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Tornado Masturbation Cup – Man’s Swirliest Cock-Twister?


Able to spin clockwise and anti-clockwise at speeds unlikely tested on your schlong before, you might be more than moderately impressed when you give this latest Tornado masturbation cup a whirl.

Now longer and see-through, under moist conditions the Tornado 3.0 pirouettes and pulsates on your first 3 inches, in blissful oral fashion.

In fact, it’s unlike very few other BJ machines out there as hardly any perform these 360 degree swirling manoeuvres, and it’s definitely one of the most affordable.

The sleeve contains 106 shaped nurdles or stimuli, and it’s wonderfully pliant. It’ll wrap its way around your fella, like a real tongue lavishing your frenulum – your F-spot, at unhuman speeds.

The Tornado isn’t a high-end auto-BJ machine, but for a sixth of the price and hundreds of gushing reviews, hence my purchase, I can say with certainty that it’s an upgrade on solo pleasure.


Tornado Masturbation Cup review

“A swirly quivering, steamy affair”

Best forMouth like opening & oral swirls

Insertion/girth: 2.99/5-7″
Height/diameter: 9/2.1″
Rotations: 5
Vibrations: 10
Battery life: 60 mins
Charge time: 180 mins
Use while charging: No
Waterproof: IPX5/showerproof
Material: TPE/ABS


Tornado Highlights

  5 Rotation speeds – allow you to orbit clockwise, counter clockwise & both
  10 Vibration patterns – x 5 rotating speeds equals 50 frequencies
 Targets F-spot – most sensitive part of man
  Non-stop 360° twirling – may leave you emotionally on edge
  Kneadable sleeve – is like putty & handles different shapes & sizes




Tornado Suction Cup in hand


How does the Tornado Masturbation Cup work?

Tornado 2.0


Tornado 3.0

Once fully charged, lube up – water based of course as this is a TPR skin, or try a DIY water based lube if in need, and then glide straight in.

Nice and snug, you’ll see there’s an on/off button, rotating button and then a long escalating vibration setting button.

You’ll obviously have given your twister a test before showdown, but once in try the rotation button first. Whizzing form left to right or forward and reverse, transitions seamlessly and creates a pretty wild friction.

From there, it’s a whirlwind of excitements as you have 15 different patterns circling left and right in smooth and staggered patterns.

Each control button, when in motion light up a cobalt blue.


How does the Tornado sleeve feel?

The Tornado masturbation cup sleeve is lined with just over one hundred different shaped nodules, like those tiny bits of weathered plastic you see on the beach. TPR however is 100% recyclable.

Described as kneadable, it is indeed very malleable to touch and when you sink your fist inside, it molds completely around it, like sticking your hand in a hollow jellyfish.

The dense pellets, all lubed-up, will spin and swirl around your F-spot unlike anything the hand can muster.

A trippy, spiralling vortex of an ordeal, it’s definitely quite different to most other masturbation toys on the market .

The extra length upgrade allows others to expand their reach while holding it, which is a bonus.


How to clean the Tornado

Cleaning the Tornado is a breeze.

As you can see in the gif image below, the sleeve detaches from the machine, and then as TPR is a permeable material, you can just run it under the tap, dousing it with some warm water and a mild soap.

Give it a good wash, a thorough shake and then a cool airing in a dark spot.

To keep the Tornado clean, best just to keep it in its box.