Autumn Falls front end

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Autumn Falls Fleshligh review: A Succulent Puerto Rican Goddess


As autumn falls away and we make way for Christmas, what better time to unleash this Latino stunner under her apt nom de plume, the Autumn Falls Fleshlight.

Unlike many of Fleshlights products, there are few Hispanic pleasure toys on their production line, and available in both lady and rear orifice, her two love tunnels while respecting her ethnic tones, reflect the sweltering tropical nature of her Puerto Rican heritage.


Autumn Falls dimensions

In short, both 8.75 inch sleeves are modelled on her voluptuous yet youthful 18 old proportions.

Packing 100 scenes into her first 6 months after switching professions from cam girl, the Autumn Falls Fleshlight features two orifices –  Cream and Peaches.

Total length: 9.75″
Insertion length: 8.5″
Orifice: Front & rear


New Autumn Falls Fleshlight 2020


Autumn Falls “Cream” Lady sleeve design

Autumn Falls front end

Delving in through her tanned tropical sultry lips, you’ll be immediately introduced to some arousing ridges and then met with a dense department of pleasure bumps.

These peter out where you then pass through a tight corridor and onto Fleshlights’ new texture section, their “waffle cross-grid with waves” interjected with tight clasping.

The Cream lady orifice concludes in a compartment comprised of equally spaced rings perpendicular to your crown, delivering uncompromising bliss.

A beautiful edition to their lady sleeve collection.


Autumn Falls cream sleeve


Autumn Falls “Peaches” Butt sleeve design

Her bronze butt sleeve is narrower however and more gripping, falling into three segments.

Again, a new Fleshlight mold has been created where upon entry you are greeted with some jagged over-hanging ridges for tip-tingling effect, before then moving onto some bulbous pleasure craters, and finally finishing up in a section of smooth spheroid-shaped wonder beans – delivering an anal orgasm to die for.


Autumn Falls peaches sleeve


Ever present on her insta or twitter walls, the Autumn Falls Fleshlight which was released on Black Friday of 2020 is proving a positive addition to their range of pleasure models for men.

A Rubenesque goddess of hedonistic creations, this is one for the Fleshlight connoisseur no doubt.



  • New waffle cross-grid section with waves
  • New jagged over-hanging ridges for tip-tingling effect
  • Unique tanned design
  • A collector’s dream
  • Tropical & tight


  • The shade, if tanned is not your tipple





Autumn Falls posing in one piece blue bikini