how to shave your balls in 8 steps

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How to shave your balls? 8 Precarious Steps

By Robin C Mac



The time may have come to trim your testicles. If those stragglers are getting caught up and inflicting short yelps from you or you just fancy a shiny pair of nuts which you may want use for penetrative ball sex, then it’s time to know how to shave your balls.

However, there’s trimming and then there’s a number 1, an extremely close cut.

And whichever look you’re seeking, you’ll know there’s no messing around when it come to shaving your own crown jewels.

So let’s dive in then and work out how best to shave your balls in safe and slowly-slowly-does-it fashion.


How to shave your balls? 8 Fragile Steps


What you’ll need to trim & shave your balls

First off, you’ll require a few items to make the job go as literally as smoothly as possible.

  • Clippers/trimmers with guard action & painstakingly cleaned
  • Or new razor
  • Blunt ended scissors
  • Neutral (non-fragrant) soap for washing
  • Neutral moisturizer for afters
  • Handheld mirror
  • A wingman/partner (for those hard to reach parts)


How to Trim your Testicle Hair

how to shave your balls in 8 steps stretching skin out

Trimming’s obviously less rigorous and far less dangerous than shaving close to the bone and ball sack so to speak.

1. First, invest in a good set of clippers or trimmers with a guard option to ensure you don’t nick or cut yourself.

2. Clean your testicular region with soap and warm water before trimming.

Using the trimmer with the guard option deployed, strim your hair to the desired cut.

3. Make sure to use the accompanying trimmer guard size to avoid pulling or cutting your ball skin.

4. Have a handheld mirror on standby or your special to help you with those tricky to reach spots.

5. After trimming your balls, clean the area again with warm water and gently pat dry.

You should also use a moisturizer suitable for sensitive testicle skin like Vaseline Intensive care.

Never rush such a fragile mission, it’s crucial you take your time when shaving your balls.

It’s advised not to use scissors in case the unimaginable happens which doesn’t need spelling out, but some small non-pointy-ended scissors that are relatively sharp will help you manicure more safely.


How to shave your balls in 8 Steps

how to shave your balls using trimmer

Step 1. Take a shower

A warm shower or bath will help soften the testicle skin and hair, making it easier to shave.

Step 2. Trim the hairs

Firstly, use some blunt ended scissors so you don’t accidentally stab yourself in the balls.

Try an electric trimmer with the guard to trim the hair down as close as possible.

Step 3. Apply a shaving cream or gel

Dig out a shaving cream or neutral gel and apply it the testicular skin to help lubricate this fragile area and prevent irritation.

Step 4. Use a brand new razor

Make sure to use a brand new razor or new blade – you don’t want to snag a testicle hair on some blockage in your razor.

Step 5. Stretch the testicle skin out

Use one hand to stretch the testicle skin taut, and use the other hand to shave carefully and slowly, using very short and calm strokes.

Step 6. Constantly rinse the razor

Regularly rinse your razor often under warm water to prevent any hair or shaving cream build-up.

Step 7. Rinse the area with lukewarm water

After shaving your nuts, rinse your balls with lukewarm water to soothe the skin and help prevent any future irritation.

Step 8. Lather on a soothing moisturizer

Generously spread a neutral and fragrance-free moisturizer onto your balls.

This will soothe the skin and prevent any dryness.

Your balls are self-lubricating and are not typically dry or prone to excessive moisture loss.

If you have specific concerns or issues related to your testicle area, it’s best to consult a healthcare pro for advice and treatment possibilities.

Note: Shaving your testicles requires a significant amount of care and caution to avoid injury or infection.

If you are uncertain or uncomfortable with doing it yourself, consider seeking the assistance of a professional testicle groomer.