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Homemade Onahole Cases – 15 Fitting Household Items

Not dissimilar to making a Fleshlight case, housing your Mouth of Truth in a firm or soft shell will help you mount your onahole more easily, so you can go hands-free, lay horizontally or use your Ona with The Handy.

It’ll also stop you gripping the onahole manually which can impact the feel to its detriment sometimes.

Plus you now have a discreet hideaway to park your pleasure toy in plain view (with some of them).


15 Onahole case ideas from around the house

1. Nerf football

Like making a homemade vagina, if you can get your hands on a relatively large nerf football, you can then chisel out the shape of your own onahole.

Well maybe not chisel but carve. A knife would be better, but just remember to cut away from you.

You can then insert it between 2 or 3 pillows without crushing it so much during your workouts.


2. Rounded wooden pencil holder

If you can find one almost 8 inches tall then your onahole should practically fit inside.

Perfect for protecting it from your crushing weight if you’re on top, you’ll want it layered between two pillows or more.

A water pillow would work well placed over the pencil holder, for riding in this position.


3. Bamboo Tea Canister

These are absolutely the right fit for an onahole, the taller ones especially and they normally come with their own lid.

So yes, just stand it on your bookshelf and guests will be none the wiser.


4. Cylindrical poster package

You may have to pop down the post office for one, but they’re another convenient object you can use as an onahole case, with cap and all.

Designed for being flung about they’ll be hardy enough to rest on.


5. XXX in a Can

Not so much a household prop to house your onahole, but if you do have a 3D printer, it’s a bespoke replacement shell for XXX in a Can, and it can be used with Fleshlights and onaholes.

In fact there are a number of 3D onahole cases that you can print, however you’ll obviously need the tools which most gents don’t own, so you’re fortunate if you do.

Check it out on Thingiverse where you can get more skilled info. The files are free to download.


6. Coffee capsules pod

You might have one, they’re cheap and pretty common. You can plunk it down in plain sight without a problem and they’ll be air tight so a coffee pod will keep the moisture out, but also trap it.

Drying your onahole is like drying a fleshlight as they’re constructed of similar silicone super-skins and it’s worth it in the long run.


7. Cycling Tool Bottle

If you’re a cyclist you might be in luck.

A hardy device used for carrying your cycling tools, spares etc, the one above you can actually print for free.

It’s about the length of a water bottle cyclists use.


8. Rain Gauge

Well, this could be pushing it but a rain gauge of sorts, if you have one, should fit the bill literally.

Some are translucent, but made for rough weather and come with caps for when you collect the elements.


9. Cylinder sleeve

Are you a car guy? 

Cylinders sleeves start from about ten bucks and you never know, stashed somewhere in the garage there could be an old one.

Built for friction they’ll withstand all manner of grinding. 


10. Tumbler

Tumblers tend to be aluminium nowadays, so they’re cheap and come in all shapes and sizes, some as cups, others as flasks.

They’re a flat floored beverage container also made of plastic, stainless steal and glass – which probably isn’t wise, but most houses should have one.


11. Cocktail shaker

If you like a drop then you could well have a great onahole case already parked behind the bar.

Perfect for keeping your new brown BJ toy with teeth incognito, 


12. Printer canister

Some canisters can be quite long depending on your printer, and may well hold your onahole.

However, 3D printer owners will be able to print one should you be on the lookout for such a service.

They come with a lid too.


13. Plastic plant pot

The plastic can be pretty sturdy with some of these floor mounted plant pots.

This one is cone shaped and might suite certain weird and wonderful onaholes, especially the alien type.


14. Carbon fibre pipe

These are incredibly strong and there’s no reason why you might have one of these in your home, but worth a shot.

They’re the sort of object that you think you might have seen before, maybe out in the yard perhaps, so good luck.


15. Stroke exhaust can

Staying on the carbon fibre vibe, finishing up at fifteen is a carbon fibre stroke exhaust can.

Yup, not many will have one but they’re a good fit and are hard as hell.

You’ll most likely need a boy racer exhaust depending on your sleeve and girth.