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Explore 12 Stunning Black Female Sex Dolls & their Particulars


Of today’s best black female sex dolls, Irontechdoll, WMDoll and Ridmii, are three of a number of established designers that create some stunning looking cocoa coloured beauties.

Commencing at $500, their finish is often on par with their price. A TPE ebony will be cheaper than a hybrid model, as their silicone heads are hand crafted, look more humanoid and feature additional functions. 

Otherwise, there’s not too much in it apart from the obvious correlation in weight and cost, although Nadia here, the heaviest at 53kg is relatively affordable, so it’s a case of seeing who’s out there.


12 Piping Hot Black Female Sex Dolls 2024!


1. Phyllida

Phyllida is 157cm tall, has small breasts, a trim waist and is fully customizable. Her 3 love ventures are immersed within a super-soft black body, equipped with a model’s physique of almond tone. Rated one of the best sex dolls by gents in her price range; no standing feet ($35 extra) but she does come with removable vulva. 



2. Katheryn

Katheryn’s an affordable black love doll and boy is she buxom. Her boobs are enormous – size not specified, and her tropical rear is a step up from the most realistic brown bubble butts. She can be updated with multiple auto-pleasure addons be it auto- sucking, vibrating, blowing or gyrating.



3. Marcia

Marcia comes with standing feet and is shorter than the other female black sex dolls here. With an effervescent skin tone and silky hair, her rounded and bosomy frame includes 3 love tunnels. A medical level TPE, twerking love doll.



4. Dorcas

Dorcas is your cheapest black lover here. At just under 5 feet, she can stand, is amply pronounced, and is lighter at 30kg, which makes her an appealing sex doll for disabled men. Frizzy haired, she’s the only full-sized black lady this year in the $500 to $600 sex doll price range.




5. Edith

Edith is taller at 168cm and yet she’s only 28kg. You’ll need to give her standing feet if you want to explore more weightless or vertical sexual positions. She’s deepest at 7″ between her thighs, while orally and anally she’s a bit less. Accompanied with a removeable vagina, there’re plenty of upgrades to advance Edith. 



6. Ebony

Ebony by WMDolls is a dark female sex doll, who can be made from S-TPE as opposed to ultra-soft TPE. The former is a tad more flexible, durable, anthropomorphic and less greasy. Tanned, cocoa or black are her three choices of coloured skin tone. From Yourdoll, she has access to multiple free and paid upgrades and accessories.



7. Venus

Venus is a station up from the black honey’s listed so far. Irontechdoll produce a finish a cut above the rest. She’s exactly as she appears in the photo. She weighs 45kg, is 158cm tall and comes with automated add-ons that are extra. She’s not cheap but her craftsmanship accentuates her realism. Venus at Bestrealdoll  is roughly $500 cheaper, or you can visit her at Irontechdoll below.



8. Penny

Penny is a hybrid black sex doll, she has a silicone head and a TPE body. Silicone heads allow for mechhanical eyes, heads that have actual hair, with eyebrows and lower eyelashes implanted. This puts the price up but also her authenticity. A stunning 164cm, 43kg black female love doll.




9. Norma

Norma’s five four and a half and weighs 28kg. She’s slender, small breasted, has a bob cut and a gorgeous pierced naval. Upgrades and the option to exchange features without cost is available. She comes as she appears in the photo. 



10. Lola

For the same price you have the choice of either a 158cm Lola or a taller 164cm Lola. She’s built for tougher rides and comes with standing feet and 3 pleasure honey tours. A glowing black female Irontechdoll, with voluptuous hips, a rocking booty and enormous frontage. TPE Lola can be at your front door in two to five days.



11. Pat

Pat will need standing feet if you’re to want her to perform more perpendicular, but to be fair, she’ll perch on arm rests, lean over kitchen islands or relax on one side, legs akimbo, perfectly like us humans. At 33kg she’s at the lighter end while 160cm tall. Small chested her extra weight is found in her bootie.  



12. Nadia

Nadia comes as you see her here. She’s giant in a couple of departments. She weighs 53kg, the heaviest here, and her mammaries are off the charts. Priced respectfully given the volume of her work, only the one love arena in this mighty Caribbean goddess..