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3 Rare Side Action Sex Torso’s for some Special Spooning

By Robin C Mac


Side action sex torso’s are very rare, in fact most pleasure stores still don’t stock them.

To date, there are less than a handful of spooning sex torso’s to choose from which is a shame, as some guys actually prefer the side-angle over rear-guard action, and placing a realistic doggie style butt on it’s side just doesn’t quite pull it off.  

That said, tropical brown bubble butts and white bouncing derrières are finding their way into mainstream pleasure circles, as more guys seek something more palpable than a love tunnel in a torch.

They want an object you can hold onto with both hands – or not, so you don’t have to build a mount to go hands-free.

And that’s probably the best feature of these side action sex torso’s, albeit there’re so few – is that you can pound away or go slow without needing to secure them in place.

You also get the added benefit of having two love holes not one.

The only slight drawback if we’re comparing apples with pairs, or an affordable Fleshlight in a similar price range to these spooning torso’s, is that their orifices can’t be removed, but they can be opened and closed in two of the models at the back.

For completely removeable love chambers, only love dolls from $500 to $600 up, will begin to inhabit these add-ons. 

Other than that, these sideways lovers can be laid anywhere, you can lube their entire physique, slip and slide around with them, go hands-free or man handle, flip them vertically if you fancy some doggie, their options are greater.

All of these latest side action sex torso models featured, are casted from real women.


3 Best Side Action Sex Torso Models!


1. Lisa


Material: TPR
Insertable length: V:9.4″ A:5.1″
Weight: 3.9kg

Life-size Lisa is a full-on realistic side-action love torso with tanned skin, a deep 9″ pussy and a shorter 5″ bootie.

Weight wise she’s sturdy at almost 4kg but she’s still light enough for some to pick up and carry around which makes for a good cardio workout.

Spooning this brown, side action love-honey is all the more enjoyable if you step in the shower with her. 

TPR is extremely anthropomorphic and pliable and while it does need to be treated with a little more respect than silicone as it’s permeable, any DIY H2O lube will be superb – just no oily concoctions or saliva.

Air drying Lisa after cleansing her under the tap which is straightforward, requires a dark airy spot, free of humidity and prowling eyes!





2. Jesse Jane


Material: TPR
Insertable length: V:9.5″ A:9.5″
Weight: 2.47kg


This second best side action sex torso design is sculpted from a well known adult star – Jesse Jane, who’s physique has been rebuilt in a soft jiggly plastic elastomer, ready for your water based or silicone lubes to be applied..

Teaming up with XR brands, she’s an exact replica of her real-life credentials and it’s not only her two love holes that have been recreated, but her mouth too in the shape of a double sided stroker and her mini-three-way stroker.

Hand crafted in the US she’s more expensive than the others here and she also comes in a bubble butt version, for those who prefer more bootie action on all fours.

She also features two through-holes in the back of each pleasure tunnel that can be opened or closed, and each includes a suction hole that can be manually operated to tame or increase her tightness. 

This makes cleaning Jesse a lot easier.

A small lady in the real world, her side action torso can be stored away more conveniently as she measures 9.75 x 9.75 x 4.5″.

Her front tunnel is studded with pleasure bobbles, her bootie is ribbed.






3. Anna Foxxx


Material: TPR
Insertable length: V:8″ A:7″
Weight: 2.2kg

Anna Foxxx’s first recreation’s of her body were conducted by Fleshlight, where their technicians struggle through each day creating Fleshlight sleeves of famous adult performers.

Next up is her derrière in spooning fashion.

Darker than Lisa, Anna Foxxx is an ebony babe whose severed exterior is on par with some of the hottest black female sex dolls.

Or if it’s brown bubble butts you’re after, molded in doggie position, then there’s more choice here.

But as a stand alone sideways black female torso goes, apart from Lisa who has a more Caucasian skin tan, right now, she’s the only bona-fide side action black girl on the market.

Her package includes a free cock and ball ring for added stimulation and a raunchy DVD download of her, if you still have a machine!

She also features two through-holes like Jesse Jane, with a suction button on each so you can manually adjust the pressure inside each tunnel, and wash her out hassle free.