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How to Clean a Silicone Sex Doll – 5 Individual Steps


Are you spot cleaning your silicone doll or doing a full body cleanse? For a proper wash so your doll is brand spanking new at the end of it all with all the nasties eliminated, here is a popular tried and tested method of how to clean a silicone doll.

For spot cleaning a silicone sex doll, skip to the bottom.


How to Clean your Silicone Sex Doll in 5 Individual Steps


What you’ll need:

1. A bath/large container/shower
2. Large elastic band
3. Plastic bag
4. Non-silicone unscented soap that contains no: oils, antibacterial agents or moisturizers (vaseline is only ok for TPE dolls)
5. Turkey blaster
6. Foam brush (soft bristled brush)
7. A towel
8. A chair
9. A bed sheet
10. Powder (cornstarch)
11. Feather duster
12. Blusher brush


Step 1 – Remove head

Fill the bath up with mild warm water and before partially submerging, remove the head from the neck. Check your instructions that came with her but in general most silicone dolls have a neck bolt.

You do not want any water inside the body so place a plastic bag over the neck and secure it with an elastic band that won’t pinch, but sits by your estimations just right.

Note: if you don’t have a bath, if you can somehow hang her up in the shower and use the douche bulb to get in there.

An S hook hung on a chain from the ceiling joist is one idea posited or you may have to hold her; so some shower fun before.

Using a non-slip shower matt is not a bad idea.


Step 2 – Body cleanse

Fill the bath up and then pour in some already diluted silicone cleaning liquid. Make sure you use an unscented, non-silicone based liquid. No oils, moisturizers or anti-bacterial agents. Using petroleum based products on silicone is a big no-no.

A soft sponge will work fine on her body.

You will however need some kind of instrument that can shot water up the crevices, the shower hose is an obvious choice but it has to be blasted softly so as not to damage the skin, so a turkey blaster in this case works well.


Step 3 – Orifice cleaning

Use the turkey blaster to shoot in the soapy bath water a number of times and then if you’re able, sit her up on a rimmed toilet seat or somewhere where the water can drain when you part her legs and delve in to cleanse.

Using a foam brush or something with soft bristles, gently stroke the contours of her love chambers, removing any minute waste that wasn’t dislodged using the turkey blaster.


Step 4 – Sit on towel to dry

Drying your silicone doll using a small fan – source.

Sit her upright on a towel on top of a chair, a fold up chair or wherever is most appropriate but on something that will soak her excess rinse water off.

For a solid air dry, leaving her out over night is best, in the natural air – no airing cupboards or improvised heat.

A hair dryer on cold setting or a small fan or a box fan can help speed up this process.

Not dissimilar to how you dry fleshlights as they are both silicone blended sex toys, you can try these faster drying methods to speed up this part.

One silicone doll owner has taken a leaf out the FLyers manual and has set up a small fan to remove any damp from her non-removeable vagina.


Step 5 – Powder (cornstarch)

The next morning or after you are certain she is bone dry both inside and out, place her face down on a bed sheet and like when you finish up when cleaning a fleshlight or other silicone toys, using a feather duster – apply some cornstarch, baby powder or your choice of powder to remove any potential of mold and any stickiness that has set in or may arise.

You are now good to store her away again or explore more intimate pleasures.


Storing your Silicone Doll after cleaning

If you have the original box this will be perfect or without it you could try using that sheet after you’ve shaken of most of the excess powder, and wrapping her in that followed by something more if you wish to fully conceal her.


Spot cleaning a Silicone doll

If you don’t fancy doing a full-on bath wash and just wish to clean her canals then just skip to step 3, seating her on something where you can turkey blast these areas and have somewhere for her to drain.

A blusher brush works well for powdering the love channels. Place some cornstarch in a small container and gently part her to powder.


Addition useful Silicone doll cleaning tools

Lint roller for dusting: try a lint roller for dusting your silicone doll and removing any debris or hairs.

Lint roller for removing hairs and debris from her silicone skin.

Paddling pool: a small child’s blow up pool for washing her.

Frosting bucket/pool bucket: for spot cleaning the orifices, a frosting bucket should suffice as pictured in step 3.