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7 Best Brown Bubble Butts for some Killer Tropical Workouts!

By Robin C Mac


Bubble butts, arse sex dolls or realistic booties, are all the rage as men look to expand their toy collection and get more physical with their pleasure aids.

Our previous realistic booty toys review features mostly pink derrières, but here we’re talking bouncy brown bubble butts.

Anyone with a penchant for Latino women, Thai, African or others with a tanned or darker skin tone and a pair of firm rounded buttocks, should enjoy what’s in store below.


7 Popular Brown Bouncing Bubble Butts


1. Brown Sugar


Size: 5.5 x 6.7 x 6.7″
Insertable length: V:5.12″ A:4.72″
Weight: 1.8kg



Brown Sugar’s a true life-sized brown bouncing bubble butt, and weighs a fraction lighter than the rest at just under 2kg, but she’s a sturdy bootie, who you can ride her hands-free as she gyrates to your rhythms.

Her front insertion length is little longer too than other bubble butts, so 5.5″ maybe deep enough for some fellas.

Her rear channel is long as well, and is designed with roughly 20 staggered, barbed rings, to ramp-up stimulation.

She’s on the light tanned side, and her skin pigmentation is uncannily realistic.

Available in a paler Fleshy colour too and made of TPE not TPR, both softness and firmness will go a little further.

Brown Sugar is IPX7 waterproof so she’s submersible, but no oily lubes as her TPE is permeable.

A popular tropical bubble butt, she’ll burn more calories than a pleasure tunnel in a case, she’s more affordable, and let’s face it she looks much more inviting than any Fleshlight or BJ toy.

No fleshlight mounts needed building here, just pure unadulterated hands-on or hands-free tangible action.





2. Brown Caramel Mariane


Size: 8.78x 7.28″
Insertable length: V:4.33″ A:4.01″
Weight: 2.8kg

Mariane is a brown, life-sized bouncing bubble butt that weighs in just under 3kg and has a wobble on her.

Waterproof, you can get sultry wet in the bath with her, just remember no DIY oil based lubes, only water-based lubes for this TPR bad girl.

Her two love chambers are lined in bobbles, ribs and ridges, that twist and spiral down to a tighter finisher.

Her backside has slightly less depth than her front and is definitely narrower, so you can chop and change while making out side by side, on your knees, back or even your feet.

With a pudendum that will envelop you, similar to an affordable Fleshlight on cost, Mariane is an extension of masturbation, offering not one but two pleasure arenas, and a full-on work out.

No mounts or harnesses needed with these well balanced booty toys, hands or no hands, you decide.





3. Mature Dark Lady


Size: 8.66 x 9.25 x 3.93″
Insertable length: V + A 4.5″ approx
Weight: 2.7kg

Featuring two lined love tunnels, the Mature Lady isn’t as mature as one might imagine.

Not an ounce of excess weight, her TPR bootie wobbles and bounces with a prominent pair of tender, clean shaven lips.

Her behind is lined with spaced out bobbles and ribbed lines, whereas her poonani is a swirlier, jagged affair.

Crafted from waterproof TPR, like Mariane, an H2o lube will compliment the Mature Lady beautifully.





4. Ebony Brown Hip


Size: 7.67 x 10.03 x 7.87″
Insertable length: V + A 5″ approx
Weight: 5.5kg


This ebony baby is 5.5kg and she’s a human scale, fully fledged African beauty.

As the best brown bubble butts go, if you want an authentic black sized-arse to pound with a more life-like return, then Ebony meets these requirements.

Her derrière is a smooth dark chocolate with no pubic hair, and will glimmer when lubed to a treat.

100% waterproof and made of a special dark TPR, she’s a rare deep brown coloured bubble butt that you don’t often see around.

At 5.5kg she’ll guarantee some fantastic hands-free rear guard riding. 





5. Thrust Tiana


Size: 8.78x 7.28″
Insertable length: V:7.5″ A:701″
Weight: 7kg


Tiana is the queen of the best black bubble butts and her price reflects this.

She’s the heaviest here at 7kg and she’ll slip into a pair of medium sized panties.

With a 7.5″ insertion length with both canals, she’s made for the big guy.

A Lovehoney production, you might want to wait until sale season as normally she’s the price of a high-end BJ machine.

Probably the most realistic in terms of human sized weight and credentials.





6. Pipedream Vibrating Brown Arse


Size: unclear
Insertable length: V + A 5″ approx
Weight: unclear

The Haus of Shag are one of the few places to stock vibrating brown bubble butts, and for now, there aren’t enough to compare and build a review from, but it’s definitely worth featuring one here in case you fancy something a little different.

For the extra buck, the Pipedream Extreme vibrating brown arse runs on 2AA batteries, and essentially clenches and loosens around your shaft as you pound away.

She comes in different shades too and longer physiques, transforming into a vibrating pleasure torso, but her bootie alone is her best part.





7. Blac Vachyna Assturbator


Size: 15.25 x 14 x 8.75″
Insertable length: V:11″ A:11″
Weight: 7.25kg


This last instalment from the Haus of Shag features their VIP brown bubble butt which is expensive but is often sold out.

The Blac Vachyna Assturbator is life-size but her pleasure holes are extra long.

Both love tunnels are 11 inches which is unheard of and her weight at 7kg isn’t light, but perfect for free handed doggy, and she’s lighter than the lightest love dolls (who serve disabled gents well).

Chuck on some of your favourite black erotica and let the Blac Vachyna Assturbator deliver the twerks and beats you crave.