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5 Realistic Booty Toys for some Banging Bubble Butt Action!


Bit of a mouthful, but bangable bubble butts are on the cusp of breaking into the big league, as more guys are turning to something more tangible than a love tunnel in a torch.

Mostly made of TPE and sometimes silicone, they come in different shapes and skin tones and feature two orifices as you’d expect, but occasionally mammaries are introduced without the torso, so three effectively.

If Fleshlights are an extension of masturbation, then a realistic booty toy is for lovers of doggy style who prefer more of a workout.

Incredibly life-like and sometimes more so with an extra spring in the athletic models, fuckable bubble butts are weighty, soft, stable and poundable handsfree on demand.

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And the beauty is, they can be used hands-on or hands-free, which can’t be said for Fleshlights even in a Fleshlight mount.

Being life-size realistic butts, they will therefore feature life-size realistic vaginas and derrières.

These internal designs will differ, some will be ribbed, others peppered with pleasure bulbs and some will inhabit the occasional swallowing hole.

Waists and hips will differ in shapeliness, as will their feel, grip and balance.

TPE is softer fyi, as it provides a more realistic stretchy skin texture. 

Its tactility is more advanced so to speak, as in its responsiveness to stimulation of the sense of touch is better.

Other than that, take your pick!

Oh, on cleaning, both TPE and silicone are permeable so no oil based lubes.

Choose a DIY H2o lube, your Fleshlight one or any branded water based lube. Drying should take place in a cool, dark, airy environment, like drying a Fleshlight.


5 Most F#ckable Bubble Butts


1. Randy Jenny



Waist: 20-24″
Hips: 36-40
US dress size: 6
Weight: 5kg

Jenny has a life-sized round bubble butt with a very realistic labia, and is made from body-safe TPE so you can take a bath with her.

Parting her pink tender backside, reveals 2 chambers of delight. The front 5.5″ and rear 4.7″.

Jenny’s pièce de résistance is when you squeeze her booty cheeks together, her love tunnels compress and warm simultaneously, intensifying suction & heightening pleasure.

She’ll remain still while you pound, wherever you park her.







2. Pale Alana



Waist: 27-30″
Hips: 36-38
US dress size: 6-8
Weight: 7kg

Alana is Lovehoney’s most popular pounding bubble butt.

This mega-masturbator is made from real-life proportions, and has twin entrances, 7.5 and 4.5″ deep.

Her luscious rounded booty is so soft that you’ll want to stroke it and her weight is super sturdy at 7kg, so she stays put as asked.

Both canals are tight and lined with a scintillating ribbed texture that should be lubed on arrival, no question. Her only downside is she’s a bit fiddly to clean, but otherwise, Alana’s an enormous treat.







3. Stripper Hayley


Waist: 20-25″
Hips: 36-40
US dress size: 6-8
Weight: 9kg

You can ride Hayley’s slim waist and upturned butt in 3 ways, doggy, missionary and cow girl, although there’s room for more.

Her built in torso makes Hayley easy to position.

Her dual pleasure holes include a moist wet pussy and a super-tight anus, which are both closed off, increasing her life-like resistance.

Each withdrawal creates a sucking sensation and with the lube being trapped, you’ll only need a little.

For bouncing and grinding enthusiasts, Hayley’s big beige arse is Bestvibe’s most popular realistic booty toy.





4. Black Tiana



Waist: 27-30″
Hips: 36-38
US dress size: 6-8
Weight: 7kg

Tinana is really an Afro-Caribbean version of Alana above.

Same measurements, same ribbed and bulbous pleasure tunnels, same hairless poonani.

Given her shelf price however, you may want to wait until the sales are on, as right now you can pick up a one of the best BJ machines for less dough.

A rare dark skinned and deliciously deep beauty with 7.5 inches to entertain.







5. Petite Kayla



Waist: 20-22″
Hips: 30-34″
US dress size: 4-6
Weight: 3.5kg

Kayla is a life-sized petite model, who stays perfectly put throughout proceedings.

She’s a sight to behold albeit she’s only a cross section of her former self.

Visually and wickedly tempting, she’s is the most affordable realistic booty toy here.

Two sweet little pleasure holes accompany this pale white skinned honey, immersed within her tender frame.

Her two tight love tunnels are unique. Laced with tiny bobbles, grinding turbine shapes, ribs and zig-zaggy pathways.

Kayla’s a blast!