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Best Psychological Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?


With the search term “best psychological treatment for erectile dysfunction” on the increase over the last decade, it’s not just men in their 40’s that occupy the lions share of sufferers – millennials are also seeing an uptick in cases, that only sometimes a recommended penis pump can fix.

Erectile dysfunction is categorized as either psychological or physical, and sometimes both, but more often is a result of how we are living our lives.


What potentially causes PE


A sedentary lifestyle, alcohol, cocaine, excess weight and limited exercise restrict natural endorphins being produced within the body, thus hindering a healthy sexuality.

ED can also serve as predictive factor for the diagnosis of underlying ailments. Perhaps your testosterone levels are simply too low, your vascular health might not be up to scratch or heart disease and diabetes could be a factor.

Alternatively, as in the case of Angus Barge, you may have crushed some blood vessels during cycling training in the genitals which if left untreated can morph from a biological to a physiological issue.

Thirty percent of men will experience erectile dysfunction prior to turning 30, with more than three quarters of those never seeking help.

Angus Barge and his cousin Xander Gilbert were traveling home together one night, and by chance, stumbled into the thorny issue of ED, which it turned out, both were afflicted by.

This opening up to each other while both in their late twenties, has now put them on a mission to bring a voice to this unspoken ailment amongst men.

And if possible – to help treat it through a combination of holistic advice and practical help at First platform for men where men can talk openly about their problems in the bedroom.


Best Psychological Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction


While a woman’s sexual health is now openly discussed in the media and in conversation among her confidantes, “can you get it up?” is not something you might ask a male friend.

Inquiring about his sexual performance is not a well trodden line of questioning in this day and age, hence the need to ditch the shackles and bring another taboo topic out into the open.

Holistic, practical advice as well as pelvic health physiotherapists and psychosexual therapists to clinical phycologists and nutritionists can all play a role in treating erectile dysfunction now.

If you’re from the UK you’ll be aware of the increase in TV ads that address this issue late at night, specifically the company Numan, who provide erectile dysfunction pills containing sildenafil – a generic Viagra, that should improve erections after taking 50mg.

However, the two cousins realizing pills were not fully contributing to a long-term fix decided it was time to think outside the box and pursue a more multidisciplinary approach.


How Mojo started


The two brother y discerned that:

A. If it’s felt to be psychological issue, Mojo provide a platform where the conversation is completely led by you so you can get a remote diagnosis, treated through a combination of counselling, coaching vids, mindful meditation, CBT and/or Kegel exercises and without the pills.

B. If it’s decided the ED is physical and hasn’t transcended into a psychological issue, a quick fix pill should do. 

Given there is still lack of robust sexual education in the schools, a lack of online info correctly and coherently arranged by Google search and the constant spread of disinformation, using a site like Mojo is not a bad place to start.

It’s perhaps the only stop you need to make to move past this hurdle.

Mojo essentially offers a more bespoke service where they act as “your personal trainer for reliable erections”. They mix elements of psychology, psychotherapy and mindfulness to positive effect.

Sidedifnl by Numan can also help, like Viagra (they’re both equally effective) these pills will increase blood flow but won’t tackle the psychological root of the cause.

Should you be more determined to unearth what is really happening, then a more holistic approach would be advised.

The mind has an extraordinary relationship with the body and powerful psychological and emotional barriers can cause ED.

For the best psychological erectile dysfunction treatment, if you are suffering from stress and tiredness to extreme low self-worth, pills can be a short fix, but addressing the cause long-term is crucial.

The 2 forms of ED as outlined as either physical or psychological are also termed as:

1. Global – Organic causes such as crushed blood vessels and underlying ailments
2. Situational – Only happen in certain situations

If masturbation alone is not an issue this then indicates there is a sexual anxiety. Your GP should address the Global causes but for Situational circumstances, therapeutic and psychological assistance is required.


How you can help your PE at home

  • Make sex less penis centric – let the leading man become the understudy.
  • More pleasure centered less performance focused – key to better erections.
  • Explore the middle ground between the physical and psychological – confiding with a good mate (like women do) or your GP will stop you feeling totally alone and consumed by the problem which can create further anxieties.
  • Steer clear of porn – new research is underway to determine if a dependence on internet porn for erections is affecting physiological dysfunction in the bedroom.
    (Each of the 3 largest online porn sites get more global daily traffic than either Amazon or Netflix).
  • Avoid dating apps – this ever increasing disposable marketplace creates a pressure that you are always in competition with the next man and is unhealthy psychologically to the self.

There are two pathways to achieve arousal:

Through the brain and the body. If you desensitize the body by constantly gratifying ones sexual needs through the brain – through online porn for example, this too may be attributing to erectile dysfunction.

An unhealthy appetite for digi-sex can therefore impact non-digi sex, creating unrealistic expectations of a real life partner, how your body and penis should look, how long you can last and obviously – how instantly you can get it up.

With an age range from 16 to 60, Mojo is one such platform that provides a forum for men to share their experiences.

The main take-away at Mojo is that speaking about ED alone is an extremely powerful tonic.

Some perspective, Mojo charge 4.17gbp a month, one ED pill will amount to about the same, just under 5gbp.


Mojo anecdotal erectile dysfunction stories


Skimming through some of the personal anecdotal experiences, a man in his 50’s is brought to tears, having for the first time disclosed the problem which he’d been bottling-up for 30 years.

While a young gent of 19 years discusses how for 2 years he had not experienced an erection.

For situational therapy, Mojo appear to be on the cusp of something big and currently provide perhaps the best psychological treatment for erectile dysfunction right now.

For “global” erectile dysfunction:   Try Numan

For “situational” erectile dysfunction:   Try Mojo