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Magic Eyes Mouth of Truth: The Original Classic Onahole

Magic Eyes Mouth of Truth or La Bocca Della Verita as she’s otherwise known was released in 2015 and like the Fleshlight, cast a new dawn on men’s pleasures.

Bestvibe’s recent brown pocket pussy with teeth is one example of trying to replicate this Japanese swallowing onahole.

But if you want a real McKoy, then Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita is the original version of this oral pleasure design, and is still poplar coming on a decade now.


Well she’s a blowjob toy that knows the limitations of what a pocket pussy can do and skirts the line flawlessly.

The recent Boost Blow by Fleshlight is also inspired by Magic Eyes and costs about the same in the US and is worthy of being a top toy for BJ’s, but La Bocca’s feel is unique.

It starts with you passing over her genioglosus fan shaped tongue, pushing past a removable set of teeth, grazing your upper head and shaft on her crevassed roof, and ends far down a tightening ribbed trachea.

Shorter though internally at 5.1″, her dual layer allows you push into her rear wall, if your of length.

La Bocca can be an intense realistic ride of oral pleasures or you can simply massage your head, burying it under her tongue for deeper edging.


Magic Eyes Mouth of Truth




 Excellent BJ Toy
  Original Onahole Classic 
  Dual layered
  Detailed human features
  5.1″ insertion
  Reusable Anime stroker






How does Magic Eyes Mouth of Truth feel?

To enter La Bocca, squeeze her a little and her lips will part and her tongue will eject slightly.

Her rubber teeth are your next obstacle but they can be removed if she’s too tight.

Her tongue is also rather malleable and like the genioglosus muscle which forms the mass of the tongue, La Bocca’s too is quite cumbersome and very pallatable.

Unlike other BJ toys, Magic Eyes recognizes the roof of the mouth is a crucial ingredient in creating the perfect BJ experience, and as such is a little extra grooved for a distinctly different sensation.

Obviously this is where a normal fellatio would reach its limit, but with La Bocca you get to plunge down her windpipe, which is ribbed and tightens as you descend.

Fellas of size will dig La Bocca. She’s a great for your buck.


How to clean Magic Eyes Mouth of Truth

Made of silicone, Magic Eyes will suit only H2O lubes or a DIY watery one.

Oily homemade brews or silicone lubes are a no-no.

To clean, she can be a bit fiddly and you don’t want to overstretch her, so a spell under a warm tap with a mild cleaning liquid will eventually cleanse her tunnel, but you might like to try some Fleshlight drying methods for making sure she’s fully ventilated.

Hanging her in a secluded airy, non-humid setting should be sufficient.

Handy gripping the La Bocca Della Verita


  Suction locks you in
  Cute small Anime nose
 Removing teeth adds variety
  Opening feels very mouthlike
  Slots in The Handy (fastest auto-bj machine)
  Good with VR porn


  Short for some at 5.1″
  Bit fiddly to clean





La Bocca Della Verita aka mouth of truth review of the best fleshlight sleeve