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Lovense Gush Review – A Rare “Tip” Cuddling Massager


This Lovense Gush review explores a new type of penis massager that wraps around your glans (the tip of your fella) and either just sits there and pulsates or can be manually stroked (while pulsating).

It’s the perfect attachment for when you want to free up your hands, so you can explore other regions of your body or your partners.

It’s also a great sex toy for disabled gents, or for men with handling difficulty’s.

There’s also an additional penis ring that comes with the Gush to tighten matters, and lubing the Gush is a must if you want to stroke and elevate your senses.

Being silicone you can use a homemade H2O lube, an oily DIY one or your own water or oil based lube will work wonders on this bad boy.

Submersible, travel friendly and stealthy, this secret pocket buddy arrives incognito and you can tuck it away after (use) in its own black bag.


Lovense Gush Review


Best for: warming up, edging exercises & remote play

Length: 3.4″
Girth: 4.3″/flexible
Vibration levels: 3
Patterns: 10
Waterproof: IPX7 submersible
Battery life: 1.5-2 hrs
Charge time: 2 hrs
Volume: quiet – under 45db
Material: silicone

Lovense Gush Highlights

 Hands-free use
 Great edging toy
 3 Vibration levels
 2 hrs use
  Design unlimited patterns




How to use the Lovense Gush

Setting up the Lovense Gush is simple, just download the app as instructed and make sure its charged, which takes only 2 hours.

You should get a similar amount of usage time, although on full whack it’ll last a little less.

Lovense’s discreet package will include a small box with its magnetic charging cable, tightening band, manual and black storage bag.

There’s 2 ways to use the Gush.

Either manually, by holding and pressing the single small button on its back to turn it on, and then selecting the one of the 3 vibration and 7 pattern settings, or you can control it through the app.

This allows you to create an unlimited amount of patterns and send them to yourself or others.

Designed to hug your shaft, it fits all erect shapes and sizes and will cling on to some men when flaccid but not all.

How you choose to use the Lovense Gush is your call.

You won’t need to lube if you’re just letting it hang there, but for stroking you’ll definitely need to oil up.

Some guys combine it with a prostate massager or others use it as an alarm clock!


How to clean the Lovense Gush

Made of a quality silicone skin, you can run the Gush under the tap and wash it with a little soapy water.

Like drying a Fleshlight, it requires airing it in a dark, cool place, away from prying eyes.

What makes the Lovense Gush review quite unique is it’s one of very few male pleasure toys that hugs and pulsates the tip.

It can be worn beneath your undergarment, however when soft, the additional ring will come in handy.

Being able to share your own creations/patterns is a nice touch.



  Great hands-free glans stimulator
  2 hrs of bath time fun
  Handy travel buddy
  Novel alarm clock!
  Wear beneath clothing
  Smooth remote (app) control 


 Not most overwhelming vibrations
  Envelope design might pinch