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10 Zany Inexpensive Fantasy Love Dolls for Outer-worldly Orgasms


There are a number of inexpensive fantasy love dolls to be had today as the competition hots up and prices ease .

Today’s love loli’s from $500 to $600 aren’t too shabby. They’re generally shorter, feature some of the mod cons and come with serviceable upgrades. All they’re mostly missing are the AI capabilities Harmony has, and your bespoke tailoring.

Our best sex dolls review includes many cheap love dolls, but what if you fancy an affordable love doll that’s a little different, something like a therianthropic love doll –  a human animal hybrid, a petite anime character,  elf vixens, a hentai celeb or one with breasts so bountiful they’ll fulfil many a man’s BBW desires.

This year see some interesting creations.

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Top 10 Inexpensive Fantasy Love Dolls


1. Elf Pallas

Pallas is just under 5ft tall and comes with pointed elfin ears, tranquil clear eyes, cherry blossom coloured lips and brown hair with a pinkish hue.

You can change her appearance if you wish plus there are additional add-ons such as articulated fingers, an auto-head sucking and blowing function and a removeable tongue.

Her breasts are small but can be enlarged, and she’s TPE throughout, so very soft.

Her skin, eyes, vagina, hair and shoulders can all be altered.




2. Miss Horse

Miss Horse is a therianthropic or an animorphic sex doll. She’s a hybrid love doll and she’s a butch lass.

Deceivingly shorter than in the photo, measuring only 24″ in height, with a lot going on in between, Miss Horse’s upper chest measures 15.3″, slimming down to 9.5″ and expanding again into a pair of shapely 17″ hips.

Her poonani and derriere however are not entirely human.

There’s a tail there for starters.

Not a particularly horse like one, maybe more reptilian looking, beneath it lies her anal ring which is molded with tougher creature like features, while her vagina hangs below like a lasso.

Miss Horse is a one-off. You can customize her eye color, clothe her, take her riding. She’s light at 3.5kg and will take any DIY water lubricant or homemade oil based lube as she’s made of silicone.

And washing her’s a doddle although her orifices aren’t removeable so she’ll need a good rinse under some lukewarm soapy water.




3. Hentai Celeb Beverly

Beverly is an ultra realistic inexpensive Hentai love doll found cheapest at Sexdollpartner.

At almost 5.4ft, she’s a full size celeb lover weighing 42kg and features 3 pleasure regions. 

Her eye colour, skin tone, areola size and shade, labia style and hair design are all customizable with oral heating, trans conversion and a removeable orifice on offer.

Deepest between her fair skinned thighs, Beverley’s a young athletic, Lara Croft looking protagonist who’s hand sewn to last many years – she’s a full TPE temptress.




4. Catgirl Megan

Measuring 5ft 2.5″ and weighing 36kg, Megan is a hot Japanese anime catgirl, who’s slim and well endowed.

Customizable throughout, she’s 7″+ deep down below in both departments while orally she will please you for almost 5″.

Moaning, speaking, moveable hips, tattoos and a yoga skeleton are additional upgrades you can add to Megan.

Gifts include a wig, towel, pair of gloves for cleaning and handling, some extra nails and TPE material, a sex doll cleaning tool and a random outfit.




5. Blue Alien Avatar

At close to 5.6ft tall, this blue alien avatar space mistress is here to serve your celestial curiosity.

What happens down below you may ask.

Well, she comes hairless with a slender pink poonani.

Her features are sharp and angular and she stands with pronounced “take-me” hips. 

A rare collectable alien love doll, she can be customized to the hilt.

Her raspberry pink nipples adorn a sensational 34″ bust, but her breast size can also be altered as well as her areolas.




6. Kama the BJ Vampire

Kama is a rare vampire sex doll crafted for guys who fancy some spooky pleasure, specifically fang-crunching oral.

She’s of medium height, around 5.5ft, and comes with blood red hair and eyes that will haunt you while you hump her.

Extremely customizable, just note with Kama as with many sex dolls, you mustn’t wash her TPE neck joint. This is to prevent any skeletal damage or mold creeping in.

Her head is made of silicone however so while this makes it slightly less soft, it’s heat resistant and non-porous, so you don’t have to worry about which type of lube to use, and they’re much easier to clean.

She’s a horny salacious vampire, designed to shake your nights up.




7. BBW Anime Doll Oenone

Unlike Eudora, Oenone is more than double her height, so for a few hundred dollars more you get a human-sized anime love doll with an extremely bountiful chest.

This allows for boob sex, with front and rear pleasure also on the cards, but there’s no oral with Oenone.

From Bestrealdoll, she’s a steal at $699, plus with their 20% discount code or ours – NEW15, that brings Oenone down to $560.

This 20% discount applies to all dolls at BestRealDoll and Sexdollpartner with mens15.




8. Elf Keely

Keely is the second slightly taller fantasy love elf who’s not too dear after Sexdollpartners 20% discount with mens15, but pricier than Pallas although some guys might prefer her more voluptuous physique.

Weighing 30kg and 5.25ft, she’s one of the lightest life-size inexpensive fantasy love dolls here, and because she has a silicone head, which adds more realism, the mouth can be heated to meliorate your oral pleasure.

She’s pretty deep too coming close to 7″ in both her lower chambers, so she should encompass most men.

There are a couple of extras to be had at cost, however as is, she’s pretty complete and her TPE body is super-soft.




9. Giant Breasted Black Lady

With 42″ breasts and standing only 3ft 3″ tall, designed by Climax doll she’s somewhat heavy for her height, weighing 23kg, but that’s a good weight for any gent who prefers lighter love dolls but not crazy light – like love dolls for disabled gents and other black female sex dolls.

You have four skin tones to choose from and three eye colors.

Standing or normal feet, choice of wig, removeable orifice and other customizable options are both free and at a cost.

Fortunately, if you want to dial down her frontage, different sized chests are available starting at 58″.

Underwear, heating rod, stockings, condoms and a cleaning tool are all thrown in.

If coloured girls are your kink, 




10. Eudora Miniature Anime Doll

With a silicone body and a vinyl head, there’s no oral pleasure to be had with Eudora, but downstairs she’s equipped to service your anime needs, albeit she’s only 22″ tall.

Eudora is one of many leftfield love doll creations by Climax doll, that are most affordable at HXdoll for now.

Mini dolls begin at 1.8ft and go on up to 4.75ft. Metal skeleton joints however inhabit her, not gimbal hose limbs.

Metal phalanges support each finger so they can gesture and her net weight is ridiculously low, only 1.8kg.

She’s tiny and very lightweight.