Select your lady orifice from fleshlight builder

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Build Your Own Fleshlight in 3 Simple Steps


Build Your Own Fleshlight in 3 Simple Steps


Build Your Own Fleshlight: 3 Simple Steps & Bada Bing!

Once Fleshlight sales leveled off after its climactic release in 1998, lockdown has now seen a rise in male pleasure demands, particularly in the build your own Fleshlight department.

So given we’re not all made the same, sometimes a little bespoke tailoring to your manhood device will help immeasurably with the pleasuring.

Step 1



Grey, black or blue

Begin with simply selecting your case color available in either blue, black or silver. Remember shipping is incredibly discreet with Fleshlight US or EU so it’s more about how your device may appear if left around accidentally.

grey case fleshlight


blue case fleshlight

black case fleshlight

Step 2



Butt or vulva

On offer are both vaginal and anal sleeves, take your pick. While the butt appears extremely tight on entry, it will come down to your choice of sleeve for overall fit.

Select your lady orifice from fleshlight builder


Select your butt orifice from fleshlight builder




Step 3

Select 1 of 7 sensations


Perhaps the most important part, the Fleshlight sleeve now comes in 7 textures – not the original 4, to allow you to choose your desired sensation.

1. Destroya 9″

This is the Fleshlights best selling sleeve. Described as one of the most intensive sleeves, The Destroya or – Stoya the Destroya – comprises of 3 small rings of bumps upon entry.

This is then followed by their “ultra piercing pleasure dome” that provides 360 egress of “unmatched bliss”.

As you enter the next chamber you are greeted with small row of teeth and fangs that both pull and rub delightfully.

Followed by one last row of large bumps you then enter the final corridor of a super-fine ribbed texture that narrows and narrows until you are docked.

Destroya sleeve

2. Mini-Lotus

9″ in length and popular with first-time buyers, the Mini-Lotus offers a textured canal with several “waves” spaced apart throughout the canal measuring 1/2″ to 3/4″ in inner girth.

Mini Lotus sleeve


3. Heavenly

If you were to purchase this separately it actually comes in 4 designs: lady, butt, mouth and cheeks. But when it comes to building your own fleshlight just lady and butt are available for now.

With crazy winding, beading and ribbing, described as a collage of pleasure, it’s a different type of ride.

Heavenly pink sleeve


4. Super-Tight

As with all these sleeves, 9 inches is the norm and the super tight sleeve features an untextured, smooth 13 mm diameter canal for guys that seek that tightest of fit but less of a textured feel.

Super tight sleeve

5. Tornado

Derived from the Alexis Texas new outlaw texture, the tornado is accentuated by a relaxed opening which then slowly embraces your member the deeper you delve.

Tornado sleeve for fleshlight


6. Vortex

The vortex pink sleeve actually comes in 4 different spiral chambers if you were to purchase it as a sleeve by itself. However, you may in fact be able to tailor your orifice when building your fleshlight and request either the lady, butt, mouth or cheek – worth dropping fleshlight a message on this one.

All bring you spiral corridors of dizzying delight.

Vortex sleeve for fleshlight

7. The Original

The authentic masterpiece that instigated the fleshlight phenomenon  – go back to its roots – go retro. Return to 1998.

Like the Vortex above – 4 chambers available.

Fleshlights original authentic sleeve

Note: bear in mind that if you purchase these sleeves separately they are priced at between $40-$50 respectively, whereas building one yourself with case, color and sleeve is priced at approximately $10 more.