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5 Best Testicle Massagers for Mind Bending Ballgasms!

When the Balldo came out, most men probably thought it was utterly bonkers to use your balls so brazenly, but boy did this ball cage cause a stir.

Enough of one at least for Balldo to commission a new scrotum massager for penetrative sex, one which vibrates – the Viballdo!

These vibrating testicle massagers below however aren’t designed for you to plunge your boys into a poonani, but rather to externally sensualize your rich collection of 6000+ nerve endings, servicing you with a ballgasm!

Dialled in, free from distraction and lubed-up, climaxing by solely massaging your testicles might sound farfetched, but it’s a more than possible skill and an under-appreciated one. 

What can a scrotum massager do?

  • Deliver soothing/pummelling pleasures
  • Pair with anal, penile, vaginal frontage play
  • Facilitate blended orgasms
  • Defeat orgasm blockage (anorgasmia)
  • Crush ED


As it’s your crown jewels we’re talking about, you’ll want something squishy and stretchy and while borosilicate glass, stainless steel and ABS plastic are top materials found in luxury rabbit vibrators, this overcrowded nerve zone requires a softer touch.

Medical grade silicone or ABS silicone would be wiser, plus it’s easy to wash being non-porous, it’s light and you can safely slip a finger-tip in behind to release the tension.

Silicone also transmits vibes super well and fully lubed will be silky smooth.

How to make testicle massagers better?

Lube, lube and lube some more. 

Silicone ball massagers are non-porous but at the same time don’t take well to (DIY) oily lubricants or silicone ones, so always run with a water based lube or a homemade H2O one, especially if using a condom.

Safety precaution

Quick reminder for safety’s sake, might be an idea to trim your nuts before immersing them in a testicles massager. 


5 Best Testicle Massagers

1. 3-in-1 Balls Dense Tickler

Best for: 3-in-1 massage treatment on balls, shaft & perineum + C-spot stimulator 

Play type: Solo/partner
Features: 10 vibrations/10 frequencies
Run time: 60-120 mins
Charge time: 120 mins
Decibels: <55
Material: High stretch liquid silicone
Waterproof: yes IPX6 (shower not bath)

Showerproof not bath-proof, this super-stretch testicles massager is a hell of a lot of fun with a triple whammy of pleasures.

Firstly, it sees to your balls superbly.

Your cajones have their own cradle, with round nubs and protruding pinnacles brushing up against your scrotum from all angles, and with the vibes and a warm sweltering lube – it’s one of the best testicle massagers out there.

Not solely because of its anthropomorphic skin-like texture, but also it feels super supple around your crown jewels, which is important.

Secondly, it wraps over your fella, dispersing those vibes around your shaft while locking the Balls Dense Tickler firmly in place.

And lastly, you will bathe in perineum pleasuring.

You can get two hours out of this bad boy if you’re edging, and it also treats the C-spot and your partners perineum too.


  Unbeatable balls & prostate stimulation
  Great testicle massage therapist  
  Functional freedom-slit design
  2 wearing methods – shaft or perineal pulsing
  Cock ring strengthens hard-ons


  Max vibes unbearable for some 





2. Vibrating Testicle Teaser/Cock Ring

Best for: remote control ball massaging, restricting blood, C-spot/perineal pleasure

Play type: Solo/partner
Features: 9 speeds
Run time: 50-60 mins
Charge time: 60-90 mins (magnetic)
Decibels: <40
Material: ABS Silicone
Waterproof: yes IPX7

Like the pulsating scrotum cup, this testicle teaser also harnesses your shaft with a double penis ring in this case, looping over your base, making sure the whole package hums when you dial through vibration speeds.

The cock ring also prevents the balls massager slipping off your boys.

Designed to mimic the sensation of dropping your balls in someone else’s mouth, you should definitely be liberal with the lube on this one, so you’re literally swimming in it.

The way this testicle teaser works, is it encompasses your whole scrotum and pleasures both your thousands of nerve endings and also your partners C-spot and perineal.

Which takes place when you pound away at their sweet spot.

The vibes aren’t emitted from a single bullet but are built into a sensory lattice work of pulse-pads, pulsating your boys at every location.

Finally, inside this testicles massager are deep ridges running horizontally, so when you power up, these valleys begin to tremor then shudder as to your remote control setting. 


 Remote control is a touch
  Double cock ring secures massager, limits blood flow – increases pleasure time
  Hammering testicular stimulator + c-spot/perineal vibrator
  Wear covertly, even swimming


  No complaints





3. Silicone Scrotum Cap

Best for: one-touch testicular vibrations, gripping base, prolonging climaxes

Play type: Solo/partner
Features: 10 vibrating frequencies
Run time: 60 mins
Charge time: 60-90mins (magnetic)
Decibels: <60
Material: ABS Silicone
Waterproof: yes IPX7

This vibrating testicle pocket embraces your whole ball sack, stimulating your scrotum with ten types of vibrations.

You can detach the motor if you’d like to pleasure other (male) erogenous zones, be it the nipples, your glans (the tip – like the GUSH cuddles), or your derriere et al.

Lube up – which is a given, and plop your boys in the bag. The cylindrical bullet vibrator sits at the centre, beneath your two boys.

The strap is adjustable and if extending your climaxes appeals to you, one way of doing this is by trapping the blood in your shaft – cautiously.


  Fully embrace balls in lush, lubey, warm environment
  10 vibration modes 


  60bd bit vocal




4. Testicuzzi II

Best for: relieving stresses & strains on your balls after a hard day

Play type: Solo
Features: Bubbles
Run time: 60 min
Charge time: 90 min (Rechargeable Lithium Battery)
Decibels: <20
Material: Plastic
Waterproof: no

Testicuzzi was first introduced to men’s pleasures in 2019 and has since had a few revamps to keep your boys happy.

A very popular ball massager, Testicuzzi II new upgrades feature:

  • Bubbles to tickle and massage your nuts
  • Vibrating massage pillow to lay Dilbert on
  • USB rechargeable lithium battery
  • Wireless remote for hands-free operations

Its design may well have been modelled on the Dyson Testicle Bath, designed to raise your infertility in the short term while your boys recover from a new form of temporary contraception through ultra-sound.

This knackers jacuzzi however works differently thank God.

To operate the Testicuzzi II, fill it up with some lukewarm water, drop your goolies in and switch it on.

Bubbles will then soon start to blob under your boys, soothing and relieving any stresses and strains accrued earlier in the day. 


  Add luxury spa relaxation vibes to your me time
  Cock & ball therapy 


  Go easy on the temperature
  Bit pricey given construction quality




5. Trinity’s Vibrating Silicone Ball Sack

Best for: underwater expeditions, wearing outside

Play type: Solo
Features: 3 speeds 4 vibrations
Run time: 30 min
Charge time: 60-90 min
Decibels: <40
Material: Premium silicone/plastic
Waterproof: yes

Similar to Bestvibe’s softer scrotum pouch, Trinity’s vibrating ball sack massager provides a similar service, albeit with less suppleness.

Premium silicone is good but it’s not as stretchy as a plastic slash ABS silicone blend.

But it will go underwater and it does rest securely over your arch and vibrate which makes it a saucy travel companion.

No remote here so you simply slip your hands down your undies and press either the up or down button.

Not the best testicle massagers for larger guys, as it’s tougher to stretch than the others.


  Not a bad travel companion
  Variation of vibes  


  Material too strong for this region
  Too small for quite a few