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Where to buy a Cheap Fleshlight Case? – 5 Places


If you are looking where to buy a cheap Fleshlight case, one of the best but not always easiest ways to cut down on cost when picking up an affordable Fleshlight is to buy the case and sleeve separately, or you may simply just need to replace a broken Fleshlight case.

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Either way, it may require a little extra leg work but with some free shipping you should be able to purchase both a Fleshlight case and a sleeve for roughly $5 – $15 less than their retail price, respectively.

Note: a new 9″ Fleshlight sleeve without its case start from $47 to $63 by the brand itself and then there are a few deals to be had there and elsewhere.

And on hygiene quickly: submerging the whole sleeve in 70% isopropyl alcohol for a few hours will completely cleanse your love tunnel and on the case, washing it with some warm water and soap inside and out – several times, is the best advice.

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  • For advice on drying onesee here.
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Most Fleshlight cases will fit multiple sleeves

As Fleshlight state, most cases will fit most of their range of sleeves so to be clear, a 10″ translucent case will fit all of the Fleshlight and FleshJack full-size 9″ sleeves.

Additionally, each case comes with removable top and bottom caps which conceal and protect your masturbatory sleeve when not in use.

These caps also affect the suction of your choice of love tunnel, so loosening or removing the head cap will reduce suction strength while tightening will enhance it.


5 Places to buy a cheap Fleshlight case

The first obvious couple of places to find a cheap Flashlight case are the shopping titans eBay and Amazon.


1. Fleshlight cases on Ebay


A clear Fleshlight case on eBay – Winning bid $10.95

Finding a Fleshlight case on Ebay is fairly self-explanatory but it does help to sort by cost “low to high” and condition “any condition”, as a second hand case or used case can be in perfectly decent shape and won’t be compromised like a sleeve would.

Straight off the bat (08/25/2022), there’s a new/never used 10 inch clear case going for $14.95 – that’s $5 cheaper than at


2. Fleshlight cases on Amazon


Unlike eBay where you get the odd deal from individuals, Amazon doesn’t really cater for the garage seller, so generally the only deals to uncover are retailers chipping off a couple of dollars making them cheaper than on their online stores.

Right now, just Fleshlight are selling cases in the US and EU on Amazon.


$19.95 AT AMAZON



3. Fleshlight cases at Fleshlight



For a brand new case from the creators themselves, as of time of writing – all cases are $19.99 in clear, black, blue, pearl and gold color – see their full range of cases below.

Sourcing where to buy a cheap Fleshlight case does have its limitations in terms of vendors, and going straight to the manufacturer might be a last resort, but very occasionally, they do have the odd deal on cases.





4. Fleshlight cases on Reddit


Some used fleshlight cases and sleeves from reddits used sex toy section.png
Some used fleshlight cases and sleeves from reddits used sex toy section.

See the used sex toy department on Reddit.

There are definitely some deals to be had in the used toy section over at reddit. Both on cases and sleeves.

For example one guy there now is selling 4 used Fleshlights at $50 each and 2 used cases at $10 a pop – see here – you will need to be logged in to view their used sex toy section or you’ll be redirected to


5. Fleshlight cases on Etsy & homemade designs


Etsy fleshlight washable sleeve warmers
Etsy fleshlight washable sleeve warmers

Update: right now Etsy is looking a bit barren on Fleshlight cases with only washable warming sleeves

Etsy is more for handmade creations and there are certainly some novel Fleshlight accessory designs which have emerged lately.

Going slightly off track, a new edition is the Fleshlight Fuck Mask (out of stock for now). A rubber, military surplus, fetish mount if you fancy something alternative to a standard case.

As for homemade Fleshlight case designs on Etsy, there are none to speak of at the moment but there are some Fleshlight sleeve warmers that will warm your pleasure chamber up as well as give it a good dry to stave off any mold.

If you’d like to build a Fleshlight case or find something that will stand in for your broken one – then here are a number of ideas for creating a Fleshlight case.