DIY mounts for Fleshlights have been discussed here but not for onaholes.

They’ve been chewed over with regards to using onaholes with the Handy, but for bracing them in a mount of sorts – well now we’re talking!

This way you get to pick your experience a bit more with your premium Ona’s, like the Mouth of Truth which touches a special nerve or Bestvibe’s new tanned BJ toy that pop’s like the Fleshlight Boost – an exception to Fleshlight tunnels.

The following homemade onahole mount designs have been sourced from gents who care. 


5 Emergency onahole mounts

  1. Stack of towels (for spooning)
  2. Rolled up sleeping bag
  3. Socker Bopper
  4. Mattress & bed base/pillow
  5. Couch pillows


How to make an Onahole Mount – 5 Methods

Method 1 – Makeshift Onahole Hip

This makeshift onahole hip on reddit is perhaps the gold standard of DIY onahole mounts.

What you end up with is a creation almost on par with the Meiki Plush, one of the best Fleshlight and onahole hip mounts, which are around $120 and nigh on impossible to get hold of in some countries.

What you’ll need  

  • blanket
  • stretchy belts
  • towel or another blanket

How to make a makeshift onahole hip mount

  1. Fold your main blanket in half width ways.
  2. Fold the ends inwards as per your preference.
  3. Place a towel in the center of the blanket.
  4. Roll one end width ways, rolling the blanket into a tight roll, avoiding any unravelling.
  5. Hold that tight roll in place.
  6. Bend the opposite end of the rolls inwards, so the open flaps are on the inside.
  7. Bind each end of the blankets with a belt.
  8. Flip over and choose which side looks the most appetising.
  9. Then lay a second belt out and stand the two ends vertically over it.
  10. Squish the top of the arched blanket down so you have a more of an ovular shape.
  11. Now bind the second belt tightly around your newly compact shape and hey presto, you have a pretty convincing pair of hips that will hold any size Fleshlight or onahole of yours.


Method 2 – DIY Onahole Pillow Mount

Not unlike the Dakimakura oblong body pillows, which feature uncensored imagery of your favourite anime characters, you’ll ideally want to locate a similar long pillow for constructing this homemade onahole mount.

That said, there are multiple ways to create a pillow mount, so you could aim for something more like the Hanjuku Hug pillow pictured above or the air pillow DX which is a bit longer.

What you’ll need

  • 1 or 2 standard pillows or neckroll/body pillow
  • 1 or more belts
  • optional – towel

How to make a homemade onahole pillow mount

  1. A simple and staple way guys use their onaholes with pillows is to place one pillow on top of the other, with the onahole peeking out in between, and then fasten a couple of belts around the two, over the length of the toy, thus gripping it firmer.
  2. You could put your pleasure tunnel in a towel first for a more rigid ride.
  3. Alternatively, if you have one of those neckroll pillows, like a long tube, you can place your onahole in the middle and fold it over, sandwiching the onahole.
  4. You can rest one hand on the fold to keep it in place or tie a belt (or some monkey straps might do the trick) around it.


Method 3 – Memory Foam Pillow + Drawstring Bag

This very straight forward onahole mount invention won’t infringe on your pleasure time too much.

There’s nothing worse than needing to go hands-free but then being faced with the challenge of how.

What you’ll need

  • memory foam pillow/foam
  • drawstring bag/bedsheet bag

How to make a memory foam pillow + drawstring bag onahole mount

  1. Memory foam pillows don’t come cheap, although they’re not extortionate, so grab a spare one that can afford to go missing and somehow manufacture it into a shape that’ll slot in to the drawstring bag you’ve acquired.
  2. Some memory foam pillows have grooves in them which might help. Fashion a hole in the middle by perhaps rolling it or folding it somehow and then smushing it in the bag.
  3. To tighten, simply pull on the drawstring bag tie which will close in around your protruding onahole.


Method 4 – Water pillow

What a water pillow does instead of a standard pillow, is it grounds your onahole more steadily as you pummel away.

What you’ll need

  • water pillow
  • standard pillow
  • optional – towel/soft belt

How to make a water pillow onahole mount

  1. What you want to do is lay the pillows in a criss-cross pattern. Take the water pillow and lay it on your bed and place your onahole on top, with its opening jutting out.
  2. Take your standard pillow in two hands so you’re holding each end and press it down over the top of onahole which is sat on the water pillow.
  3. You could always buckle it down so to speak with a soft belt or something similar which won’t harm the water pillow.


Method 5 – 3 Pillows

Okay, we’re scraping the barrel here because without a protective case, there’s only so much pressure that can be applied before it impacts the onaholes grip.

Fortunately, here are 15 onahole case ideas from around the house that should solve this predicament..

However, what the 3 cushion mount does offer is the ability to lie down on top of the onahole, where you can actually simulate missionary sex pretty well.

What you’ll need

  • 3 standard pillows
  • towel

How to make a 3 pillow onahole mount

  1. Wrap your onahole in a towel.
  2. Between pillows one and two – one being the base, you’ll want to park your towel wrapped onahole.
  3. Pull the base pillow out maybe 3-5 few inches, which acts as the foundation.
  4. Place the third pillow on top of the second, and prepare to go horizontal and hands-free in one fell swoop!